Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grocery Stories

Judah is still doing AMAZING. When you pay close attention, you can really see the depth of his progress. Tonight I told him that I needed his plate to give him more nuggets. I asked him to go get it. He went to the table, picked it up & brought it directly to me! He has NEVER done that before. I've tried so many times. Sometimes baby sister intervenes & brings it over, in her natural helpful manner. The other day she was standing outside the tub and started washing Judah's back while he was in the tub (for quite a while!).

Poor Judah has to take so many friggin' meds & supplements right now. He has to take one pink liquid (antibiotic for his toe) 4 times a day!! His toe is looking a bit better, and he doesn't scream bloody murder when we put cream on it now.. not as loud anyway.

Scott tried to take the boys to the park while I put Willow down. It started raining. They had to skip the park & go to their next stop, the grocery store. Scott said Judah was incredibly well-behaved & happy the entire time they were shopping. Sebastian told some entertaining stories when he got back.  One was about a 3 year old following them through the store. Apparently this kid was hissing like an angry cat. Sebastian growled back. The other story had something to do with a huge guy knocking Scott over. He tells that one & throws his arms high & wide in the air to demonstrate what a giant the man was, smiling & laughing the whole time.. making it impossible to understand the story.

I spent a long time making a seasoning box for Scott today. It's really pretty - orange/pink Hello Kitty. I even made dividers! Last night I finished up combining, storing away and throwing out spices, oils, etc. We have a counter now! The rotating spice rack & the pull-out spice rack are the only places we have spices now. After everything was combined & thrown out, we were left with a re-fill supply (overflow) to put in the garage. I also made labeled box of "spices rarely used" in the cabinet.

Willow & I played in the backyard for a long time today. She can swing on a real swing now!! She is our only kid that I have successfully taught the method of swinging - "Kick out, back in!" She did it as soon as I said it. She can even ride on the 2 person "rocket rider" we have on our swing set. It's  higher than the swing! She climbs up on her own. This was a reality check - she has grown a LOT in the past few months. Today she took care of her doll & her Dora head (bath Dora that sticks to the side of the tub), wetting & brushing their hair. She got out her diaper cream & wanted to put it on the baby. She dropped the baby this morning and said to Scott, "Oh no Daddy, I dropped the bebe (how she says baby)". Tonight she laid on the floor between Clifford the Big Red Dog and her baby that wears a tiara and told them both, "night night".

Judah said "night night" very clearly tonight, much clearer enunciation than most people! He said some "I want" sentences with ease today.

Judah had his 7.5 mL L-carnatine, 125 mg (times 3) folinic acid w/b-12, vit d 2000 i.u., probiotic, oral antibiotic 4 times for ingrown toenail, cream 3 times on toe. Ear drops are done!! No bowel movements - which means we should have intervened tonight. I don't know how much more I can put this boy through. Tomorrow we will likely start another supplement (asking doctor first about any interference it might have with the antibiotics). And we'll have to do something to help him poop if he still can't go. He was fairly uncomfortable tonight, not bad but definitely needing to poop.


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