Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Sign a Non-Existant IFSP

We meet with our naturopathic doctor again in one month. This wait will be long for me, and hard. I'm still looking at cholesterol stories & comparing numbers.

Judah did great at speech therapy! He was speaking fairly clearly.. I heard "purple" and "airplane" spoken well. Usually it's just "plane". He was matching colors well (he's known how to do this for some time). He would say each color after she said it. He started his day imitating what others were saying. His teacher said, "Fabulous!" and Judah imitated "Fabulous!"

Rain & wind came at us hard today. The kids were excited about watching the stormy weather as we rode along in the van. We saw many trash cans on their side (Sebastian & I were trying to spot as many as we could) & even a fallen tree!

Sebastian told me a great story about his teacher stepping on a toy car, rolling away and landing in a container, breaking it. When the aide asked her if she was okay she said, "I'm TOTALLY okay!!" hahahaaa, which sounds just like her. She uses the word "absolutely" a lot too. Sebastian said none of the kids laughed. I was almost in tears listening to this story! Bad example Molly, bad example.

This morning I moved the cupcakes from the top of the toaster to the opposite counter, leaving them too close to the edge (never a good idea). I turned my back to start the toaster & suddenly heard a big splat and a little girl saying, "ooohhh sorry." Icing doesn't just wipe up, it takes quite a few paper towels! As I'm starting to clean up this mess Willow grabs an upside down cupcake from the floor and walks away, sticking her finger in the icing & licking it (as she always does with cupcakes). I had to take it from her. I felt so badly that half of the cupcakes they had made at Gramma's were now in the trash. I handed Willow the lid & let her have the icing that was on it. Sebastian, of course, quickly befriended her & shared in the pink icing. It wasn't a lot and Scott wasn't happy when Sebastian told him I had fed them icing first thing this morning. Again, bad example Molly, bad example.

We skyped Gramma for a while this afternoon. She has a view of the ocean from her vintage looking balcony. Sebastian asked her, "Are those San Diego trees?" when he saw the palm trees in the distance, haha. Pretty much!

Judah was back to being playful, energetic & talking more again! Thank goodness, some stress lifted from my mind. However, he went back to being quiet after Daddy treated his toe this evening. So I'm thinking the quiet, untypical behavior may be a result of something being wrong - which is how most people are, so it makes sense. Today was good though. I think the excitement of the crappy weather really cheered them all up! Willow was dancing, jumping & playing in the rain when we got home from school. It was hard to get her inside!! She was a wet dog.. because she always pretends to be a dog.. thankfully she didn't smell like one.

I asked Judah's teacher about signing the IFSP this morning. I had emailed the entire team in response to the notice of action document and IFSP document that she had emailed to all of us. In my email I asked how to go about signing the IFSP, but forgot to use the word IFSP. She wrote back (to everyone) saying the notice was already signed. I wrote again, just to her this time, telling her I was asking about the IFSP, not the notice of action. She never responded. I asked her about it this morning at drop-off. She told me that we had already signed the IFSP.. ?!?! I asked her how we could have signed it if it hadn't even been written yet! The current IFSP didn't even exist the last time we signed anything for them! She said the paper we signed at the meeting would be the signature paper for the IFSP (which was written days after the meeting). This was never spoken or made clear to us at the meeting. Man, the ONE time we didn't record a meeting! Anyway, luckily we are fine with the IFSP. She did a great job on it. But it was very unnerving to find out that we had unknowingly signed an IFSP approval (an EXTREMELY important paper), especially given that we did this in front of our "team", after we had been told (by our team) that this paper was something that did not sound at all like an IFSP approval. Scott was beyond irritated too. We thought they were emailing the IFSP so we could look over it & then sign it if we were okay with it... which is what should have been happening.

Judah was in pain throughout the day, it got much worse this evening. He finally pooped in his diaper around dinner time, it was small, which is unusual for him, especially given how much he was trying to go! He took all of the usual supplements - L-carnatine 7.5 mL, one probiotic, vitamin d 2000 i.u., two folinic acid w/b-12 & fish oil. He also had his ear drops twice & we cleaned his ingrown toenail twice, putting on Neosporin and a Band-Aid when we were done. This toe issue was noticed last night. This morning it was red & beginning to drain. He screams when we clean it but walks as if it doesn't hurt. He has been telling me once or twice a day that his ear hurts (the infected one). I'm surprised since we have been giving him ear drops.

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