Friday, June 27, 2014

Aye! Aye!

Hi! Short entry.

T was here half the day. When she told the kids she had to go home they were sad. "Really??" Sebastian said. The kids all stood in the driveway waving & yelling, "Bye!!!" as she drove away. In the beginning, I wasn't worried about Judah getting attached to the person we were going to hire. This subject had come up because we were looking at college students for the job. They have crazy hours & could possibly come & go on a job. But I didn't think he would become hugely emotionally attached to a person coming in to help him, and definitely not this quickly!! Honestly I think right now Judah's siblings are the most attached to T. But he is definitely getting there. I wasn't even out of the bathroom when she got here this morning - I make it to the kitchen & she has got the dishes stacked nicely in the sink & a pot of coffee going. She usually makes a cup of coffee for herself & one for me when she is here. She's a sweet woman.. and very interesting, intelligent, and seems to have lived a pretty exhilarating life thus far. Very inspiring.

Willow is just blowing sentences out of her mouth that are so funny & sooo creative! Honestly most of the time I have no idea where her thoughts have originated. Willow too is very interesting, intelligent, sweet and definitely inspiring! Today I told her that we were going to go to her room to get her shoes. She looks up at me and says, "Aye! Aye! Captain Molly!" While I was on the phone this morning she started dancing around in her shirt that moved like a dress singing, "Molly's house.. Molly's house!"

Judah sat with me & watched part of a video of one of his past music therapy sessions. He was smiling, touching people on the screen, & saying "Mommy" when he looked at me on the screen. When I pointed him out in the video and said, "Judah", he looked puzzled. I don't think he knew that was him! He's really been checking himself out a lot in the mirror lately. We looked at old photos together today - he was much more interested than usual. I have no idea what he is thinking. While we were watching the video I asked him if he liked it and he said, "I like it."

Today was awesome for Judah - speech wise. I heard him repeating a LOT of what T said as they played trains. Most of the words he repeated today were brand new, some were very clear. I heard phrases, as well as appropriate replies & requests. He is often pointing out things he sees now & sharing them with us.. my stack of ribbons looked similar to an Angry Birds scene. He told me "Angry Birds!!" and then punched over all of my ribbon (repeatedly, sigh). If he catches something small in view and wants you to see it, he will say what it is and show you in some way. He was able to hang out with T for probably an hour while I was out of the room today. Hopefully clinging to Mom is wearing off some.

Judah & Willow have been fighting - hitting one another. Willow & Sebastian have been fighting - verbally. Ugh!! Tonight poor Sebastian was very upset & screaming at the top of his lungs because he didn't get to lay down with Willow & I before he went to bed. After hitting me he was still going to be allowed to. After hitting Daddy.. we just couldn't let him. He was hitting other things too - mainly the walls I think. I heard him punch our door as I tried to get Willow to sleep in my bed. It made me really sad. He was overwhelmed & frustrated.. which grew into being upset & acting out.. and didn't seem like he could control himself after that.. then hitting and then something taken away that he really wanted. Scott handled it all really well. I don't know what we could have done differently. Sebastian is a very sweet, mindful little guy who gets sucked up in this tornado sometimes.. where he can't separate things out, relax and doesn't know what he should or shouldn't do. And of course "growing up" is blended into that as well.

Sebastian & I did his "Tea" mailbox card. Apparently tea is ridiculously healthy for you! It helps to ward off more danger than a knight in shining armor! After learning about tea (and talking about Gramma a lot), we attempted to make "tea Play-Doh". What a disaster that recipe was! The end result was definitely not Play-Doh. I'm pretty sure we created beach sand, with a very rich smell of spicy chai tea. I skimmed a different Play-Doh recipe online & added a bit of their ideas - no measuring of course. Heating our concoction in a pan seemed to do something magical. I just kept adding, Sebastian kept kneading & eventually we called it finished! He got out all of his Play-doh tools & toys & we sat on the front porch.. making a mess. ;) Willow & Judah came out when I opened the door to head back in for the Play-Doh ice cream machine. They saw the Play-Doh delight. Willow jumped right in with big eyes. Judah said, "Yeah!" and immediately started opening Play-Doh containers. Of course later he brought out a train to play out action sequences - incorporating Play-Doh as a large boulder that the train would run over & squish. He tried to form Play-Doh balls on his own - rolling the Play-Doh in between his hands. This usually resulted in a Play-Doh string rather than a ball. I showed him how to roll a ball & he kept practicing - never once becoming frustrated!! Everyone had a pretty fun time. It was a pretty cool mess & a pretty sweet memory.

Oh! Sebastian lost another tooth last night (the one that's always moving in a different direction - it's been loose for quite a while). He put a pillow near his face, getting ready to throw it at Daddy. His tooth hit the pillow & fell out! Like the last tooth, it was never to be found. The last one is in the backyard somewhere. Also like the last tooth, he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing when it came out. He was jumping off of the picnic table after just being told not to when he lost the last tooth. Sebastian's 2 front teeth are now spaces (as well as laying around here somewhere). He looks so cute!!

Judah meds.
  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid &Methyl b-12 3 capsules in morning
  • Probiotic 1 daily in morning
  • Bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU one daily(morning)
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS  just 1
  • Miralax 1-2 times day - 1 times
  • Oxy-Mag Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day 
  • his b-12/folinic shot
  • WP Minerals 1/day
  • Beta TCP 1-4 daily - 1 times
  • Levocarnitin 10% 1 Tablespoon 15MLS every morning
  • Organic coconut butter 1-3 tsp/day  - 1 tsp
Meds not complete
 Meds didn't take
  • Powder B-6 1/2 tsp (fridge mix) every 3-5 days
  • skin rash med x 2
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS  missed 1
  • Molasses 1 tsp in almon milk
  • Iron up 1 tsp/day
  • Fish Oil 
  • Miralax 1-2 times day
  • Oxy-Mag Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day
Meds we don't have
  • Sleep factor
  • Creon (pancrilipase

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