Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oreos For Mommy

Judah is quiet lately. I'm not sure what is going on. I'm having a hard time getting him to answer questions, but I am pretty sure he just doesn't know how to respond. I'm reading a book called, "The Reason I Jump", which has given me some insight into this issue. It's so depressing. He seems to be understanding directions well though. He pooped again today - that's 2 days in a row! Both in diaper but pain only lasted for a couple hours or so today & wasn't horrible (it would come and go). Cleaning up was awful though - that required carrying him, holding him in a certain position as not allow poop to spill on the floor & putting him in the bathtub.

The boys went to the park with Daddy while I spent an hour trying to get Willow down. No luck. The park was muddy but fun. I told Scott to do what he had to to keep the van clean. The boys came home wearing only their shirts & underwear/diaper. Sebastian ran inside singing, "I'm in my underwear!!!" hahahaa. Kudos to Scott, job well done! He even took off his own pants! 

Just kidding about the last one. ;)

Sebastian & I made a "rain boots shelf" on the bookshelf that he organized recently. The third shelf was barren. Rain boots seemed like a logical plan. After all, we do live in Oregon. Rain boots are a necessity here and used often. Now we won't be tripping over rain boots in the laundry room anymore!

Judah took 2 baths today. One after the poop explosion (he initiated this bath) and one after I had just finished washing dirty rain boots in the bath tub. With the 2nd bath he started undressing as soon as he saw me running bath water. I was still cleaning the boots, but the minute I was done he took his remaining clothes off & got in.. and stayed in until I started the bath. Anytime I am doing anything bath tub related he wants to take a bath! He loves baths!! There was no warm water left since I had just used it all on the boots. So we had to wait on the water, which he didn't seem to understand. Singing the "3 Green Speckled Frogs" song to him using the rubber ducks distracted him & peaked his interest. He had only wanted his boat in the tub.. but after the song he was playing with the ducks saying "quack, quack". Nobody ever plays with those things!

Judah rammed my cheek with his head tonight, twice, really hard. The second time was pretty soon after I had told him to stop, showing him that I was hurt. He didn't seem hurt at all, but I was honestly expecting my face to be bruised! I know that feels good to him, but ramming someone's face is pretty serious. Obviously we need to work on that. He hardly gets any school time as it is. We don't want them to kick him out for head butting! haha (nervous laughter)

Scott said Willow demanded to walk when they were grocery shopping this evening, so he let her. She threw random items into the cart from time to time, mostly sweets. He said she kept trying to put cookies in the shopping cart. He kept taking them out & putting them back on the shelf. Finally she grabbed a package of Oreos, looked up at him very seriously and said, "for Mommy". When Scott told her "no" again she said, "But Mommy.." with a sad face. She is good. Unfortunately she still didn't get the cookies, I'm surprised about that.

Judah got 3mL L-carnatine (2nd dose missed), 1 tsp fish oil, 1 probiotic, 2000 iu vitamin d, 2 folinic acid with b-12, ear drops & ear wax cleaner

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