Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Tomorrow is our Oregon City appointment with Dr. Greene. Tonight we need to finish getting everything ready for that.

Judah seemed out of it at dinner tonight. Scott perceived him as being sad. He said he noticed him looking at Sebastian's food & water quite a bit. Scott brought him a cup of water, but Judah didn't touch it. After dinner I attempted some of the Star Program work with Judah. Boy was he not interested in that! He was too wound up, even running away after only the third task. I tried doing "hands down" and "sit down" with him (since he kept standing up). I got no real correct results with either. He would yell, "me!", after I said, "look at me". He would yell, "down!" after I said, "hands down" (the same happened with sit down). I am guessing after doing these more & more with us that he will show success. He isn't used to doing this with us, he is likely confused about what we are doing and why we are doing it. He'll catch on. Then we can truly compare these skills from the perspectives of school & home.

I was worried Judah's speech therapy may not be very productive today as he hadn't been talking a lot today. But he did great! The owner (the certified speech therapist) was in the room with him during his session. That's a first. We may be switching to speech twice a week instead of OT and speech.

Willow did some crazy arm dancing on her chair at dinner tonight. At one point she abruptly stopped for a few seconds & then did her arm moves in slow motion. This was accompanied by some "shhhh shhh... doo doo doo" noises. Sebastian, Daddy & I were laughing pretty hard. She loved making us laugh.

I had some good one-on-one time with Sebastian today, playing trains. Every once in a while he would look up at me & just smile. He was very happy. Willow was a bit distraught that she wasn't allowed to jump in & wreck trains & cause chaos. I told her she could help me make lunch.. and that made HER happy! She actually sat down to eat her lunch before I had even asked her to! That's a first.

I made dinner tonight.. some kind of bread crumb coated chicken with Parmesan cheese & a few spices. It was alright. Sebastian ate it, so in that aspect it was a big success. We gave Willow ketchup with hers. She used her finger to eat the ketchup straight, as she always does, sigh.

We played outside for a short while. It was a crazy windy day! Our trash cans blew away as if they were paper! When I backed the van out this afternoon I didn't realize that the red recycle bin was directly behind the van.. totally hit it.

Judah's case worker came over & brought us some things to help out with Judah's daily living. She was surprised we hadn't hired someone to work in the house yet. Any takers??

Willow has a rash on her bottom that just won't go away, sometimes it itches too. We're going to get her to the doc soon for that.

As we were leaving therapy, Willow didn't want to walk away from the big balloons. Judah said, "Baby!!" and reached towards her (the same thing he did yesterday). He called her baby a couple times during the day too. It's so cute when he does that.

Judah wore underwear for a long time today, no accidents. He was much more compliant about going to the bathroom when he was in his underwear. When in his diaper, he did not want to go to the bathroom. He hardly peed at all today (except while in his diaper) & no bowel movements. A woman at class last night suggested putting him on the toilet when he is getting ready to poop in his diaper, but leave the diaper on. She said it worked for a friend. Never would have thought of that! Life is about being creative & seeing the world in different ways. I'm suddenly noticing all of these small things we could do differently that would make things a bit easier in certain areas (for everyone). I'm acting on as many of them as I have time for. The diaper on the potty though, that's really thinking outside of the box. For parents of autistic children, this skill can be helpful!

Judah was angry that I wouldn't get his milk from the kitchen until he got in the van. This motivated him to say "milk!" with the "m" sound as opposed to the "nilk" he always says. I had been telling him "mommy" and then "milk" yesterday - he can obviously do the "m" sound but wasn't doing it with milk (this happens with other words too).

Is it healthy for a kid to poop at the same time every day? Sebastian does this. He may poop at other times during the day too, but pooping before lunch has become a consciously necessary daily event.

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, fish oil & no Miralax (forgot!!). No bowel movements today.


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