Friday, March 21, 2014

Star Program Training

Sebastian went out to lunch & to see the new Muppets movie with Meemaw & Granddad today. He told me that the movie was great! Judah, Willow & I played outside, ran some errands & hung out at home playing trains. I gave Judah the choice of playing outside or doing a craft. He chose craft, but after our errands they both jumped out of the van & went outside to play. We never got around to the craft, unfortunately. This was the one I had planned on doing with them -

We'll save that for another day.

Judah said many sentences today! He was REALLY thriving. When Meemaw & Granddad left this evening (they came over twice), he ran by them, heading to the play room, & said "Bye bye!!" as he passed them. It was so funny. He wanted me to crawl into the play pen (we have one side cut out, covered by a cloth entryway) with him this evening. He loved that. He made sure my legs & feet were completely inside the playpen - it was cozy. He was saying things to me, crashing me & snuggling up to me. My shirt kept falling off of my shoulder. Every time he saw this happen he put it back on my shoulder, haha. Sebastian made his way in not long after.

Judah had no bowel movements today, but did have some stomach pain for a short while.

Willow patted her tummy & told me, "feel bad" late this afternoon. She had a high temp this evening, & began acting tired & unhappy. We gave her ibuprofen & put her to bed.

Scott went to work today. He woke up feeling better, finally!!! He went to the doctor this afternoon, got different antibiotics & was told that if his leg gets worse to go to the ER.

I had waited all day long to do something artsy yesterday, so I stayed up late & worked on the Papa project a bit & then did a wall decoration using a small trellis I had purchased from a lady for $4. In her photo the trellis looked to be about 5 feet tall, so that was what I was expecting. When I got there she kept pointing to her garage telling me, "The trellis is right there." But I couldn't see it. Check out the pic below.

The autism specialist from Judah's school & his school speech therapist both stopped by this morning to train Scott & I on the Star Program, which they use at Judah's school. Meemaw & Granddad came over to watch the kids. The kids were awesome, not running in to interrupt at all! Scott and I had watched the incredibly long Star Program video last night, thank goodness. It totally prepared us for the rush of information these ladies brought with them. They were here for 2 hours, we were told it would be more like 1. That always happens - our IFSPs go on for hours & nobody realizes it until someone gets a text from a family member asking where the heck they are.

The training was great. The autism specialist really thinks deeply about each step & stage (which leads to hours of training, haha). I used the "Judah, look at me" tonight. You know what? It worked. It worked for things that are usually an explosion of struggle. He suddenly had the attitude of, "I know what you are saying, and I know that you know I know.. I might as well oblige." Some things were much harder, like waiting on the chicken nuggets to cool in the freezer. This is always a hard one. I finally remembered to use his sand timer. Scott & Willow sat on the floor with Judah & I in the kitchen. Scott & I gave Judah lots of encouragement & praise. Judah was very proud of himself for waiting & he got his reinforcer (the nuggets).

Willow didn't want a nap today. She stood in the hallway, with her arms crossed in front of her chest & a scowl on her face & said loudly, "I don't need a nap!!!" As if to tell me, "Come on Mom! I'm TWO now!!!"

Judah directed me to join him a few times today. We got in some one-on-one play time. He did have some alone train time in the play room today, but the rest of the day he was very interactive & very happy. I walked by the table at lunch time and he was looking right at me, staring, with a big smile on his face. I don't see things like that from him, just out of the blue, ever. That was really cool.

Sebastian & Granddad started a Star Trek puzzle this evening. Apparently they picked the harder of the 2 puzzles, which will definitely be a challenge!! Sebastian is used to floor puzzles, haha.

Judah had L-carnitine, 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, & fish oil. I forgot the Miralax.

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