Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brush Teeth

The kids spent a big part of today with Daddy at the store. I tried to sway Scott into writing today's blog, but instead I seemed to sway him right out of the room. Scott reported that they were all good at the store.

The kids played all morning. Daddy made waffles. I walked into the living room after my slumber & was greeted by Miss Willow. She opened her mouth wide & pointed inside. I asked her if her mouth hurt. She kept pointing. I asked what was in there and she said, "A waffle!!!" :) She loves waffles. She calls pancakes waffles too.

Willow refers to some of her body parts as "the...". Her foot is "the foot", her eyes are "the eyes", but her teeth are "brush teeth". haha!

I finally found rain boots! I write this in here because this has been a very difficult task!! I've found cool rain boots all over the place online, but the price tag is always ridiculous. Then I remembered that EBay has EVERYTHING, so I gave them a shot. I came across a pair of gorgeous boots for a decent price, but unfortunately they weren't made for rain. I looked up the brand to see how good the deal was on these lovely boots & discovered a site filled with highly discounted awesome shoes! And the point of all of this - I found a pair of rain boots that I actually like for a very reasonable price! The task is complete!!!

In case you are interested, this is the site -

It's unreal the things you forget over time. I had a bag of CURTAINS in the garage, pretty much sitting out in the open, in a CLEAR bag. I stumbled upon those tonight & am able to use 2 sets of them! The forest green lace will go over the light green curtains in the playroom. I'm safety-pinning them to the top. The long royal blue curtains are going to peek out beneath the white grand entrance looking curtains that lead to the balcony. I am sticking a shower rod between the door frame to hang those behind the other pair.  

Scott made this for dinner tonight...
Crab is good, but it's like laboring to eat tiny bites.. that doesn't make me happy.

I spotted this guy in the crab!

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, one fish oil and 2 doses of Miralax. He also took Restless Night Sleep pill again (1 pill). He pooped once.

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