Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Candy Salad

Today I volunteered in Sebastian's classroom. Sebastian & I walked in before 9:10 (his class starts at 9:15), and it looked as if the entire class was already there & working! Sebastian had told me while we were walking down the hallway to his classroom that they were supposed to be early today. "Sebastian, you made it!!" said Senora Itzo as soon as we arrived. Ugh.

There were 2 other volunteers in the Kinder classroom today - one on each side of me. The guy to the right was color blind. His job was to sort Fruit Loops by color (totally serious!). He concentrated hard on each Fruit Loop, holding each one up to the light while studying it. His piles were rainbows, poor guy. Lady to the left of me was actually the lady who cleans my teeth. She is very dedicated to her work. She brought in the "low sugar" Fruit Loops. She'll end the day by literally handing each child a cupful of sugar (aka "candy salad" as the teacher called it). And then she'll see them all later for cavities... She was a hard worker though, she definitely took "volunteering" to a new level. She swept the entire classroom (while everyone was in it) & cleaned all of the tables (nobody asked her to do any of this!). Not to mention, she did her candy job at lightning speed! They should have been paying her.. and definitely paying the other guy!!

Sebastian seemed to enjoy the rug/play time. He seemed tired & wasn't enthusiastic about me being there, like he was the last time. Although, when I told him that I had talked to Karla he perked up. "What did you say???"

Oh did I mention it was the 100th day of school? Each kid brought in their 100th day project, which had been created using 100 of something. They were all pretty awesome. Mr. Rock Potato was the only one that made you smile though. :) 

Gramma watched Willow & Judah while I was at school with Sebastian. After school Sebastian went to lunch with Gramma & Papa. Judah, Willow & I played trains & traced shapes & letters. Judah is a fast tracer! Willow loved using the markers. She "colored" for a long time. Judah colored the tablecloth.. when he saw that I wasn't phased by this he colored his shirt, haha. I have 3 kids, I don't care anymore!! ;) Judah was very upset when Gramma left for lunch. She came back with a Wheels on the Bus book for him, the exact same one he uses in music therapy - except this was his very own! He was very happy. His brother & sister enjoyed it a lot too. It's a very cool book, very interactive with great art.

Sebastian got a hair cut tonight - it looks awesome. Spring pictures are tomorrow.

The bathroom buckets are complete! Although I could do more. Pic below. The ribbons are Velcroed together at the top. Without the ribbons I was afraid the kids would turn their buckets over & spill them. The added ribbon doesn't allow the bucket to flip over. They all really like them, I think mostly because they each have their own & because they each put their own name on themselves.

Judah did the, "What did I do??" a few times tonight. I told him to show me. He brought me to his shark toy. He had gotten food on it. Sure enough, he had done something. I told him I was brushing the shark's teeth as I cleaned the food off. But we just ended up playing more than cleaning. That made him happy. Then I drew with the marker all over his shark... just kidding.

Rainy day, no outside play.

Judah was definitely engaged when he looked as if he wasn't paying attention today. If I uttered anything that I knew really interested him, his eyes were suddenly on me. I'd do anything in the world to understand what that boy is trying to tell me. I get more than I used to and he says a lot more than he used to, but there are still mountains to climb, the frustration for him is still very much there. Connecting with him in ways other than verbal communication feels critically important to me, since the verbal is so extremely limited. Willow was able to get Judah to interact with her this evening. She told him that she was going to jump on him, he acted like he wasn't listening, but when her countdown was over he looked up at her & smiled. Then he jumped on her! haha.

Judah woke up after I got the needle in last night, "Owwww!!!" and grabbed the injection site. I got it in & out quickly. It wasn't hard & he was instantly back to sleep. We'll be doing that every 3 days.

We cancelled the EEG after looking into it more. We are still trying to figure out what direction is best to go with neuro. We  have an appointment scheduled with a neuro/autism specialist near the end of the month. As far as GI - I'm sure we will be doing the scope. OHSU will see him later this month, and then the scope should be scheduled for the next visit.

We watched one of the Star Program videos last night, I didn't learn anything new. There is one more video, nearly 2 hours long. We'll probably start that one tonight. I also started reading a book WESD let us borrow, about autism & siblings. It doesn't touch on how relationships with their peers intertwine though- that's a whole new world. It will be tough & completely unpredictable.

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, forgot the fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 3 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium twice.
Entrance to Sebastian's classroom - They've all been looking forward to the 100th day!

His 100 Fruit Loop necklace & $100 he got for finishing all of the "100" activities.

These are the Bathroom Buckets I created. I'll let you know how they work out. Those are shower rings, by the way.

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