Sunday, March 2, 2014

Being a Parent Means..

The kids spent a good chunk of today shopping with Daddy. That's right, all of them. I'm not sure what catastrophe I'm about to stumble upon that Scott created, but I'm almost expecting something. Volunteering to do the weekly grocery shopping with all of our children in tow might equal temporary brain malfunction. I'll keep you posted. ;) Willow & Judah were well-behaved during the shopping. Sebastian was the hardest to keep not within the realm. but near the realm of garden-variety child.

This morning I grabbed Willow and "flew" her around the room like an airplane. Judah was instantly ready to go next and then of course Sebastian. They are so simply entertained. I will likely be doing much more kid-flying in the future. Sorry about that one Dave.

I got some of my organizing/art energy out. It was so wonderful to have so many moments in a row where I could do things like - move from one room to the next without tripping over a child, sit down & not be sat on, eat and not have most of it eaten for me, and most incredibly, I could CLOSE THE BATHROOM DOOR. That in itself made today remarkable & extraordinarily fantastic!!

Art has just been flowing out of my mind lately. Nearly everything I look at transforms in my head, into something better, something prettier, something fun, something I should do! At some point I will realize that I should have been doing something else, something important that I am temporarily & unconsciously placing aside. I know this because I always feel like the opportunity for artistic & challenging adventure is far beyond my reach. This streak of heaven is good though, because it's fun & because it's inspiring the kids! Sebastian & I are planning on making a welcome mat out of river stones.

Due to this organization & change, Scott doesn't know where anything is. Yesterday my mom asked him where she could find a hairbrush in the bathroom. He walked into the bathroom, threw his hands in the air and exclaimed, "I don't know where anything is!!" hahaa

Willow is talking more. Phrases come out of her mouth that are jumbled sounds. When those end, she patiently & seriously waits on a reply. Ten minutes later she will ask you an easily understood question using correct grammar. I feel awful when I can't understand her. It's got to be so confusing to her. One minute we completely understand her, the next we seem to be standing in front of her with no brain.

Judah said, "What did I do??" again today! I love it. His sayings have always been so great. "Ohh nooo", "Oh dear", "Nope!", "Ka chow!" (he said this once when he was trying to get Scott to leave him alone, haha. "Hey, get back here!", "bye bye" (his way of asking you to leave), There are more.. if you have any feel free to share. :)

Sebastian has been a handful today! I am having a really hard time disciplining him. Basically, I just don't know how to do it. For Scott it seems to come a bit more naturally. Typically he does well with disciplining, but every once in a while it definitely needs a lot of work. He's taught me a lot for sure. Scott thinks Sebastian may have hurt the dog. He plays really rough with her. We've been telling him to stop for a really long time. That has to stop. Sebash is such an awesome kid. When he becomes a handful, I try to remember that these are only phases.

Being a parent means letting go of your perfectly placed magnets & clothes free of wrinkles and stains. (I seriously just spilled my coffee on the carpet.) It means dispersing anything superficial to the wind & focusing now on what really matters & allowing yourself to be educated by life experiences - yours, your kids, your neighbors.. wherever they may come from. Being a parent means feeling happiness that stems from deep within your heart, from a place you didn't know existed.

Being a parent means being woken up by a toddler's high pitched screams in the middle of the night. But the misery of that event will fade almost completely when you are one day awoken by a sweet voice saying "Hi Mommy". It will be the first thing you hear that day. It doesn't get any better than that. I don't think I will ever forget that moment with Willow.

Willow has a rash on her bottom that was bothering her a lot today. It's been there for a week or so maybe. We've been using diaper rash cream.

Judah took one dose of Miralax, one dose of Benefiber, 7.5 mL l-carnatine, one probiotic, 1 tsp docusate sodium twice, 3 tabs of 125 mg. folinic acid w/b-12, 1 tsp fish oil, his oral antibiotic 4 times and antibiotic cream twice. He is now drinking almond milk with a bit of pure maple syrup (he won't drink it plain). We put the carnatine, docusate, Miralax & Benefiber in his milks throughout the day. He had to be given an enema tonight. He didn't poop yesterday or today. The enema worked, he had a small bowel movement. His actions & words tell me that there may be more to come, I hope so. I never thought that I would be hoping for poop this much in my life. Being a parent means hoping for poop.

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