Monday, March 31, 2014

Cabinet Napping

Scott & I went to parenting class tonight. The beginning was inspiring & informative - I was glad I went. I really didn't want to go tonight, today was just so hard. Nearing the end of this long class (that ran half an hour late tonight) it started getting sad.. never fails. We watched some videos of kids having tantrums and moms using different approaches to handle these behaviors. It was too easy to relate to. And Moms, all moms. The instructor said Swindells is doing a "class" (it's actually a few hours scheduled in the middle of a bigger session) for DADS. She was announcing this because apparently Dad classes are rare. Because most autistic children don't have dads... ??? I don't know.

We did get some new ideas on weakening behaviors, although the class could not come up with a good solution to getting Judah to stop jumping on his siblings (and us). The teacher gave us info after class about what to look for in the people we interview to be Judah's home aid. At the end of class, I had asked the entire class if anyone could help with this. This ultimately stirred up even more good information for us to use in different areas & a couple tips on how to look for the aid. I got an email from my friend's connection inquiring about the job. Some other friends have leads as well that they are going to pursue for us. That's a good start! We are thinking (after class conversations) that a student might be the best person for the job.

The kids spent time with Gramma & Papa while we were in class. When we arrived to pick them up, they were all kinds of happy & could have stayed hours longer. They all had eaten very well. Judah initiated a transition from upstairs to downstairs with Gramma. Taking her hand as well as telling her verbally that he wanted to go down & play trains.

Judah was having some monster hunger today. I should have introduced a new food!!!

Judah had a really good day. I wish I would have gotten them out more today. He was progressing. I caught him looking in the cabinet at his milk. He noticed the row of coconut milk hiding in the corner, touched one of the cartons and said, "What??" hahaaa. Now he knows what's next! First they take away my rice milk.. now my almond milk that I've finally gotten used to! That was a lot of work Mom! (Because things are often my fault, not sure why - maybe that's why the classes are all for moms?)

Willow pretended to take a cabinet nap, closing her eyes & snoring. I gave her a football pillow.

Today just seemed to grow harder and harder. Judah had an accident on the floor. Sebastian hurt his finger falling off of one of his "inventions" after flying down the driveway on it. This invention was the plasma car on top of the wagon - and Sebastian on top of the plasma car. I wasn't there to stop this one. The play room exploded. I don't know what else happened but it felt like the house was eating me up alive.

This picture sums it up. Today I taught Sebastian how to put dishes away. Guess what tomorrow's lesson is.. ;) Unfortunately Gramma snatches him up after school tomorrow!

Here are the curtain creations I mentioned in yesterday's blog.

Sebastian often jumps into photos. He was actually in the middle of explaining one of his invention ideas to me, saw me getting ready to take a photo, hopped into the picture, hopped out & continued his story.

The lace curtains on top covered the windows in our downtown Phoenix home 6 years ago.

Judah had 1 tablespoon (one dose) of the doctor prescribed L-carnitine. He had 2 doses of Docusate Sodium, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, one fish oil and 1 dose of Miralax. He also took Restless Night Sleep pill again (1 pill). He has taken this in apple sauce every time. I use a good amount of apple sauce to kill the stench of the pill.

B-12 shot was done tonight, .05 mL

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