Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scott's Email

I'm going to be a bit soooper doooper lazy with this post. Below is an email I sent to Scott earlier today.. I'm using it as most of my entry since I would have written about this anyway!

Scott -
Judah has my phone right now. If I can get free time I will do some of the ohsu calls.
He just had a pretty big behavior. He refused to go to the bathroom many times when he had a big poop in his diaper. I finally carried him to bathroom after giving him plenty of time to choose to go on his own. He fought the whole way, trail of poop on the carpet, on him, on me. Poop on bathroom floor, still fighting, laying on floor - I had a very hard time picking him up & getting him into tub. He finally calmed down in the tub & let me clean him. Wanted to keep wooden trains in bath - very upset that I took them out, fell back in tub at least twice, landing on his back, threw water at me many times. He kept telling me "stuck", I got him on potty, he's still mad, wrapped him in towel, squeezed him.. didn't want towel but did want me squeezing him. Got diaper on & asked him if he wanted to play trains. Told him I would play with him. Everything ok, Willow wanted attention in play room. Judah wasn't as happy then. One-on-one time was needed. Eventually he asked for my phone. Tv has been off all day so I let him have it. Now he's back in his own world.
When he was on floor in bathroom, flinging poop while he was kicking.. Willow & Bastian were at the bathroom door. Willow kept trying to come in. Bastian yelling about wanting me to go watch him, etc.
It was definitely a situation where 2 adults were needed, but I had no way of contacting or getting help from anyone while trying to keep Judah safe & attempting to calm him.
Qigong massage:
We are enrolling in Dr. Silva's massage. They are doing research right now & offering free training & monthly sessions for 4 or 5 months. We have to enroll asap to get into a group, there are 2 groups that will be created in mid-April.  One starts at the end of April and one starts in September. They choose the placement. The parent training is 3 hours long. The treatment sessions can be done at Dr. Silva's office in South Salem or in our house. We do the massage 15 minutes at bedtime every night. There will be a total of 20 treatment sessions.
We will do post-testing after all of this. That means filling out an online survey & answering questions in person - regarding the outcome of Judah's massage, etc. We'll also do one year post testing. Some of it involves instruments, autism behavior checklist and more.
The first 3 steps of online pretest need to be done asap. They need a copy of his diagnosis assessments & the diagnosis. We need to sign the consent form they emailed.
This is the massage that Dynee was talking about during the support group meeting.
-That's the end of the Scott note.
Bathroom buckets have been re-vamped a bit. Willow & I stopped at the Dollar Store for something.. I can't even remember what! She spotted these big flower clip-ons, 2 for a dollar. I bought 2 packs and only have one flower left!

Sebastian has no school tomorrow- report card day. Today he had his "spring" school picture taken. Who knew there was such a thing.. but the spring pics have backgrounds! I could have put him in the midst of some bright greenery or next to a rustic looking stone wall or off in the wildflowers... I chose the rock wall, since it was the only one that didn't make him look swallowed up by nature. Plus he collects rocks! He liked it too. Scott really didn't have a say, we were running late this morning.. I literally chose the background 2 seconds before Sebastian got out of the van to head into school. He said he smiled for this picture.

Judah wasn't saying a lot up until the poop. After that awful event he started talking again. Lots of double, triple word phrases. Asking me to help him with his train tracks a lot.. "Train track stuck", pointing at the trains naming the ones he wanted me to get down, "Chams" (James) "Toppam" (Thomas). Those are his current favorites.

We played both outside & in the garage. It was a nice day but got really chilly when we went out to play. Today while we were outside they were all having so much fun with different toys.. the hula-hoop, the football. Judah loved watching me use the hula-hoop. He would hand it to me when he wanted to see me do it again. It really wasn't that impressive, but it's funny to see your mom do stuff like that.

Willow took my pen & started writing on my notes while I was on the phone. When I was done on the phone I said, "Oh, good idea! Let's go color!" She looked at me very confused, because she was expecting me to tell her not to write all over my notes. She hesitated to follow me out of the room - I had to go back & get her! Once the markers were in front of her she went to town, coloring an entire file folder for me, inside & out! 

Every time you say something to Willow she repeats it back as a question.. You say, "Willow is pretty.".. and she'll say, "Willow, pretty??" She does it with everything.

Sebastian had a really hard morning. He is just having a hard time listening lately & is doing a lot of things he knows he is not supposed He got TV privileges taken away up until night time before we had even left for school! He didn't watch TV at all today. I had him in time-out probably once every 2 hours after school. We've got to find a new direction, this one is getting old! And it's obviously not healthy for him, or any of us.

Something else I worry about is Willow & Sebastian witnessing Judah's behaviors & trying to make sense of these things at such a young age. I need help to know how to help them, but where do you find that..  Life is so hard. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of the time Scott is at work when really difficult situations arise.

Judah played trains on his own for a while before he decided to join us outside. But once outside he was extremely engaged! He ran out and said, "Hey guys!!" He said "Willow" today around lunch time, I think he was stressing about his chicken nuggets & noticed she was getting some too. He repeated me when I said her name. I dressed him up for picture day, just in case, but of course it didn't happen. Shelley never wrote me back about that.. but she has been sending me emails! I emailed her twice, asking about picture day. She didn't even acknowledge the subject in any of her emails. We are such a great team!!

Willow got a balloon at the dollar store, the kids were so excited over that thing. It was a balloon filled with helium. The simple things can be so fun sometimes!

Forgot Judah's fish oil again! His second dose of docusate sodium & third dose of Miralax was missed as well. Scott had the boys out late, they went straight to bed when they arrived home, thus the missed supplements. Sorry Judah!! Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 2 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium once.


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