Friday, February 7, 2014

Even MORE SNOW Day!!

Today was the first day we all played as a family in a substantial amount of snow. We got anywhere from 9-12 inches today!! Sebastian was out riding the snowboard & sliding down the yard on the sled before it was even lunch time.

Daddy hit Judah with a snowball. Judah said, “Stop it!”

There were quite a few Judah progress moments today. See below.

  • This morning Judah was talking so much when he crawled into bed with me. I couldn't understand most of it, but some I could.

  • This evening I quietly mentioned to Scott that Judah was talking so much more than usual. Sebastian was listening and said he agreed. Judah's sudden increase in talking happened directly after he had taken 3ml of his L- carnatine. His progress just shot up at that point! He was also interacting, very happy and had great eye contact.

  • Judah spilled his bowl of Chex on the floor intentionally. I asked him to come to me &  told him he was going to vacuum up the Chex. He went to the couch and sat, very obviously contemplating what to do. He got up not long after that and we started up the vacuum. He isn't able to push our vacuum more than a few inches on his own. He kept saying , "chex" as we vacuumed. He did not want to stop vacuuming. He enjoyed his punishment a lot, haha, and was very proud of himself!
  • I asked Judah where his milk was from across the room. He responded by saying, “milk”

  • Sebastian told Judah, "Come here Judah", many times as they played in the living room. Judah went, every time.
  • Judah ran near the bathroom a few times when he needed to potty. He hasn't been indicating to us when he needs to go, so this was very reassuring behavior for us.

  • Judah looked outside saying, "snowing" or "pretty" many times today.

  • I was in the boys' bedroom cleaning when Judah came running up to me and said, "I want chip!"
  • Yes, he definitely got chips.

  • Tonight Judah found me in hallway, he was trying to hold in his giggles and finally said, “Otay!!” I repeated him (like he always wants). He laughed and said, “Arrrh!” I repeated him and he laughed more & dragged me to the living room to watch Caillou, repeating lines they were saying. He said a lot of new words during the show. I've never seen him try to hold in his laughter so he could speak, that was really cute.
  • Judah is laughing a lot.
  • Judah finally drank his entire spinach smoothie from last night! I just set it down in front of him - and he drank it!
This morning Judah & Willow were both eating a bowl of Rice Chex. Judah dances in a circle. He started dancing. Willow walked over to him & started doing the same dance, as they both snacked on Rice Chex from their bowls. It was so funny. Willow repeated any sounds Judah made while dancing. Scott & I just watched, taking it all in.

The kids put up tents all over the living room this afternoon. Sebastian made a maze for everyone (yes, us too) to crawl through using the tents and chairs. Judah loved making Mommy & Daddy go through the maze. Willow had fun jumping into the Lazy-boy off the couch.

While we were outside this afternoon we brought out the nice camera to take pictures. Scott tried out the snowboard. I sledded down the driveway with either Sebastian or Willow on my lap. Judah jumped on the snowboard & took off, he was a natural. Unfortunately he HATES being photographed so he looked away when I tried to get pictures, falling down a couple of times. Sebastian is also good at the snowboard. Daddy helped Willow try it, she thought it was hysterical! Sebastian let me know that he couldn't feel his knees or toes - so we went in. I started a warm bath for his feet. Judah & Willow saw the bath and immediately undressed, haha. Everyone was freezing!!

Scott worked from home, getting off about 2pm. Apparently a lot of people went in to the office today - they all had to leave early. The roads were awful today. Right now chains are required, a lot of roads are closed. It seriously did not stop snowing all day long. We're pretty much stuck at the moment - which is perfectly fine, everybody is enjoying it.

The dog is afraid to go down the balcony stairs. The snow is practically up to her belly now. Unfortunately she peed in the house a couple of times & pooped in the house when we went outside to play in the snow.

This afternoon I spent over an hour working on a gluten/casein/egg free recipe that I thought Judah would enjoy. It was called "fruity chicken" You cook up all of the ingredients in a frying pan & puree it at the end. It basically turns into a baby food, but tastes ten times better. Scott & I tried it & both liked it. Willow & Sebastian tried it, their feelings on it seemed indifferent, basically because it looked like baby food. Judah wouldn't go near it, I finally got a tiny bit in his mouth & he spit it out.

Tonight Willow wanted to call Pa Rock, but there was no answer. Then she wanted to try Papa, again no answer. And finally we dialed up Grandadd – an answer! She talked for a while saying, “no, no, no, no” and other things I couldn't understand. Then she put the phone up to Pixie's ear to let her talk - Willow was very serious about this. Next Judah put the phone to his ear and said, “Heyy man” and then he said “hi” and I don’t know what else he was saying – but he talked quite a bit. When he was done Sebastian talked for quite a while, telling Granddad all about the snow. Pa Rock called back later to chat with Willow. He said he loved the voicemail she left, haha.
We called a nurse about Judah’s ear tonight. It’s been draining quite a bit today. They basically said don't worry about it unless it gets really painful. It's painful from time to time for him, but was never at the point of him needing Tylenol today.

We decided to leave Judah in his diaper from early afternoon on, just in case he wasn't pooping because he wanted to be wearing a diaper. He did poop in his diaper early this morning. He hasn't pooped in a diaper in quite a while! That was the only poop he had today. For the most part he kept his diaper dry today.

Judah took the same supplements he took yesterday - nothing new. Willow drank half of his fish oil so I had to get him more. :) Progress showing directly after L-carnitine today. He was so energetic during that splurge of progress too!

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