Thursday, March 27, 2014

Potty In The Morning!!

Judah led me to the bathroom, hand-in-hand, this morning. Before that I had said, "let's go potty", which may not have been necessary at all! The first thing he did was open the cabinet under the sink. He retrieved  a fresh diaper & set it on the counter. Immediately after, he went potty completely independently! He took his pants & diaper off & then tried to separate his full diaper from his pants. I attempted to help him, but he wouldn't allow it. Pretty soon after, he requested my help & I pulled the wet diaper out of his pants. He grabbed it, holding it carefully & carried it to the trashcan! After disposing of the old diaper, he got the new diaper and put it on, while somewhat leaning back on me for balance. I just watched. He wanted to put his wet pants on & wasn't happy when I left to get new ones. I handed him clean pants & he sat on the floor & carefully put them on, making sure each foot went into a different pant leg. It was pretty amazing.

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