Saturday, February 1, 2014

Childhood Belongings

I woke to loud knocking on our bedroom door, which translated into a police squad banging on my front door in my dream. Which made sense, because my friend Angela, that I haven't seen in 10 years, was pouring her heart out to me in my dream. She was soon to be arrested for stealing assault rifles & machine guns out of a huge, dark warehouse with her friends.

The weird thing is that I learned later that day (on Facebook) that today is her birthday! ?!? So I posted on her wall, wishing her a happy birthday & telling her that I hoped she wasn't locked up.

Turns out the loud knocking was a 4 year old, wanting desperately to get into his parent's bedroom & hop into bed with his mom before Daddy, who was racing down the hall after him, snatched him up & carried him into the living room, where he would be forced to watch 7am  Saturday cartoons with his older brother because they had both woken up so (enter curse word here) early!!

The doorknob covers are still impossible for Judah, otherwise he would have easily made it into bed with me. Doorknob covers won't stop him for long. He's smart enough to figure them out, he's just not strong enough to conquer them yet.

Scott took Judah to music therapy this morning. Judah hasn't been soaring with progress the past couple of days like he was earlier this week. He seems to be having a setback. At music therapy he was acting really differently than he did at his last session - very physical & also putting things in his mouth & even licking one of her instruments for a while. ??? I sent her a note to get her thoughts on today's session & her thoughts on Judah in general. She connects with him really well & has plenty of experience working with kids on the spectrum. I'm interested to hear what she has to say.

Mom & Dave picked up Willow & Sebastian after Judah left for therapy. They took them to Baja Fresh for lunch. I began to feel a migraine coming on after they left. I was lying down when they returned to pick up Judah. They took the kids for the day, going to Bauman's, playing with the bow & arrow at their house and making brownies. Mom will probably send a summary this way shortly. I know she made a list of words Judah said today.

When the kids returned home they were all bursting with excitement as usual. Since Sebastian is the only one who can verbalize his thoughts clearly, he is the one who gets to tell the stories. Willow & Judah carry the stories too. That's easy to see. I can't even imagine the day when their stories spill out. That will be amazing.

Scott & I went out to dinner at Shari's after I sold a box of clothes for $20. He always wants to spend money directly after I make a sale. It's kind of comical, but really doesn't work in our favor. It was a great dinner - comfort food & connecting through stories of our childhood. One interesting conversation we had was about childhood belongings. We wondered if everyone stumbles upon a place in their life when they realize that their childhood belongings & treasures have vanished. It feels traumatic & confusing, but as an adult it's pretty understandable. It was probably just too much crap for your parents to lug around, so unless you take it all with you when you move out (which you won't because who wants to carry all of that crap around?!) then it will undoubtedly disappear at some point. Maybe slowly, over time, your parents dispersing into donation boxes & sneaking it into yard sales. Or maybe quickly, right after you move out when they remodel your room into a gym area and act like they hadn't been planning that for years. Or perhaps your room becomes the "guest room" with fancy new pillows & a bowl of mints on the nightstand. The line.. "I remember when I discovered that my childhood belongings disappeared.. " is probably used more commonly then we know.

Judah took usual meds & 1 dose of miralax. No bowel movements, dry diaper all day.

Gramma notes from today:

Judah said, "Gramma," then rolled up his empty bag of chips and brought it to me. Said, "trash."

Sebastian came out of the bathroom at Baumans and Judah looked up and affirmed, "potty."

Willow wanted "Bamba" to keep her coat zipped up. She was taking good care of me. Said, "goats, sheep, quack." She recognized where we were going about 2/3 there and said to Sebastian confidently, "sheep!" Going to see the sheep.

Judah opened the back door and stuck his head inside where I was getting dinner ready. Said, "you," "me" and something like "put back." Papa and Sebastian were putting the grill back into place after the wind blew it around last night.

"Watch Bob" and we did.

At least three times pottied and had dry diaper all day.

Gramma let me know that he communicated that he needed to potty every time by verbalizing or holding his belly.

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