Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Judah Yuck??

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Rock Potato. He is full of rocks, 100 to be exact! Tomorrow is Sebastian's 100th day of school. He is very excited. He has been talking about this day for over 100 days. Along with Mr. Rock Potato, he will also bring 100 m&m's to share with his class. I'll be there to volunteer.

I'm sitting here thinking to myself.. We make Judah drink a teaspoon of fish oil on a daily basis. For the past 10 days he drank pink antibiotic 4 times a day, along with using foot cream (that hurt). If he doesn't poop in over 24 hours we give him a suppository or an enema. Two days ago we gave him an enema. Tonight I am sitting here reading a piece of paper over & over. It's a page of instructions on how to give a B-12 shot. Supposedly the child is likely to not even feel it if you do it in his sleep. Scott is getting him to sleep right now. We'll attempt this shortly.

I worked on the bathroom buckets project today & found out that I can't screw into that wall, which was necessary. Plan B has been created & will be executed later tonight.

Judah seemed tired after school. From the way he looked I'm guessing his day wasn't very good. I asked him about it many times while walking to the van & while riding home. I couldn't get an answer out of him, that I understood anyway. Shelley had quickly shuffled him out the door & told me nothing. She looked nervous when I stopped her to ask a question. I've been emailing her about picture day. It's on Thursday. She told me her classroom would do spring pictures since they hadn't been signed up for the first picture day. She doesn't respond to the picture day part of my email, but does respond to the rest. I didn't ask her about it today. If it doesn't happen we'll do our own picture of him to set next to Sebastian's.

Judah's speech was cancelled today. He really wanted to watch SpongeBob at home, which he did, for longer than I should have allowed. He went to the bathroom to potty at least twice on his own successfully, there was one time where I think he peed his pants while standing next to the toilet. He was definitely initiating the trips though! He didn't even make attempts to take me with him. My potty training dream may be coming true.

Sebastian slammed his finger in the door today. I heard the slam and the horrifying scream, dropped everything & ran to him. He kept telling me how scared he was & how much it hurt. It bled a few drops, hardly anything, but the cut was very apparent & I'm sure his finger was very painfully throbbing. He didn't want me to let go of his hand for quite a while. I put Neosporin on it & gave him Ibuprofen. Within an hour he seemed completely back to normal, offering Willow piggy-back rides. She politely declined. He asked me, "Why doesn't she want piggy-back rides from me anymore??" We played outside, he rode his bike all over the place & picked up piles of dead weeds in the garden. Judah ran down the rocks into the garden, fell & hurt his knee. It seemed to get better quickly though. Pixie was in the backyard crying loudly. Willow went to see her of course. Frustrated by the lock, she pushed the gate so hard inward that Pixie nearly escaped.

Later Judah had a grand poop, all over the playroom floor. This was while I was trying to fix dinner, Willow was refusing to come in from the backyard & Sebastian was outside putting toys in the garage. I barely made it to the bathroom, carrying Judah in a very awkward position as to not cover myself or more carpet in gushy "yuck" (as Willow kept calling it). Not long after, I was rinsing out his clothes in the tub when Willow walked in. She announced  that she wanted to take a bath. She was very persistent about it. She even started taking her clothes off! I kept telling her it wasn't a good time for a bath, but that didn't seem to matter. Finally she looked closely into the tub & realized what I was cleaning off of Judah's clothes. "Judah yuck??" she said. Then she quickly got as much of her clothes back on as she could & walked out the door! haha.

Last night I used WD-40 for my first time ever. Today I used Scott's drill multiple times. This stuff doesn't intimidate me anymore. I don't know what happened. I also took all of the curtains down, washed them & put them all back up.

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnatine, 1 tsp fish oil, 2000 i.u. vitamin d, three tablets 125 mg folinic acid with b-12, one probiotic, 3 doses of Miralax, & Docusate Sodium twice. B-12 shot soon to come. I successfully used a "sentence strip" with him today after Rachael explained to me over the phone how to use them. They are 4 rows of pictures, 2 rows of Lightning McQueen over & over and 2 rows of Thomas the Train over & over. You point to each car/train to motivate him to say the next word. I gave it a shot. It worked. She's also making a book filled with pictures of our family. There will be one picture of each person inside the book. She wants to teach Judah to name each person. I emailed the photos to her yesterday.

Added notes from Gramma...

I just wanted to add these anecdotes so they get captured on the Judah Chronicles. By the way, did I tell you there's a paper copy for you in the bag I put in the playpen as well as an article Dave found?


When I was watching Willow and Sebastian today 3-4-14, I tried to change the channel on the TV. They seemed bored with whatever was on. I couldn't get any of the channels to work after that and both kids tried very seriously to help me push buttons. Willow said, "help," and put her tiny fingers on a few buttons then frowned. Judah had been watching and was a little bummed that I'd messed up the TV. He looked at me with big brown eyes and took the remote from me, studying it intently. He almost seemed to know what he was looking for. Then he attempted a few buttons and got nowhere. He shook his head and very sweetly handed it back to me pronouncing it "broke." I think he was telling me not to worry about it. He also said Papa a lot. At one point he got his shoes and wanted them put on. Then he went to the front door, taking me with him, saying "car." He wanted to go somewhere but it was a rainy day and not one for traveling.

Later, I noticed Judah studying the Chex cereal box, counting the tiny boxes of cereal. He also kept looking at the big heart on the box drawn of chex bits. Maybe it's a shape he recognized from home play or school. I took his hand and we traced the heart over and over. He made good eye contact and smiled. He really liked doing that. I said "heart" and he said "heart." Then I said, "Chex heart," and he said that and traced the heart. He did that several times throughout the morning.

He is also becoming very affectionate with me. He used to sort of ignore me except when I had chips. He will sit on my lap, listen while I read to him and Willow, and wants me to play trains with him. Used to, he didn't want me to touch the trains. He discovered today that I wear a pedometer and we looked at all the settings, and he touched the button to change the various settings. He was fascinated.

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