Saturday, March 29, 2014


This morning was a flurry. We were actually on track getting ready to go to Baja Fresh.. but eventually we fell off the wagon & ended up our usual 30 minutes late to meet Rita & Dave. This morning it wasn't just the scramble of getting dressed, hair brushed, Scott's shower & chaos but an added event of Judah's fingers getting smashed a bit by the bathroom door. He was already upset, screaming & crying because the phone had been taken from him. This is a daily upset. We need to just stop giving him the phone, and obviously work on taking turns. Taking turns is a big obstacle for him. So the screaming & crying went up a notch, and then he started breathing funny.. "Is he hyperventilating? Scott get a bag! I mean it!!" I put the bag over his mouth & held it, he started to come down a bit and it wasn't long before he was okay without the bag. His breathing was still affected some. He continued to be upset & scared. Scott & I were both crying. I was tense for hours after that. I happily handed Judah my phone after this distressing event. Soon after he was completely fine, back to himself again. Now we have a pile of paper bags on-hand (thank you Mom). 
After Baja Fresh, we all headed to OMSI in Portland. This was everyone's first time going there! The kids rode with Gramma & Papa.

The glass elevator was a big hit - the kids loved it!

This was one of the first activities that Judah did. It was so neat to see him working patiently with the other kids. He figured the machine out quickly and found ways to use it that I hadn't even thought of! We need to work on "excuse me" though. He literally crawled over a woman sitting near this exhibit.

Judah was fascinated & motivated. This is when he thrives - this is a wonderful place for Judah.

The wind tunnel was a favorite for all 3 of the kids. Judah socialized & laughed a lot!

I picked Willow up a million times, so she could put her paper into the wind. She didn't want to leave this!


He read/looked at directions on the exhibits & followed the pictures. He did this quickly. It was extremely impressive (to his Mom anyway!).

She LOVED the wind!!

She stayed at each project for a long time.

Willow can easily hang out with the older kids.

She loves to squeeze into places that fit her just right. The gigantic clock (10 foot?) was to her side, we stood behind it.

Rita, Dave & Sebastian saw a lot of OMSI, the rest of us made it through half of it (but a very busy half!).  Judah's meltdowns in public are getting worse. He knew we were going to leave soon, so the meltdown rolled in. He was on the ground numerous times, banged his head lightly on the sidewalk some, I couldn't pick him up. I walked with him some in the direction he wanted to go, but when we had to turn back he was just as upset again. It took Scott & I (and much patience) to get him going in the right direction. Eventually he walked calmly to the parking lot - a long walk. He took off running to get to the train tracks as soon as he spotted them, running past the car. Soon after he was again refusing to leave, kicking & screaming in Daddy's arms. His meltdowns at home are usually over the same problems - but aren't getting better by any means, probably worse. He pottied at OMSI - that was good!
Scott & I went to IKEA and shopped for hours after this. The rest of them went to Gramma & Papa's for the evening.

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, one fish oil and one dose of Miralax. No poops.

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