Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Part of today.. more to come.

Conversation between Sebastian & I that happened tonight while the boys were helping Daddy take in groceries through the garage --

Me: "Sebastian I don't want you slamming the door in Judah's face." Sebastian: "I didn't slam it on his face!!"

He asks me all day long what words & sayings mean. I guess we haven't gotten to this one yet. It was too funny to correct! :)

The kids took a bath together tonight. Sebastian always has to go first. Since Willow & Judah were already in the tub, Sebastian declared that he had to join them, because he always goes first. Before he got in he brought them each a straw. Judah & Willow put the straws in the water & blew bubbles - suddenly they were quiet and hypnotized by the bubbles popping out of the bath water. This actually lasted for quite a while. Blowing bubbles through a straw is something that Sebastian has been fascinated with recently. However, the other two rarely use straws. They had never done this trick until tonight. This simple activity turned out to be something fun & new that created instant quiet time & peaceful children! Sebastian is brilliant!! Unfortunately Sebastian's talking & volume shoots up 65% during bath time for some reason, even when he bathes alone!! Regardless, I will be using his amazing straw idea with every future Judah & Willow bath, until it stops working.

Judah pooped! Suppository avoided!! The pain started after school today & was on & off, maybe every 30 minutes or so. This evening it got much worse, he would cry out & then run to the couch smiling when I would try to get him to the bathroom. Sometimes I left him and sometimes I carried him to the bathroom. A couple of times he headed towards the bathroom in pain and waited for me to join him. Every time he was on the potty it was painful for him, but the time he was successful on the potty seemed to be almost severely painful. We need to figure something out. Right now we are doing everything 2 separate doctors who are knowledgeable around this issue have recommended. We need to find out if there are any other possible options for treatment that we can try, anything! He is going every other day right now, but not without pain. And his poop is mushy. Tonight he kept telling me it was "stuck"- I was expecting a hard rock to land in the toilet. The liquid feels "stuck" to him.. I don't know what this means is happening inside his body. He understands what stuck is. He has had no obvious pain since his bowel movement. It seems weird to keep shoveling the Miralax into him, but he will inevitably be constipated again, the day after tomorrow most likely. We are sneaking fresh fruits & veggies into his diet too. I'm hoping his pediatrician is right, that this will resolve as long as we continue to intervene after he hasn't pooped for one day. Judah was shaking, had goosebumps, his entire body was unbelievably tense - the pain he must have been feeling looked to be awful, like bad, really, really bad.

Today I gave Judah a dose of Miralax, a dose of Benefiber & massaged his belly. This combination is always followed by a bowel movement at some point in the day. I don't do these things all at once, I spread them out through the day.

Judah had OT & Speech Therapy at school today. The OT said they squished apple pieces again. Judah participated well. Rachael (the speech therapist) facilitated 2 word phrases throughout this activity. Later she took Judah aside to do some Star Program work - giving him a 2 word direction to follow & rewarding him when he followed it. Star Program does a lot of one-on-one follow directions & earn a reward stuff, supposedly it is very effective. ?? Rachael emailed me potential home visit dates. She will stop by our house & teach us how we can incorporate the Star Program into his home life. She said she will be here for an hour. I'm very, very impressed & grateful that she is doing this. She volunteered this idea herself.

Willow is suddenly a "terrible two"! Troublemaker doesn't describe her accurately.. but that's what she ends up doing, making trouble. If there is an activity she can foresee, or an object nearby that she can use that will ultimately result in pure exhaustion & stress for me, she will find it.. she will find three. She finds her mischievousness hilarious until she is forced to stop. We were in the waiting area at Judah's speech therapy for an hour. Sebastian was wonderful, he sat coloring the entire time. Willow, on the other hand, was on the loose! She found keys, emptied trash cans, threw her chips, climbed on top of toys, sat just outside the door where Judah was having therapy, pretending like she was going to go in. Seriuosly!! I couldn't even stop for 2 seconds to take a breath! At home it is very similar, but at least I know where everything is & I am able to somewhat manipulate the environment. At home it's a constant, "Mommy drink! Mommy my turn! Mommy phone!".. she requests & demands whatever is nearby, whatever her brothers are doing, whatever she can think of. She'll ask for milk and immediately refuse it when I hand it to her, saying, "Noooo!!" followed by getting on her knees & putting her face down on the floor, screaming until I walk away. I use a lot of reverse psychology on her. I'm not sure how healthy that is, but it definitely keeps me a bit more sane. She was doing the constant "Mommy drink.. Mommy phone", etc.  when Scott was in the room with me one day. He suddenly blurted out, "I can't even think!!!" He was suddenly experiencing the day that I have, every day. I couldn't help but laugh. I still laugh when I think about it.


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