Sunday, March 9, 2014

Juggling Scarves, Anyone?

Sebastian had a fever today. Although his energy level was low, his creativity level was rocketing! We made a birthday present for Papa while Daddy & Judah were grocery shopping. Willow was supposed to go, but she puked on Daddy when he got her out of the car (in the store parking lot). She was fine the rest of the day & no fever. After we made Papa's gift, Sebastian wanted to keep going. He made 2 more surprises for Gramma & Papa and was working on something else before he went to bed. I finally had to stop him as I could tell how crappy he was feeling. I gave him more Tylenol, a heating pad (per his request) and tucked him into bed. He said he was cold.

Scott's been trying to get Judah to bed for over an hour now. Judah has been pretty super active since he got home from the store.

Scott picked up a bedding set for Willow. Some day we will get her bed set up in her room.. some day. I found the bedding set on a yard sale site. It's sort of random, mix & match, very much my style and a lot of stuff! All in good condition too! It was a drive to get it though. I can't wait to get her room re-done! She likes her new comforter.

Today I finished creating more bucket storage in the bathroom. Scott helped me with it last night. Good tool & hardware use seemed to come pretty effortlessly to him. Makes me wonder if we have been hiding some handyman talents... hmmm. ;) I was surprised how long he was able to do a home decoration project without getting frustrated.

I've been looking online for juggling scarves for Judah. He uses them in music therapy. I'm finding that they are surprisingly expensive! If any of you have any scarves like this feel free to send them our way! :) They don't weigh anything, so they wouldn't be much postage! There are other random things that I think would be good for him.. like a vibrating pen (supposedly they make these), since he likes the electric toothbrush vibrations so much. Disability said that we probably qualify for a weighted blanket (something that would likely help to calm him). I guess we have also qualified for an in-home aide. This is still very surreal news to me. Will keep you updated on this stuff.

Here is a photo of the rock fish dinner Scott threw together last night & the new bathroom bucket creation. Apparently I'm having a love affair with bathroom buckets!

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 3 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium twice. He also had a grandiose poop!


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