Saturday, March 15, 2014

Egg Allergy!!!

Today I was outside with Judah and I asked him what he wanted to do. He replied, "I don't know".

He said other sentences today, usually answering a question... gosh I wish I would have written those down!!

He was talking a lot this morning. The first half of music therapy was incredible (he was a new kid!!). During the latter part of therapy he seemed as if he needed to communicate something, but we couldn't figure it out. He started touching the corner of his eye & saying something we couldn't comprehend. He seemed tired & ready to go. During the first part, he did really well following instruction. Angie would ask him to play a certain color drum, either black or white - he didn't do that, but he did say the colors. He filled in some parts of songs & loved studying the detailed pages of the Wheels on the Bus book. He has that one here at home too. He repeated so much during the first part of therapy & threw in his own thoughts (usually one or 2 word phrases) as well! He wanted me to interact with him a lot throughout parts of therapy. I was dancing him, making his feet stomp, clapping my hands with his hands inside of them (he loves that) and other things.

Judah has been daring with food lately, trying little bites of different things. This all started after he ate the mandarin oranges & canned pears at school. We stopped at Costco on the way home & he ate a tiny sample of sausage while we were shopping. Five to ten minutes later he was touching the middle & lower part of his throat, looking very uncomfortable, holding his chest some and saying things like, "stuck" and "ouch". He drank a little milk in the car. I asked him if that helped & he said "help". From there we went home, and the pain persisted (but not horrible). He laid face down on the living room floor, looking like he was going to take a nap. By this point Scott had already called Costco to find out if the sausage had egg in it (it did) & had been looking up information about egg allergy on the computer. He was also waiting on a call back from the nurse. I told him to just go to Urgent Care. The nurse called back while Scott was in the bathroom. I was on the phone with her for a few minutes, with Judah standing next to me, when suddenly vomit started pouring out of his mouth! There was a lot of it. I started to panic. I told the nurse what was happening & she casually went on explaining about the allergy. "What should I do?!!!??!!", I yelled into the phone. I was screaming "Scott!!!!" as loud as I could every 2 seconds. Sebastian joined me, yelling loudly for Daddy from his spot in time-out. Scott was in the back bathroom with the fan on. He couldn't hear a thing. Sebastian was suddenly freed from time-out & sent to go get his Daddy. The nurse on the phone thought Judah was having a mild reaction. But she also added that if breathing issues occurred we need to call 911 immediately. I hung up the phone with her & told Scott to get going. We were both crying and very panicked at this point.

Scott made it to the ER where Judah was quickly checked out (when does that ever happen??!). They saw no swelling in his throat, his chest looked clear, etc. Scott & Judah spent a lot of time waiting to see a doctor after that. You can't go to the ER without experiencing some type of long wait, right?? They were able to get an epi-pen prescription. Thank gawd!! Do schools have epi-pens on hand??

That's the first egg allergy reaction we've ever seen (or realized). But his diet has never really contained egg. Obviously we'll be triple-checking everything before he eats it now. I'm sure this will set back his attempts at trying new food, probably forever.. ;)

I will be writing Costco. They didn't have a sign out that warned people about the food containing egg, soy, gluten, nuts, etc. (common allergies) Sausage isn't a food I would have expected egg to be in. The doctor at the ER told Scott that there may actually have been a more dominant ingredient in the sausage that was responsible for his allergic reaction. So we'll be getting more thorough allergy testing done as well. I'm going to call Costco tomorrow to get the brand & kind of sausage they were handing out - that way we can take a look at the ingredients. If we get a large bill from the hospital we will file a claim & explain what happened.

Sebastian & I stayed up late working on the Papa project. We are also working on a night light project for his room. He had to do some writing for that tonight, which was great practice since it had to be slightly precise in some areas. Daddy & Judah were at the ER all afternoon into the evening. Willow, Sebastian & I walked Pixie down the street & back. Willow was so upset that she couldn't hold the leash, so I let her hold it with me. Once we hit the sidewalk Pixie was pulling with all of her might! Willow was suddenly jogging down the sidewalk, not by choice. At that point she was completely fine with me helping her hold the dog leash.

Willow sat on the table tonight & started to eat her dinner. I came up to her to show her a photo. She looked at me with her "angry face" on (as Sebastian would say) and says, "I sit here!!!". She had expected me to tell her to get down, which eventually I did. She said it a few times, "I sit here!!!!" haha. She is great. She is also saying new sentences that involve new phrases I wouldn't expect from a 2 year old. She sounds sophisticated at times. I say her name & she answers very confidently, "Yes?" Some of the new sentences are very proper as well. I have no IDEA where that comes from!!

Last night Sebastian came home in some tight-fitting pajamas (very cute though!!). He danced around waving his bottom in the air singing a song about a "baby butt". It was so funny!!. I wish I would have taped it.

Judah probably got 2 L-carnitine & 1 Docusate Sodium (missed one Docusate) - insane day. He definitely got his fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, & maybe 1 Miralax. He did not poop & his appetite was slim after the reaction. He had a handful of fries before the reaction as his lunch. Dinner was a serving of veggie sticks. He was drinking sort of okay, not as much as usual. He seemed like he didn't feel well the rest of the day (after the reaction), acting tired. I brought him some pictures of body parts & asked him if anything hurt. He pointed at the eyes, saying "eyes". I asked him if he wanted me to wash them & he did. However, when I tried putting a wet washcloth to his eyes, he would not allow it. Itching eyes is part of the allergic reaction. His throat was probably itchy as well during the reaction. He was more energetic right before bed.


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