Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guest Blogger Gramma

Scott took Judah to music therapy today. My head pain was still present - I definitely wasn't up for any normal life activities. Scott described Judah's therapy today as "hit and miss". Apparently Judah was sometimes engaging & interacting, sometimes wanting to wrestle Daddy on the floor, sometimes hiding & sometimes he just wanted to held. 

Judah let me know that his tummy hurt when he got home from music therapy. He was particularly cuddly & didn't seem to be feeling too awesome. I pointed to his stomach and asked if it hurt. He pointed there many times after that saying "ouch". Then he gobbled up lunch, took a shot of fish oil and was out the door, hand-in-hand with Gramma.. who will be the guest blogger this evening.

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 3 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium twice. We did the vitamin b-12 shot this evening - I pulled it out a bit early, so some of it didn't go in. I remembered at 4 in the morning that we needed to do his shot. Judah was not fully asleep at that point, as he's usually up & finding Daddy by then. This made giving him the shot MUCH more challenging. The needle is so thin & easily bendable/breakable - it makes me very nervous. Making sure to push all of the b-12 in before I pull out the needle is another event that makes me extremely anxious. I felt so horrible that I didn't get it all in.

Guest Blogger Gramma is checking in..

Well, the meteorologist can't seem to get it right. Gramma and Papa (AKA Reet and David) were planning to taking Willow, Judah, and Sebastian (aren't those great names?) to Baumans today since it wasn't supposed to start raining until 3:30. The rain began at 10:00 AM and kept on coming. So we nabbed Sebastian and Willow at 11:00 and ran around the downtown mall for awhile. When Sebastian climbed into the car, he announced with a twinkle in his eye, "Old Deets (a character from Lonesone Dove)is gone. Do you think his bones have turned to dirt yet?" Dave's always saying, "Old Deets is gone," and Bash thinks it's cool. Then he proceeded to tell us what a great time he had with his dad yesterday at Bush Park. "Oh my gosh," he proceeded to tell us how fast he was riding his bike and was headed for a collision with a sculpture. Of course, he was stretching the truth a bit but I love his expressions.
The puddles today were tempting and Sebastian managed to soak his jeans in a gigantic puddle on the patio of the mall. Willow thought it was funny but wasn't interested in getting wet. Both kids wanted shoulder rides throughout the mall. Older people look at us like we're nice but crazy. Sebastian's favorite game is hiding with either Papa or Gramma (the one who isn't carrying Willow) in Macy's. I bought something just so the store clerks would see me carrying a Macys bag and stop asking if I needed help. I guess lurking around corners with a two year old on your hip is a bit unusual. HA.
Then we ate lunch at Baja, which is becoming tradition. The manager met us at the door with a big grin and told Sebastian there weren't any more tables but Sebastian wasn't buying that! Lunch was a hit. Sebastian eats as much as a grown up now. He ate everything at Baja and part of what was in the lunch bag for Willow. He entertained us with stories about school and questions about who killed Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. He was thinking the same person did it. Willow smiled and ate her yogurt, applesauce packet, milk, and Cheetoes. When Gramma called her "Chetoe lips" she thought that was pretty funny. She loves sitting by Papa and imitates him, putting her napkin on her lap, arranging her food, and making sure he got enough chips to eat. She talked a lot at lunch and kept of the pace the rest of the day.
After lunch we headed to the Lancaster Mall (yep, two malls in one day) and did a little shopping at the candy store. Candy corn seems to be a favorite. Willow spotted a little hand held fan she liked, saying "Minnie Mouse," so we had to get that and found one for Judah that is Lightening McQueen. More shoulder rides, a ride on the helicopter for kids they love, and then off to get Judah after music therapy.
Judah was ready to go. Sebastian said, "Hi Judah," as did Willow as he smiled and climbed into the backseat. They all got our their new harmonicas and began to play. Judah hasn't played his much and never with his siblings before today. His eyes lit up and it was as though he was communicating. Willow loves hers and Sebastian likes to follow my hand signals as he plays. It's really fun to watch and not too hard on the ears. On a whim, we stopped at the carousel and rode it three times! Judah rode a big horse and Sebastian, seeing his fearless younger brother, decided he would, too. It helped that he could catch the colored rings that the attendant passed to the riders. He had a bunch! Willow decided after the last ride that she wanted to ride a horse, now and it took some persuasion to get her off the carousel. Everyone left smiling. Judah was so happy and behaved perfectly. He smiled and hugged Gram and Papa and just seemed so alert and pleased with the place. Worth every token penny! When we pulled into the parking lot and got out to go to the carousel, Judah beamed and said, "lights." He was talking a lot.
On to Fred Meyers. Judah heard a siren when we stopped at Fred Meyers and said very clearly, "fire truck." We decided to buy Frozen and spend the rest of the afternoon with movies and popcorn but it's not been released yet, so we roamed the store, bought a lot of stuff we probably didn't need, and hit all our favorite sections. We were quite a sight. David had one of the huge kid cars with the boys and I was following with Willow in another huge kid cart. (Willow would not stand for not being able to ride in her own "truck" as she called it.) She pointed to all the lovely Easter stuffed animals and wanted to take home a zoo. The "duck" was her favorite. I guess we know what she's getting for Easter. Judah pointed out that we could buy a "Bob Spongebob" movie instead of Frozen. HA. I never heard him say, "Spongebob," before just "Bob." I heard it at least twice today.
There were MANY great puddles in the Fred Meyers parking lot and Sebastian and Judah found them all. Willow just eyed them like they were a little crazy to want to be so wet. She laughed and talked her way through the FM isles, pointing out dog books and anything else dog related. I asked her if she wanted to read her Carl, the Dog book when we got home and she said, "Okay." She understands everything and as Molly said in a recent blog parrots right back but as an interrogative. I gave her a kiss on her head and said, "I love you," and she looked at me with big brown eyes and said, "I love you?" It was all I could do not to go back and put that Easter duck in the cart!
Judah said Papa a lot today. He says something like "gmma" too. He also said "train track" a lot and when we'd ask him if he wanted something (milk, etc.) if we waited, he'd say "want" and sometimes with whatever it was. I also heard both him and Willow say "cool" several times and Willow talked about the "rain" and "lights" each time we were in the car.
Home we had our usual feast of waffles, applesauce, and hot dogs. Sebastian was loving the dogs until I told him they had less sugar than the usual ones I buy. He pushed his plate away and said, "I thought they tasted funny. Get the same ones you always buy, next time, please."
Sebastian and Papa had some quiet time tonight upstairs building Lego spaceships. Papa built one he was pretty please with but Sebastian, so candid, said, "I can build much better spaceships than that, Papa." HA. Honest little fella. They also went to the recycle place to throw away a bunch of cardboard. Sebastian loves that place.
Willow is so outspoken and independent. She wants to do everything herself, period. And she is such a caretaker. I asked her to take Judah his milk and she did. Later, I heard her order, "Judah, sit down!" He was blocking her view of the TV.  She wandered into the kitchen at some point, and demanded, "cookies," saying "Wiwoe want." She dug around in the cupboard until she found her favorite chocolate animal cookies (gluten free.)
Judah and Willow loved their bath tonight, especially after we got enough toys in the tub to suit them. They are good buddies. Judah dressed himself in PJs and headed off to watch Sebastian in the jetted tub. Willow and Gramma have this routine where when Willow gets out of the tub, I wrap her in a big warm towel and sing, "Be my little baby, now..." and she laughs and pretends she's a baby. Later, I caught her first, giving Elmo a shoulder ride and then rocking him, singing, "Be baby, now.."
It was a lovely day that we all enjoyed! Thank you Molly and Scott!

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