Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tractor Tippin'!

Speech therapy was cancelled today.

Angie wrote & said our insurance will cover a portion of Judah's music therapy! Finally, people are starting to see that music therapy is extremely helpful - one of the most helpful therapies in my opinion. Music works a part of your brain that supposedly gives more promise to speech than the speech area hard at work in your brain. She takes him down many different roads - he has opportunity to learn speech & so much more with her.

Took Judah to the doctor - She wants us to see an allergist (which our insurance WON'T cover). She said basically what the ER doc said - that there could be something else in that tiny cursed sausage Judah could be allergic to. She said we will need to get a separate prescription for an epi-pen at school. If an anaphylactic episode occurs, you have 4 minutes to get help. We definitely want one at school too. She thought he probably wasn't at huge risk for that since there weren't breathing issues present (that we could see - remember he can't talk). At the ER his lungs were clear & his throat was not swollen - so we do feel somewhat assured. But she said that you never know what is going to happen & that allergic reactions seem to get worse every time. ?!?!?!?!!!

She is also going to set us up with a counselor to consult with about the sleeping issues. She wants him on Miralax until his bowel movements are consistently daily - from there she wants to keep him on it for months, doesn't want to risk lots of medical issues that could fall back into play.

She taught me a morning massage to do that is for allergies. It was a 3 minute tutorial from a woman who talks at 100mph to a woman with little sleep last night & a consistently bad memory on a daily basis. So yeah,  I don't remember how to do any of it. I will look it up. The massage we are going to be taught soon, Qigong, is the one we will do at night. Both only take 15 minutes or less to do.

Onion is good for a cold, FYI. She always throws in tid-bits like that during our appointments.

Scott has another skin infection - has been really sick for the past 2 days, fever, exhaustion, aches. He was in bed almost all day today. He doesn't seem to be getting better at all. Hopefully he can get into a doctor tomorrow.

Willow continues to be a spit-fire, copying Sebastian when he is acting up - tonight they were all marching around chanting something about "baby butt" right before bed. She is outspoken, changes her mind from second to second (depending on what will be easiest for you & going the opposite route). And she's becoming a bit of a dare devil on her scooter & other toys. Today she was hopping into the little red car as it zoomed down the driveway. Her feet were hanging out the doorway as she said, "Wheeee!!" all the way down the hill. Somehow she avoided the crash into the house every single time. The first time she did it I wasn't looking, but Gramma was, she gasped and ran towards her, haha. She demanded to push Sebastian in the car (who is much too tall for it). She would by no means allow him to push her.

Judah's toy tractor (from Cars) came today! I won that on eBay for him. The minute I handed it to him the tantrum over chicken nuggets that he was coming down from suddenly dissipated & he was on the floor studying every detail of his new tractor. I gave it to him for doing so well with keeping a dry diaper today & doing the potty routine well at home & school. He held & played with his new tractor the rest of the day. He was upset that he couldn't take it in the bath with him. I talked with him about it, telling him the tractor would get hurt in the bath & that the tractor would be sad. Eventually he set it down on the stool facing him (I had told him the tractor wanted to watch him take a bath), and then he got in! Eventually I could see that he was yearning to get it back, staring at it. He got out at one point - I gave him the choice of tractor or bath. He chose tractor, I drained the tub, he got upset & was over it in less than 5 minutes.

Judah did tractor tippin' (from Cars) all the live long day today.

Sebastian continued to be loud as I put them to bed tonight. I took away morning TV & gave him 10 minutes of matching socks & 10 minutes of cleaning the van tomorrow. None of this helped. Finally I had to send him out of the room to lay with his Daddy - boy was that upsetting to him! But I followed through, and I bet he will do much better tomorrow with allowing the other kids to go to sleep & being quiet.

That's pretty much it. This morning was insane. I had to close myself up in Willow's bedroom to make a phone call. They all seemed to be unhappy, screaming, pushing, climbing on me.. Man I love bedtime.

Judah had L-carnitine, 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, fish oil & 2 doses of Miralax. He had a ginormous poop that required me putting him into the tub.

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