Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things In Motion

Judah was fascinated with skiing on the Olympics this evening. "On your mark, get set, GO!!" he yelled right on cue. He would say, "jump!" and "ohhhh" if someone fell. Skiing, who knew??

Scott & I went to a support group/parent training tonight. You wouldn't believe how many people in that room had 2-4 year olds  obsessed with Thomas the Train and/or Cars. There's got to be hypnosis involved that media. Cars & trains have been Judah's favorites forever, but after seeing his excitement about skiing I'm thinking he may just be into things that race, things in motion, things that go fast.. or maybe tracks?? Race track, train track, racing down a track on a snowy mountain.. Man I would have been good at $25,000 Pyramid. Look out Betty White. ;)

Dave watched the kids while we were at the meeting. He said that he heard Judah say, "Papa" a few times clearly. Judah yelled, "Papa!" when he heard Dave's voice & realized he was here. Willow and Judah were both in the bathroom with me at that time. Willow immediately panicked. She was standing on her tip toes on top of the toilet seat, reaching to play with the running water in the sink. "Papa.. papa.." she said, trying to get down as quickly as possible. They bolted out of there like the bathroom was on fire.

Sebastian is reading the Scooby Doo phonics set of 12 books that Dad sent him for Christmas. These are working out really well for him! We need to get some more of these sets (other than Scooby Doo, 12 books is plenty, haha).

Judah communicated well again today. Again, repeating a lot of the Elmo movie as he watched it in the van. When we were outside playing his personality sparked, his energy flew and words came out of his mouth (not really comprehensible ones) as quick as he could get them out! This was because a neighbor kid had come over to play, for the first time ever. Willow froze in the garage & watched, eventually walking out to chase Sebastian with Judah. Sebastian was happy & eager to befriend the neighbor kid. Judah was beyond excited, involved & playing the entire time. A few times he approached the neighbor kid closely with a big smile on his face - I was nervous because I didn't know the new kid, I didn't know how he would react. But obviously, the new kid is just a kid!! Kids just want to have fun, they don't care about other stuff. And if this kid turned out to be mean I could just send him home!  :) haha. Very few understandable words went from Judah to the neighbor kid. The neighbor kid caught none of them. I was nervous that Judah would get hurt, he was too excited & on top of that Sebastian had Judah's car attached with an old jump rope to the Krazy Kar he was in control of. Judah was screaming and fearless. I was just waiting for the crash. I was nervous about how to handle the entire situation.. the communication, wanting to make our first neighbor kid visit good, fearing Judah would get made fun of or questioned in front of Sebastian.. things like that. It was really hard, surprisingly hard.

The neighbor kid had initiated his visit by stopping at the top of our driveway, staring for quite a while at Sebastian & Judah. He seemed fascinated with their ride-on toys being connected by a jump rope. His name is Cooper, he's 7. After we unattached the Krazy Kar for Cooper to ride, Sebastian grabbed the jump rope & pulled Judah around in the little red car. As usual, Sebastian was moving at a very fast pace. This made me very nervous. Helmets!! Judah fell on the cement at one point while he was running. The palms of his hands rubbed against the cement as he fell. He was in a lot of pain, it was scary, his palms were fire red. He recovered in 20 minutes. Sebastian approached me after Cooper left & asked me if they could be friends. I told him that they were already friends!! Cooper & Sebastian came inside at one point so they could ask my permission to go to Cooper's house and  Cooper's friend's house. This was a first for me. I had no idea what to say. I took the safe route & gave them the "maybe some other time" and then told Sebastian that Daddy would be home soon as they walked out. As the door closed behind them I was instantly aware that I could have just embarrassed my son to death by saying Daddy. Thankfully that wasn't an issue at all. I should have just said Scott, haha. Sebastian calls everyone by their first name anyway!!

Judah's school speech therapist is coming tomorrow to teach us some Star Program techniques. She said to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to him at home. I don't think we own that...

Judah has a dr apt for his toe tomorrow, it looks kind of bad. We tried to get him in today but there was no one that could see him. We never had that issue at the other clinic.

I used the eye drops my eye doctor prescribed me to help me gain some decent night vision. Less than 20 minutes after taking them my vision started to get fuzzy, then blurry, then worse.. then I couldn't even read the clock on the dashboard!! Thankfully I wasn't driving. Scott & I were on our way to the meeting. I ended up sitting outside the meeting, listening. Being in a room filled with blurry people did not sound remotely comfortable. A friend of mine approached me, I could make her out in the human body blur walking towards me.. after that I was hoping no one else would approach me! Such an uncomfortable way to be and so scary! I looked at my eyes in my compact mirror, my pupils were tiny dots!! I called the on-call eye doctor. He told me, "Yah, I wouldn't use those anymore" and could give me no real clue as to when my vision would clear. He happened to be our old eye doctor, not someone I liked at all. My vision came back when the meeting ended, so total maybe an hour and a half of non-working vision, stress over people approaching/talking to me & paranoia that my sight was about to disappear completely (my biggest fear by the way). I was able to hear pretty much everything sitting outside of the meeting. Scott sat in the room full of blurry people.

Judah took all usual meds, L-carnatine 7.5 mL, vit. d 2000 i.u., fish oil 1 teaspoon, 1 probiotic, eardrops just once today (missed other dose). He drank a BUNCH of the strawberry smoothie I made. It consisted of ice, 3 cups frozen strawberries, a few bananas, 3 cups of baby spinach, 1 1/2 cups of orange juice, honey, 1/4 cup of gluten-free bran,& a 3Tablespoons of dairy free coconut milk yogurt (Willow loves the vanilla). Just the strawberries, banana, orange juice and spinach makes a wonderful smoothie! That is the actual recipe.

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