Sunday, March 16, 2014

Me Day

My sweet husband gave me another day of "me time" by taking the kids to the park, out for ice cream and to do the weekly grocery shopping. He reports that everyone had fun. Sebastian reports that a lot of kids told him that his scooter was cool. Apparently this happened last time too. Willow rode her scooter for a bit but Daddy ended up carrying it most of the time. I don't know why he didn't' just hop on! ;)

Judah was not feeling well when they got home. He was hardly talking. He ate but didn't have a huge interest in it. Pooped twice after they got home, seemed to be in some pain before the first bowel movement. It didn't come quickly, took 45 mins or so. He was walking around in pain on & off, even laying on the floor (I think he just didn't feel well). Willow imitated him, holding her stomach and bending over, looking up at me for attention.

Sebastian has spent a world of time in time-out lately. Two minutes after we tell him to stop doing something he does it again. He does numerous things throughout the day that he has repeatedly been told not to. It's hugely frustrating, especially for Scott. I've just stopped doing time-out. I give him jobs instead. Lately I have him match socks. We have an entire laundry basket full! He does not like this job at all. Today I had him vacuum as well. FYI, giving a kid a book to read in time-out can be a great plan. Sebastian has a hard time not talking or playing while in time-out, books have helped a lot.

Willow was verbally demanding about quite a few things tonight. She is a fighter! She was in the middle of everything tonight, at all times, and always interacting & making statements.

I did some work at home while they were gone. The curtains I bought look awful - will be sending them back & buying new curtains at the store (instead of online) next time. Someone online has curtains that may work for our bedroom for just $10. We recently bought a bedroom set for Willow from her - I just put up those curtains today, they are so cute!!! I'm anxious to check out the $10 curtains. The Spiderman curtains for the boy's room will hopefully work - still waiting on them to arrive.

I fixed the train organizer I made for the kids last night, after Willow ripped off one of the pictures this morning. I worked on the cubbies I'm making for the kids. The plan is to have them put their things in their cubby during afternoon clean up time & put these things away in their room before bedtime. I will also use their cubbies as a spot to put their things when they are asleep. I worked on other stuff today as well - ideas are always fluttering through my mind!

Sebastian & I worked on the Papa project more this evening, while halfway watching a video on the Star Program (they use this at Judah's school). I tried talking to him about Judah, never branding Judah with his diagnosis (autism), but instead explaining some ways that Judah is different & how the future may look differently for him. Daddy came out & talked. I was hoping the video would also give Sebastian an idea of Judah's world. He talked about it with me for a while, but pretty quickly wanted to talk about something else, anything else, trying to divert me back to the project, etc. But I know he was listening & I know a question or two will pop up at random times in the future - they always do.

Judah had L-carnitine & 1 dose of Docusate Sodium (didn't finish the last one). He had 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, & 2 Miralax. We missed the fish oil this evening. He pooped twice.

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