Monday, March 3, 2014

Bathroom Buckets

Today was Dr. Seuss's birthday! Sebastian's class celebrated by doing Dr. Seuss crafts & eating Green Eggs & Ham. They were entertained by real life Dr. Seuss characters. "There's a bear in my hair!" was the rhyme Sebastian came up with that earned him a shiny, smooth, orange button. Sebastian would like to add that "High school people came and we got our eyes checked!"

I got these buckets at the dollar store with the idea in mind that each kid could have one in the bathroom. Sebastian did his name by himself. He also helped me come up with items to put in them.

Judah placed each letter of his name carefully on his bucket as I handed them to him.

Judah enjoyed the bathroom buckets the most. He had to be in the middle of the action. He climbed on top of the table as Willow started hers. He even put half of her letters on for her! She wasn't too interested in this activity.

They each picked their bucket color. Luckily they all wanted a different color!!

Willow thought her bucket was better used as a hat she could wear while pretending to be a doggie.

Willow had popcorn for breakfast this morning. She loves popcorn. She'll say, "Mommy, watch!" & point up at the microwave, letting me know that she wants a closer view. She likes to sit on the counter & watch the popcorn bag grow taller inside of the microwave.
Judah was in underwear a lot today. He initiated the trip to the bathroom twice!! Once I saw him walk into the bathroom, acting like he was getting ready to go potty. I walked in to help him. The next time I found him with his pants & diaper down, peeing on the floor right next to the step stool. Maybe he couldn't get on the step stool once his pants were down? I think I usually help him with that. I guess I can try to teach him to get on the step stool first. I got him on the potty quickly though. Afterwards he put on clean underwear & pants all by himself.
Judah tried hard to put his shoes on by himself a few times today. Ultimately I ended up assisting, as minimally as I could. But he didn't look for help immediately, he gave it a good go before he asked for help.
I heard so many phrases & sentences from Judah today. I'm almost beginning to take them for granted, because it's not an extremely rare occurrence anymore. But you do have to really pay attention to catch them. When he asks "Why?" or "What?", he often doesn't look at you afterwards or seems to be thinking about something else. I've started answering those questions as often as I can. Sometimes I get a smile. He's asking them for a reason. It's all about paying deep attention. The more he realizes that we can & do hear what he is saying, the more the communication will continue to amass.
This morning Judah wanted to play Star Wars Play-doh. Willow joined. I'm not quite sure why they are so interested in that. Our Play-doh tub contains a monstrous amount of Play-doh toys and many containers of dried up, mixed Play-doh. It's likely too overwhelming for the kids. I'm finding that simple is always better with kids, especially kids that are easily overwhelmed & stimulated by a variety of things. Over half of our kids' toys are stored in the garage now. We try to rotate them.
Sebastian tells us often that his brain tells him to do things. Apparently his brain tells him to spin around in a circle from time to time. His brain tells him to jump and then clap his hands one time. Last night his brain told him to pick the Batman pajamas for pajama day. Today he got up from his chair during lunch and walked around in a big circle. I asked him what he was doing & he told me that his brain told him to do that. He said, "My brain tells me to do funny things." haha. Every day at school he gets out of the car & does his little dance, throwing his hands in the air at the end. Then he blows me a kiss. When he turns the corner to head into school, he spins around, as if he's doing a pivot on a basketball court. I saw another kid do this the other day too, same corner.
Judah acted like he was talking to someone we couldn't see today. That lasted about 15 minutes. Weird crap going on around here. Damn cell phone tower.
Sebastian's friend Trent stopped by this evening, while Sebastian was outside riding his bike. I've got his seat up as high as it will go (without falling off). He needs a new bike. Anyway, they did a little yard work in the garden - I'm not sure what that entailed but I know the gigantic green yard debris trashcan was involved. They played Super Mario Brothers inside, well Trent did. It was his first time.. ??? Sebastian's level of confidence around this 9 year old is awesome. He showed Trent Super Mario, taught him to play and then sat down lazily in the computer chair and said things like, "Let me know when you want to go back outside.. Did you want to go back outside?.. OK, well just let me know when you are ready to go back out..". Trent was here past 6pm. I asked him what time his family ate dinner. Supposedly they eat at 8pm. Not thinking, I told him that Sebastian is in bed by then. Thanks Mom. Trent accidentally sat on Sebastian's plastic recorder (Sebastian calls it a flute) and broke it. He told Sebastian that he would buy him a new one. He's earning points in my book. He played ball with Willow inside. She loved that. Judah was watching Sponge Bob &being wild (acting out the scenes). At one point he went up to Trent, who was sitting in the lazy-boy, and literally screamed in his face, then smiled. Trent seemed perfectly comfortable here. I kept telling Sebastian it was time for him to shower, hoping Trent would get the hint. Eventually I just had to tell Trenet to leave, same thing I had to do with Cooper.
Willow spent time trying to play with Judah while Sebastian was outside. She loves Judah so much. She tries to take care of him sometimes. She always tries really hard to engage with him. Sometimes he lets her in, but more often than not he just ignores her, unless she really pisses him off. Then he'll say, "Stop!" or something along those lines. Judah loves playing with Sebastian though! Willow does too. When Sebastian returns home (from Gramma's usually), Willow will run up to him and say, "Bastian!!" She is always so excited to see him. Judah is too, at times.
This evening I heard a loud crash. It was obvious that it came from the bathroom. Sebastian's loud singing & yelling stopped for a few seconds. I threw the pan of fries back into the oven and ran to the bathroom, oven mitt still on my hand. I opened the door & asked Sebastian if he was okay. He was fine. Then Willow grabbed an oven mitt from the drawer, put it on her hand & ran to the bathroom door. She screamed, "Okay Bastian??!!!" She has a loud yell. Earlier today, I yelled for Sebastian from the window while he was outside. He didn't hear me. Willow tried to help & yelled the same thing.. he heard that one!
Judah pooped twice today. He had Miralax 3 times. He took the usual, 1 tsp fish oil, one probiotic, vit D 2000 i.u., 7.5 ml l-carnatine, docusate sodium twice, his oral antibiotic twice (we ran out) and his cream antibiotic 3 times. We are done with those antibiotics now & will make an appointment to see the doctor again - his toe has not completely healed. It is still very red and a bit swollen.

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