Wednesday, February 5, 2014


IFSP day.
We brought in our list. Scott hadn't seen close to all of it, which I forgot while we were there. But it was all stuff we had talked about in the 3 prior IFSP meetings. And some of it was just information that they needed to correct.

I asked them for more info on the Star program - which the autism specialist gave me after the meeting. Not long after I requested that info, one of the specialists shared with us the problems she saw with the IFSP. She started talking about how Judah was supposed to show a certain percentage of progress in each sub goal in order to complete the goal. That's where I got lost in the traffic of Star Program knowledge. I made sure the safety info was to be achieved at 100% and Scott asked questions about how the numbers worked - he seemed to come home with a basic understanding of it. We will see how this percentage stuff ends up on the next IFSP draft. Scott seems to think we have no power over the goal rating system, he believes it's policy stuff. But we're a team guys!!

Judah woke up this morning & came to see me in bed. He grabbed my phone and said, "Help me" (2 word phrase). I never hear him say this unless he is in pain (constipated). He's progressing inch by inch lately. He did something I asked too.. gosh I need to be writing this stuff down more often!!

Mom watched Willow & Judah during the IFSP time. She picked up Sebastian at school right after I got home. Sebastian came home with 2 Star Wars books that he had purchased at the book fair. He was so excited. One of them is about planets - it's pretty cool.

Shelley gave me a new potty chart to try with Judah - it's the one they use at school. Supposedly he uses the chart at school, which lets them know when he needs to potty. We need it also for him to let us know the status of his diaper/underwear (wet, dry). There are 6 photos to choose from, it's confusing. But it's what they use at school, so we're trying it. He basically counts the pictures when I hand it to him, or just studies them. He has never really used it for us.

Today is day #2 with no poop. We did a suppository tonight. I absolutely hate doing these interventions. His pediatrician and naturopathic doctor both believe intervening with suppositories & enemas is very necessary. It's killing me though.

Willow plunged her poop down the toilet today. I left her in the bathroom to flush it (I dump her diapers). She likes to stand and look at her poop in the toilet for a while, telling me it looks like certain things.. an apple, a ball.. and telling me , "Mmmm!" because that's what Judah does. She was taking a long time today & I had another kid calling me, so I left her for a minute. When I came back she was pulling our large plunger (almost as tall as her) out of the toilet. She was somehow able to get it done! Our kids are independent for sure!

I barely made it through today, not enough sleep. I tried to nap with Willow but the boys were not having it!!

Judah's pediatrician is prescribing Magnesium in hopes that it will help him sleep. He'll be starting that soon.

Judah took usual meds - L-carnitine, vit. d 2000, 1 tsp fish oil & probiotic. Had 2 doses of Miralax. Was in pain throughout the day, trying hard to poop many times, telling me it was "stuck".

Below are most of the notes that we walked into the IFSP meeting with. Highlighted notes are from the meeting. All of our info here got put into the IFSP. Anne gave me books on how to work with siblings & a dvd that is supposed to explain the Star Program. She is looking for another book for me to borrow & eager to inform me of the next support group meeting.

-          Add music therapy – direct 30 min, 1 time/week (in music studio)

-          Therapists will consult with Judah’s private therapists on a monthly basis, sharing progress notes no more than 10 days after Judah’s classroom session.

-          EYS is marked “no” (supposed to be an explanation below it)

-          Calming strategies to be added – water, pressure, using whistles, blowing bubbles, hugs & being held

-          Judah can be redirected with his favorite toys (trains, cars), his favorite characters (Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Train & Wubbzy), and playing chase.

-          Does not drink from a small open cup at home.

-          Can put pants on independently

-          Can undress completely

-          Social or emotional under “needs to learn” – Interact with other people appropriately.

-          Receptive Communication – Shows signs of interest when hearing own name spoken (not consistently)

-          Expressive Communication – Inconsistently says … Bye, hi, look, wait, & ball. These are all consistent. He also knows train, car, train tracks and more that are also consistent.

-          Non-preferred food to be given with snack every day.

-          Daily checklist in backpack

-          We decided against sensory eval.

-          Parents would like to be notified of the days therapists will be working with Judah.

-          Therapists to do sessions with Judah at consistent times when he is seen (using schedule for this)

-          We would like more info on Star Program being used at school.

-          Request info on how to include siblings – giving them equal attention, teaching them ways to work with, play with and communicate with Judah.


*Highlighted notes are info from the meeting.


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