Friday, March 28, 2014

One Of The Older Kids

I'm trying to create a "shopping list" of sorts on their site. HOLY COW. I did not realize the bulk of AMAZING they carried. Which really wouldn't matter if it weren't for the abundant volume of low price tags adorning the amazing. Why haven't we been shopping there all along?? If they have HALF of what I've picked out on my list, the drive to Portland would be completely worth it... every day. ;)

I just spent an hour on their website, my eyes hurt.

There were some really spectacular Judah moments today. I walked by the playroom & saw him kneeling down at the train table, playing with the trains. I said, "Judah, we need to...." and then I stopped, because he had immediately looked up, right at me & was listening. I was overwhelmed with bewilderment, hope & elation! This never, ever happens. I'm getting teary-eyed just typing this.

I took them to McDonald's to play this evening. I was supposed to do this yesterday (Scott did it for me), so I owed them a trip. Judah ran in circles of happiness around the restaurant. There were some looks from seated customers of... "Where are his parents?" Once in the play area the boys screamed into the play structure & very naturally slipped right into the environment that the other kids had created. Judah's laughter enveloped the entire room. Later he spit out his water on the floor quite a bit. He spit a big puddle next to a girl playing on one of the video screens. She yelled, "Eeeeww!! Gross!!!" As we were getting ready to leave, he walked by her again and sprayed a river of cold water from his mouth.. directly on her.

Sebastian made friends easily & quickly at McDonald's. All of a sudden he was one of the "older kids", comfortably chatting with other kids, understanding the games & staying within his age group. He didn't watch over his siblings, follow Judah around or try to partake in the games the other kids were playing, while coming back to check in with me over & over. Now he was one of the older kids.

Judah looks different. I took a picture of him while we were at McDonald's. That was huge confirmation. He looks older than Sebastian all of a sudden. The naturopathic doctor said Judah had gained 4 pounds in one month. He is definitely getting a bit heavy. I can see that lately.

Willow snuck off into the play structure at McDonald's a few times. I'm not sure how she got in there - Sebastian may have been the culprit. But she enjoyed her short moments playing in the big kid area, until I realized she was gone - which sometimes took longer than it should have because I was so focused on Judah. I shelter him too much. Lately there is an even bigger need for me to stop doing that. He has always been able to do so many things, but now he is understanding more. I need to let him go, in a sense. He won't be able to grow as high if I keep getting in the way.

I made it clear to Sebastian that if they ran away when we got outside, we would not be coming back to that McDonald's. Apparently they had done this yesterday. Sebastian was minding his P's and Q's as we headed out the door.

This evening Judah wanted to play on my phone. I told him quite a few times (because he usually doesn't understand the "first, then" concept) that we would potty first and play on the phone next. He wasn't happy, but not having his usual tantrum either! I can't remember if I carried him or if he went on his own to the bathroom, but once there he went potty. Afterwards I rewarded him immediately by handing him my phone & giving him hugs. He had understood the "first, then"! This is such an amazing (and beneficial to all) first!!!

This morning Sebastian started building a fort. He was getting discouraged, so I started helping.. then he started doing other things.. and before I knew it I had covered the entire living room in sheets, connected by clothes pins. It was a huge fort! And nobody even played in it! Someone got out the play-doh and they all made their way around the fort to frolic in the 2 small canisters of mixed play-doh on the table.. for like an hour!!

We made streamers today - I found some metal circle thingies in the tool box & let the kids pick out ribbon from my growing stash. I tied long ribbons onto their metal circles & Willow flew them around the room, while Sebastian decided it was a good time to vacuum the couch for 20 minutes straight using the small attachments on the vacuum cleaner. Judah had no interest in making streamers - he was still enjoying his phone prize. Willow & I both tried to push him into the world of ribbon streamers, but he just shooed us away. Willow & Bastian's streamers are now bedroom decorations. I hope we don't need those metal circles thingies for anything...

Judah & Willow took a bath tonight, after soaking in the rain outside of McDonald's and Judah sweating buckets in the play area. It was so interesting to see Judah paying attention to Willow's behavior and actions while they were bathing. I tried a bath hat on Judah, but he wouldn't leave it on, instead he wore it as a bath necklace. I was able to get it on Willow correctly, it made her look like a flower. Judah looked at her in awe. They both smiled as they watched the waterfall streaming down in front of Willow's face. When I put the hat on Judah again, he let me do it the right way - she had just taught him, he had just learned from her.

We gave Judah his sleep med at dinner (right before bed). Man. He was reading a Chuggington book after that, lifting up the flaps in slow motion. The kids & I laid in my bed for a little while before bed. Judah laid down, rolled over on his side and said, "nite". Then he made snoring sounds, haha. But he never got up. Usually he is jumping/flying around the bed! Tonight he didn't say a word.

Judah's track building is getting more creative. The past week or so he has gotten down the motor skill part of putting track pieces together. Not just with our track, I've seen him doing this with all kinds of different track! Now he is beginning to step into the creative process of track building. Sebastian is paying attention.

Rain today, all day.

Willow was so funny on the changing table today. She pooped a lot today. Every time I changed her she would do things like point down at the poop in her diaper and say, "Look Mommy! Poo poo! Poopy! Look Mommy, Poopy!!" She is hilarious. Last night she was in the kitchen and gave Judah a surprise push from behind. I looked over to see a very sly grin on her face. She was pushing him today too - but unfortunately it wasn't in such a cute way.

Scott worked from home today. He was in the back bedroom, we barely saw him all day.

If anyone has ideas on gluten-free freezer meals I could make, please send them my way! Gluten, casein, egg free would be amazing!!

Last night after sleep med - Judah woke once around 11 & was put down easily, once at 1am because he was soaked, woke up again later & was easily put down, he woke again at 6 and may have easily gone back down but Scott was so tired he just slept with him.

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had a little over 1 dose of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, one fish oil and 2 doses of Miralax. He also took Restless Night Sleep pill again (1 pill). The sleep medicine stinks!! It's being hidden well in his food though, he finishes it!

 B-12 shot done.

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