Friday, February 28, 2014

The Magic of Dream Lights

Unfortunately our Internet went down this morning. Apparently we have a bad modem. Scott was supposed to telecommute today, bummer! He had to go into work. But at least it was casual Friday so he could dress comfortably! The blog will go back up when we get a new modem. When we found out we had a bad modem I asked Scott, “That isn’t something WE could have caused, is it?” Scott said, “No.” I said, “Good, because I pressed all of the buttons earlier.”  He thought that was funny, whew!

Willow & I returned from dropping Sebastian at school this morning & she said, “Hi Rita”, as I was parking the van in the garage. Hahaa! After that I made a video of her saying “hi” to Rita. I haven’t heard Gramma be called “Gramma” in a while now!

I had an uneasy feeling as I left a suspicious toddler standing in the bathroom near the door while I ran to get something. Sure enough, I came back & she had locked herself in. It took over 20 minutes before I could get her out. She didn’t cry or scream much. She definitely wasn’t sounding off a genuine - “I’m terrified, get me out of here!!!” scream. I gently instructed her numerous times to turn the lock - I knew that she knew how to do it. I’ve never been able to do the trick where you put the tip of a paperclip (or something?) into the tiny doorknob hole & magically unlock the door. Since this didn’t feel like a dire situation (any responsible parent would probably kick me in the mouth for thinking that), I figured I would try to learn the doorknob trick. I had to get my kid out, right?? But first I texted Scott, who was suddenly on his way. Rest assured, Willow does have a parent who panics. I accomplished the doorknob trick before he arrived, rescued Willow, who had gone through the Dora accessories & bath toys under the sink and was now laying on the floor, unsure how to act. I hugged her & held her & told her nicely that locking doors is dangerous . As soon as she saw her brothers she was back to her old self, talking to Sebastian, who rewarded her with a sucker from his Valentine’s Day candy bag. He said, “This is because you tried SO HARD to get out of the bathroom Willow.” Ha. I’m sure we will be removing that lock though. That was the ONLY lock I could use to gain 2 minutes peace, ugh!! 

We played outside a lot today. It was practically a summer’s day. We didn’t even need jackets!! Fingers crossed, Alvin & Susan! I hope this amazing weather sticks around! They will be visiting next month. When Daddy arrived home he joined us outside. The kids absolutely light up when Mommy & Daddy are both in on the fun.

Trent, aka “the big kid” (as Sebastian calls him), stopped by around dinner time this evening. Scott told him we were getting ready to eat, but that maybe Sebastian could play tomorrow. Sebastian added to that by telling the big kid that he had been waiting outside for like TWO HOURS for him, haha. Go Bastian. Sebastian is allowed to play with him in the yard or driveway, but no further. I’m not sure if the big kid is quite clear on this since they haven’t played together under the re-written Molly & Scott laws yet.

When Sebastian is doing something that he is not supposed to do, Willow often joins in. If Judah finds it funny, he will join in too. Typically Willow does NOT let Sebastian pull her around in the wagon, because it’s scary! Today she allowed him to fly her down the yard in the big wagon, because I made it clear to them both that it wasn’t okay to do that. Looks like I have some parenting tactics to re-write too!

Tonight we all laid on top of my/Scott’s bed and looked at the stars, moons, unicorn & butterfly that adorned the ceiling. The ceiling fan gave the lighted artwork a second layer. It was Sebastian’s idea to try using 2 of their Dream Lights at once in our room. The view was mesmerizing. Suddenly peace, harmony and silence.

Judah occasionally responded to things today – he used single words like “stop” or “no”, and also phrases & even sentences! He had thrown many of the Mr. Potato Head pieces on the floor. I told him that he needed to pick them up. He will usually help if I show him what to do, or if I do it hand-over-hand with him a couple of times. He didn’t help with this though. He was running back & forth from the bedroom to the living room. Finally he stopped at the bedroom door, looked down at the Mr. Potato Head massacre on the floor and said, “What did I do???” hahahahaa! How I wish I could go back in time & record that!!

Single words he uses often now are “why”, “stop”, “no”, “night” (night, night), “wait”, “Mommy” (yay!!). I heard these a lot today, always appropriately.

We were waiting in the van for Sebastian to get out of class, when Judah repeated a couple of phrases I had just said. Sebastian came out around that time. The excitement of his arrival combined with me adding “Sebastian” to the short phrases Judah had been repeating, resulted in Judah attempting to say his brother’s name for the first time ever!! I could tell by the number of syllables and the similar pitch I was using that he was repeating me, but of course the name wasn’t clear - it’s a hard one!! He also tried to say his sister’s name today, which is rare. I’ve heard him say that one pretty well before.

This evening he chased Scott down the hall and said, “Get back here! Stop!!” Those are other things he says a lot now, and always appropriately.

Every time I gave him his oral antibiotic today he said, “thank”. He said that for other things as well, but the med “thank” was consistent. I’ve never heard him say thank you so many times in one day. He said the same to Scott.

Sometimes Sebastian will randomly start up a chant. Willow & Judah nearly always join in. Sebastian’s chant this evening was only one word, “Mah- meeeeee” over & over. Judah had a hard time keeping up, but he did really well. Willow says it every 10 seconds of the day, so for her it was like breathing.

Judah is trying more often to put his shoes back on when they fall off, instead of going directly for help. His shoe size is 9 (but not all 9’s fit). I’m guessing he could probably still wear 8 ½. I just want so badly to keep the shoe size going up that I may be putting him in shoes that are too big, haha. Maybe it’s helping him learn to put his shoes on better though?? ;)

Judah kept his underwear dry today & peed when he had diaper on.

Judah pooped – that’s 2 days in a row! I wonder if the new medicine (Docusate Sodium) and/or the sea salt baths have encouraged his body to change. ?? We still haven’t heard from Dr. Greene about starting a new supplement while he’s on an antibiotic .  According to Dr. Solomon, this is likely completely safe,  but she still recommended getting the answer from him. By the time we hear from him Judah’s antibiotics will probably be done & we’ll be asking about Docusate Sodium interactions instead!

Judah took all the usual, 7.5ml L-carnatine, one probiotic, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, 1 tsp fish oil, oral antibiotic 4 times, cream antibiotic 3 times (he still acts like this hurts), docusate sodium twice, folinic acid w/b-12 three 125mg tabs.

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