Saturday, February 15, 2014

Willow's First Haircut!

The lady who gives haircuts to Mom, Dave & Sebastian stopped by this morning to chop off many Judah curls & give Willow her first haircut. Her first haircut was a kitchen haircut. :) Judah did incredibly well. Towards the end he got antsy but she was able to give him a full haircut! Willow was still, holding her half eaten box of raisins & looking very serious. She had absolutely no problem with a stranger holding scissors to her head for the first time (I hope). She looks like a new little girl with her soft chin length hair, even all around with random curls & waves near the bottom. No bangs, just like her mommy.

Judah's music therapy was a little different today. Angie videotaped the session. The grandma to one of the kids Angie sees was there to help out today. She was modeling what I could do with Judah during the session. She was holding him most of the session. It was pretty fun. Judah was saying new words, repeating what he heard & choosing his own. He hit the drum exactly at the right second to stop, every time. During that same moment he shouted "Stop!" with everyone else. He loves the "Three Green & Speckled Frogs" song. He loves the drums too. Angie read a book called "Peanut Butter & Jelly". This book turned out to be a song that I used to sing as a kid! I had completely forgotten about that song! We used sticks to do the Peanut Butter & Jelly part - he picked up on that pretty well. We need to get him that book, he loved it!

During part of the session Judah suddenly de-energized. I thought maybe he was just bored with Old McDonald, but he may have been having tummy pain. As soon as we got home it was evident by his random moaning that his stomach hurt. Most of the session he was super energetic, mainly focused & interacting a lot of the time. I'm excited to see the video. When Liz (the grandma) walked in, Judah ran up & gave her a big hug! As if he'd known her for years! haha. In reality he had only met her once, at a group session months ago & wouldn't know her if he passed her on the street. He was beyond comfortable with her squeezing & holding him throughout the session. And she was able to keep him contained for the most part, which is very difficult for me to accomplish.

We'll practice the video at home. Hopefully that reinforcement will bring even more benefit & progress to his sessions. Angie said it should be up by tomorrow. If so I will send you all a link (or post in here).

We came home - Judah didn't eat much. Mom & Dave came over (they had picked up Willow & Bash earlier) and swooped Judah away for the rest of their adventure. Baja Fresh, the mall (Willow got new Dora shoes! Bash got new coins!) and home for some Valentine's Day fun. They came home with pink cupcakes. :)

Scott & I went to see the Hunger Games part two. Woody Harrelson is still a drunk, but the victors look up to him for some unknown reason. He suddenly becomes seemingly sober & useful near the end. He even begins to care about others & his brain kicks on! The lady with the big hair & awkward dresses also begins to care about others, even shedding tears. Pita (the winner who was a previous baker - named after pita bread??) is suddenly a heartthrob to fans, his dorkiness has miraculously vanished and a serious, tough guy appears. Katness still doesn't smile, but she does stop hanging out in trees all of the time. She climbs to the top of a very large tree with ease at one point in the movie. None of the other players seem even slightly surprised by her sudden ability to scale the towering landscape. She is extremely bothered by her little sister giving an injection, spontaneously requests to marry someone she doesn't like & believes running off into the forest with her boyfriend will save them but only considers it once throughout the entire movie. She requests to become allies with a non-verbal old lady who's skill is making fish hooks over a very long amount of time. Given all this nonsense, she still can't even bear a smile. The ending is awful - basically a "let's wrap this sh** up" ending. It was a long movie with not enough forest time & too many things that made no sense.. the entire point of the movie made no sense. I recommend it if you have thrown out your back & can't reach the remote and it begins to play on your television.. and you aren't able to go back to sleep.

Judah supplements - Today he took all of the usual plus one dose of Miralax. The usual being fish oil, 2 doses of folinic acid, a probiotic, vitamin D 2000 and 7.5 mL L-carnatine. We did his eardrops twice Oflaxin OTC 0.3%. We also did the Debrox (earwax removal) twice. He had a large bowel movement (in diaper) at Gramma & Papa's. He kept a dry diaper over there & pottied for them.

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