Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Stretch of Music Therapy

Music Therapy went well today. But unfortunately (because it hurts!), Judah started crashing into me & crashing himself on the floor like he used to. I'm going to have a bruise on my thigh tomorrow - he head-butted my leg pretty hard. At one point he banged his chin on top of my head. Angie heard my teeth hit together. She stopped playing her guitar & asked if I was okay. That was the easy crash! He was happy & repeating a LOT of what she said. Many two word phrases were coming out of his mouth. They worked on colors (white drum, black drum), alternating hands, directions (passing drums to the right), letters (built a lettered piano keyboard out of blocks), action (interactive Wheels on the Bus book), fine/gross motor (turning pages, holding many shaker eggs at once), occupational therapy stuff like body movement (jumping, spinning, etc.) & of course following directions. That's all I can think of that they worked on. I'm sure more skills were built into his session, but obviously I don't have the music therapy knowledge to identify those. She used a lot of different instruments & methods today - this has just started. In the past it has been the same consistent routine (which is good), but I think she saw that Judah needed more of a challenge. This change hasn't lessened his interactions - it's apparent in everything he does that he wants to learn. His session today was only 30 minutes. It's amazing how far music therapy can stretch into so many areas of education, and it's fun too!

I told Judah that he was going to see Gramma & Papa (on the way home), he smiled & said "Papa" many times after that. He was chatty on the way up & back. The rain was slamming down & the traffic was thick, so I wasn't exactly concentrating on what Judah was saying. The past 2 times we've driven there, the weather has been awful. Judah enjoys it though. He loves the rain. He loves the snow too - the rare sight of snowfall is probably beautiful to everyone here.

The grandkid time with Mom & Dave was spent indoors today, thanks to the rain. They did Star Wars Play-doh, which they immediately started doing again when they arrived home. They all enjoyed it a lot, because it was Star Wars & because the Play-doh was new! We always use old Play-doh, which doesn't compare to new. I'm going to start making their Play-doh since we have finally gathered all of the ingredients.

When I got to the point of digging more than just a little bit of Play-doh out of the carpet, I turned on the Polar Express soundtrack. It's a good trick. They all leapt out of their seats & started dancing! Play-doh was long forgotten & I finally had a chance to pick up the carpet Play-doh without a rainfall of Play-doh crumbles landing on top of my head as I crawled around on the floor.

I spent too long at the dollar store today. I came home & organized a kitchen cabinet & the shelves in the hallway bathroom. I will do more tonight. Scott finally found Thor available at a RedBox. He drove half an hour to get it. He's been trying for days to locate an available copy! So he'll have a Thor evening & we'll both devour fajitas - one of my favorite meals that he makes!

Judah took all of the usual supplements today.

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