Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!

Scott & I started a class today on parenting special needs children. I came home inspired, feeling more empowered as a parent. As the class progressed I saw different ideas for all of our kids that could help with their growth.

Of course we did introductions at the beginning of class, which for this particular class is crucial. Every autistic child is different - we all know this. But sometimes parents deal with challenges that are in some ways very similar to other parent's challenges (even though their kids are entirely different), and that's how you connect in this particular population. The connections are hugely important, they keep you going. Just being there for 30 minutes was a strong reminder to me how imperative parental & caregiver connections are in the world of special needs. Because as parents, we too have special needs.. this is one of them.

It felt like we were in a room of people that we had known for some time, but yet this was our first time meeting them. Scott & I were both completely comfortable talking to others after class, during class and asking questions when we had them. People who can relate. We found people who can relate. We found people that know without asking that we aren't looking for an escape from our lives. Like them, we are looking for a way to make the most of our lives & our children's lives - just like everyone else in this world. Our challenges just happen to be quite different from others.. a lot of things don't flow in our favor.

One woman told a story about working with a kid who was a "flapper". At times he would flap his wings (arms) hard & high because it felt good to him. It felt completely natural to him. As he got older his wings got lower, until they only flapped at his thighs. He probably felt forced into this drastic & unnatural (to him) change, because his flying was interfering with his life too much. Today he's a lawyer.

Happy Birthday to Dave! The kids had a special party with Papa & Gramma tonight. We weren't able to stop by, unfortunately. Scott is pretty sick right now, high temp, headache, chills, etc. Since I can't drive in the dark he had to drive us home from class & we couldn't stop at the party. Dave enjoyed all of the "made with love" gifts from the kids. We are still working on the big project.. it could be a 2015 gift Dave. ;)

Sebastian said a leprechaun came & poured glitter & green all over their classroom last night! He was getting compliments on his green leprechaun t-shirt after school.

Judah was particularly quiet again today. He's wanted to watch videos, TV, etc. I have to work hard to pull him away from that and to find numerous things that will hold his interest. During class we talked about "first, then". Scott & I are completely aware & capable of methods like this that can help Judah, but we don't do them often enough. I believe these skills would be especially helpful right now. There is definitely work to be done.

The kids all wore green today. Sebastian & Willow each colored a balloon (with marker) for Papa. Willow left for the party with pink marker on her face and brand new green shirt. Judah wanted to use rocks as eyes on his balloon & I drew the smile. Their balloons were taped to the birthday card along with a candle on the inside with Sebastian's cake drawing below it. It read in Sebastian's handwriting, "Make a wish!"

I'm off to do some crafting before bed. I'm still thoroughly addicted to Pinterest. I can't look at an inanimate object without thinking of something else it could be & figuring out how to create that. Pinterest makes it impossible to throw anything away!!

Judah had L-carnitine, 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, fish oil & 1 dose of Miralax. No pooping today that I am aware of. He wore underwear much of the day - no accidents. I wish his mood was more chipper. We have an ER follow-up doctor appointment in the morning that I now have to reschedule since Scott is ill. I want to get him in soon, he's just not himself.


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