Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Up To Judah's Knees!

Okay so, at this point the frozen rain that was drizzling down from the sky has created a layer of ice on top of the snow. We can't even walk down the stairs of our balcony. This ice formed before the sun even went down. Mineko (in Japan) reported that the snow is coming down in droves there too! And of course family back home in Missouri & Oklahoma are seeing a foot or more of snow. My dad is in Phoenix - if it's snowing there too I'm going to fall over. We've been in Salem for 6 years now. I've never seen even HALF this much snow on the ground here before. It's powdery, building a snowman is probably a lost cause - we didn't try because it is so FRIGID that we aren't out long enough to build one. And they are hard work!! The last few times we've taken the kids in from the blizzard (might as well be) Sebastian & Judah's legs and feet have been red - Judah's were like ice today. We got him warmed up quickly. Since he is short the snow was up to his knees, so it was much worse for him. Trying to walk in snow that deep when you are a tike obviously isn't easy - he fell a lot. Willow didn't venture out far, she was falling too.

We're stuck at home, snowed in. And we just ran out of ice cream. Conditions could be worse tomorrow because of the ice that has formed. I'm afraid to look at the weather forecast.

Scott made a Hamburger Helper type of dish from scratch tonight. He used gluten-free pasta. It was great!! MUCH better than Hamburger Helper. Sebastian is still acting like eating vegetables is pure torture. He won't even eat them with ketchup or added salt (he LOVES salt). I was pretty shocked to find Scott sprinkling Sebastian's corn & peas with brown sugar last night. Sebastian still barely touched them! Scott made a homemade puree for Judah - cheating and adding a little baby food that Judah likes. Unfortunately Judah would not touch it. Scott set it in front of him, along with a bowl of the puree I had made for him yesterday. He looked at them and didn't seem to be contemplating trying either one, until he saw Daddy spoon-feeding Willow his hamburger helper creation. She was enjoying it. That was the only time I caught Judah contemplating trying his new food. He was happy that we were all eating dinner together, the food didn't seem to be that important to him. We've had family dinners the past two nights. Last night Judah slung baby food across the table, right in my direction. It landed on the table and a big blob hit the blinds & of course some made it to the floor, the CARPETED floor.

Sebastian & I rearranged the playroom and his room this evening. Rearranging the playroom was like trying to seek out the answer to a really tough algebra equation. We needed to figure out where to put everything while leaving enough room for everyone to use the basketball hoop. I think we got it done the best way possible though (after MANY attempts at different scenarios). The kids now have so many more storage spots for their toys. The bookcase from Sebastian & Judah's room is now a part of the playroom. I used a pressure shower rod to create a space for 5 more bins. They sit right above the small bookshelf. We put the train table & kitchen in diagonal directions to create more space. This entire project started because I wanted to get the sand into the basketball hoop (it weighs it down). But I wanted to make sure we had the hoop in the right spot before we did it. I don't think we will be able to move it once we get the sand in. Thus the room had to accommodate the basketball hoop & it took hours. I'm still not done & have the bookshelf in the hallway to empty & fill as well. After you live in a space for so long you learn what does & doesn't work for everyone. That's basically my goal, even if it means the toy kitchen ends up in the living room and the dog cage goes in the bathroom - whatever works is what we need to do. Obviously time at home spent in chaos & stress can all be somewhat eliminated by living in an environment that works with who you are & how you live or how you WANT to live. This will also free up more time for us - which would be a dream come true.

Scott finally got Pixie to poop outside, one time. More accidents in the house today, ugh. She can't even walk in the snow right now - it's too high! Scott carries her and tries to make an area for her that she can walk around in. This situation is stressing her out.

Sebastian keeps asking if Gramma & Papa are coming to get them this weekend. I don't think the reality of us being snowed in is going to sink in for him, which is fine, it would bring on panic for sure. A Band-Aid brings on panic for that kid.

Judah was in the tub tonight and at one point he was standing, bent over a little, holding his tummy. Willow was in the bathroom. She grabbed a washcloth and touched his bottom with it saying very sweetly, "Judah, trying to poop?" Scott & I both laughed.

Every time Willow caught me standing in one spot, looking around, trying to figure out what to do with the playroom, she would look up at me and ask, "What doing?" (what are you doing?). Haha, I love that. Whenever I accidentally hurt her earlier I apologized and she apologized back - it's so funny, she does that a lot.

We were in the playroom and I accidentally dropped a wooden train. It hit Willow's head on the way down. She was a bit annoyed & cried a little, but it didn't seem to hurt too bad. Then she looked over at the kid hats hanging on the wall & requested the hard hat, hahahaa! She kept it on for quite a while after that! Smart kid.

Outside in the snow Willow would gather snow in each hand and throw it one hand at a time, saying "snow!" for one hand and "ball!" for another. She did this repeatedly. Even the way she said it was funny! I captured a few seconds of this on video.

Tonight at dinner Judah was trying hard to be a part of the conversation. He was repeating words we said & once telling me he wanted to watch Bob (SpongeBob). I could see that he was trying to figure out how to engage in the random conversations. His limited vocabulary adds a mountain of struggle to that. And he doesn't like being the focus for very long - I'm sure I make this worse. Learning to talk & being such a mystery naturally brings him right into the limelight, adding yet one more huge battle for him. He was happy at dinner though, and trying. It kills me to watch this & know how frustrated & angry he must get. I would give anything to be able to pull him out of the water, or at least give him the ability to lessen the pile of obstacles in front of him. It's not fair, it's so beyond not fair.

Tonight while I was lying in our bed with the kids Judah looked at us all and said, "nite, nite, booy".. I think he was saying, "nite nite boys". haha. As Scott carried Judah out of our room I said goodnight to Judah and he responded, "nite".

At dinner Judah said, "Dance!" and then he got up & danced in the living room. Then Willow said, "Dance!!" and stood up and danced in her chair at the table, smiling big. Sebastian created a game of "Sebastian Says" at dinner tonight. He told us to put our hands up at one point during the game. Judah smiled so big when Scott & I suddenly dropped our forks & threw our hands in the air, haha. Sebastian told us to touch our nose and Judah did that one, Willow did too.

Upon request from the kids & I, Scott made everyone waffles this morning. We had breakfast as a family at the table. I was serious when I wrote yesterday that we are enjoying being snowed in. :)

My dad sent a puzzle for Christmas that I had been wanting the boys to try. I finally got it out today. However, Sebastian quickly decided that he wanted to do other puzzles instead - which turned out to be perfect. Even Willow was able to do some of these puzzles! Judah is secretly good at puzzles, I've seen pieces of this. I finally got him over to the table - literally carried him. I could tell he was interested in the alligator puzzle pieces I gave him. It seemed like he didn't want to do puzzles with a group though. Maybe he will do it with me one-on-one. That's impossible with his siblings home though, unless Judah & I are closed up in a room.

Willow walked around in a sweater and diaper most of the day. She had refused to wear pants when I had dressed her. When her nap time came around she seemed to notice that she wasn't wearing pants and looked up at me to say, "Mommy, pants?" hahaa.

Judah rode around on Daddy's back while I was getting Willow down. Daddy was on his hands & knees, chasing the dog. Judah didn't even seem to notice me when I entered the room - that never happens! He was having way too much fun! :)

Judah took 7.5 ml L-carnitine, folinic acid, vitamin d, probiotic and fish oil. He had 2 doses of Miralax and no bowel movements - he is currently constipated. The pain has been ongoing most of the day. He wanted a second bath today, the warm water seemed to get his peristalsis going even more - he was in and out of the tub, potty, tub, potty, tub. He didn't even get to play in the tub!!


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