Monday, March 10, 2014

Sebastian, Where Are Your Pants?

I was up early this morning, showered, had breakfast.. it felt like I was alone in the house. It was beautiful, a beautiful Monday morning.

Judah & Willow were jumping on & off of the couch tonight. There was lots of eye contact, smiling, laughter & squeals! Judah accidentally landed on Willow. He looked sad when she got upset. He stroked her back a few times. I told him he could hug her if he wanted to. He gave her a big hug & walked away. She walked over to him and requested a kiss! "Judah, kiss!!!" He did not comply. It was great seeing the friendship though. Huge love.

Willow was not only jumping off & on the couch, but also jumping on & off Judah's bed, running very well & even using a scooter outside today! She is becoming very agile! I bought her a used scooter tonight & she had no fear while standing on it & trying to paddle (with her foot) down into the yard. She needs a helmet! Judah is using the red scooter (exactly like Willow's, only hers is pink) and Sebastian has the new scooter he got for Christmas (completely different than the other 2). I tried to snap a good picture of them all standing on their scooters next to one another.

Sebastian stayed home from school today. He seemed to be feeling better, but still not quite up to speed. Although he did do some work in the garden & rode his bike too. You can't keep him down. This evening he complained of an ear ache. He may just have an ear infection.

Sebastian was still on the creativity kick, as soon as he woke up! He worked some more on the "surprises" for Gramma & Papa. He talked about other projects & ideas as he came up with them throughout the day. Sebastian & I finally had a chance to try out my "word dice" idea. It's kind of like Mad Libs. I used to love those as a kid. Basically, we have two big soft dice, and I have him come up with 6 nouns. I place each noun on each side of one die. Then he has to come up with 3 adjectives & 3 verbs. Each one of those is placed on a side of the 2nd die. I would start a sentence by saying something like, "Everyday I want to lick a.. " and then he rolls his big dice across the table (and across the room, into Judah's lunch, etc.). The dice will land on one adjective/verb and one noun, which will complete my sentence. He must READ the words on the dice in order to hear the funny sentence. He really loved this game. He didn't want to stop playing! We'll do it again tomorrow, with new words. He had a hard time starting the sentences, but after a while he had that down, getting very creative - as I knew he would. Anyway, a pair of dice at the dollar store, paper, pen & tape is all you need! This gets him reading, learning adjectives, nouns, etc., forming sentences, boosting creativity and more. I had seen dice with words on them somewhere recently - that's when this idea sparked in my head!

Tonight before bed, Sebastian ran out into the hallway & yelled, "Surprise!!", while throwing his arms in the air. He always does this after he gets dressed, no matter what time of day. I said, "Sebastian, where are your pants??" He said, "Oh, I forgot!" and ran back into his room, hahaa. That's a new one.

Judah picked up a medium/large size wrench while we were outside. I was trying to get the chain on the small bike for Willow. I was using the screwdriver & had the wrench nearby. Our tools are easily accessible in the garage.. which they will not be after today. Judah picked up the wrench, walked into the yard & banged himself in the forehead with it. Holy hell. I have a hard time just typing that. He's fine. It's just not something I want to ever re-play in my head. He's also walked out into the street the past couple of days. He'll throw a stick or a rock into the road & then walk out to pick it up. These are more new things to watch out for. The danger awareness is part of his IFSP. We try to work on it here too. Is he aware that the stove is hot? He says, "hot". Does that mean he will not touch it? I wouldn't bet on it, but he's never done it. It's not a "Don't worry about it, he never does that.." type of situation, honestly I don't even really believe in those. But this is turning into more of a "You don't know what to expect in any given scenario.." situation, and I hate that. His diagnosis is the definition of that.. you don't know what to expect.. the next day, the next month.. there is no answer to what is going on in your child's mind.. add non-verbal to that & you're even more lost!! There is no child exactly like the other, there is no example to draw from. I don't know what to expect. A wrench to the forehead?? This sort of scares the sh** out of me.

Judah's language was good today, especially when I sat with him & paid him tons of attention. I think the aide will be so helpful in that I can have the one-on-one with Judah while the other 2 are still in the normal routine. He said, "train tracks" when we crossed the train tracks. He added to that words like, "train", "choo-choo" and more. We actually caught a train today! It flew by but it was long! Judah smiled the entire time, his eyes wide open & shining. The kids all enjoyed it. We haven't seen a train in a while. I didn't know they went that fast, that conductor was in a rush to get his lumber delivered somewhere!

This morning I laid in bed with the kids & talked with Judah. I tried hard to relate to what I understood. It felt like a conversation. He was very happy. He made sure I was holding on to him at all times. Sebastian started talking and Judah knew my attention was still on him, so he began imitating what Sebastian was saying. It's hard when they all want & need the attention. Judah is the only one who won't fight for it.

I bought Judah some decent snow/farm boots from a lady for $3 today. He was thrilled, because it was something just for him. He held them to his chest most of the way home.

Judah is drinking unsweetened almond milk, with no added all-natural maple syrup now. We should all be doing that! I finally talked Scott into taking Willow off of whole milk, she's on 2% with Sebastian now. I'd like them to go lower.

My brain is still stuck in Pinterest mode. Everything I see blossoms into something much different & usually serves a function.  My crafting side is kind of exploding. I need some free days, weeks!!

B-12 shot is tonight. Judah pooped twice today, no pain, both times in diaper. He is being mostly compliant about going to the potty, and I'm betting that if we didn't remind him so often he would eventually just go on his own. He hasn't wet his underwear in a long time. He resists pooping on the potty though, he won't sit for more than 2 seconds & he gets upset. We put a diaper on him for that, just because we see his GI issues as a much higher priority than potty training.

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 3 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium twice. He also had his B-12 injection. He is waking up when we get ready to administer that now. He knows we certainly aren't in there to play trains! Him being awake makes it much harder - physically & emotionally. He basically slept through his first shot, just waking for a few seconds to scream. That hasn't happened since though. Nothing's easy.


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