Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Best Way To Water The Garden

Judah looked into his almost empty bowl of baby food & said, "Mommy! Pig!" He was showing me that what was left of his food was in the shape of a pig! He thought that was great. Then he showed me his ouchie. I showed him mine as well. Mine was pretty gross though. He saw mine & said, "Ouchie.." and as I'm walking away I hear him say to himself, "Yuck." hahaa. I turned around to look at him. He saw me & smiled, realizing that I had just heard him. ;)

Sebastian watered the garden in the early evening. Sebastian can't do things like most people though, he has to spice them up, get creative & have fun! He doesn't care what other people think & kids ALWAYS enjoy partaking in his creative devices & ideas. We got the sprinkler set up in the garden. He decided he wanted to sit & watch it (and get showered). He said he would need something for shelter - I gave him an umbrella. So he sat beside the garden in his camping chair, that we've never actually used for camping, with a big black umbrella covering him. That didn't last long. Soon the umbrella was upside-down and being used to catch water falling from above. Judah & Willow soon joined in - they were very curious as to why I kept going outside. They were barefoot. Willow had on a shirt & a diaper. Later she put on her Dora helmet because Sebastian had his bike helmet on. He was on his bike riding through the falling water & puddles of mud at that point. And Judah was relaxing in the camping chair, all you could see were his legs. The umbrella covered the rest of him and most of the chair. Willow laid on her back in the grass, being showered by the sprinkler & giggling.

Baths immediately followed. Judah had a meltdown in the bathroom - he wanted to play trains, not take a bath! Willow & Sebastian wouldn't exit the bathroom & were being really loud. I think I had a nervous breakdown.

Judah's language & awareness was off the charts today! We didn't do his shot last night. I wonder sometimes how much effect B-12 has on his progression. But it's likely helping with physical aspects - and if you feel better you do better. If your body is working better, you are functioning better.

Judah did very well at speech- repeating most of what Melinda said. They did associations - cat goes with milk, tree goes with grass, etc. First she asked him to match each one with it's associated item. They went through them one by one. He knew none of them. Then she showed him. After they had gone through all of the pictures probably twice, he was able to match nearly all of them on his own!! Some of these were associations that Sebastian wouldn't even know. I'm sure much of it was memory for him, rather than actually processing how they went together. But who knows!!!

I was completely taken back when he started repeating words she said CLEARLY. There were 3 or 4 in a row, words he never says.. he repeated them, enunciating extremely well, one after the other. It was so weird!! It was also a moment of me inhaling every molecule of air in the room as my jaw dropped to the floor. I wanted to start video taping , but the whole session had been pretty interrupted. Judah had wanted me in the room from the beginning. Willow was soon sitting at the table with him, quietly playing with the therapy toys & showing them to her doggy. She would gaze at Judah & Melinda often, in awe of what was happening, since we never get to watch his therapy (we always listen from the waiting area). Sebastian sat at the doorway with me. We colored. So I was trying to be as quiet & as invisible as possible, but present enough for Judah to feel confident that I was there, lessening the number of times he would turn around & check. Video taping his amazing progress was definitely not an option - he hates being taped or photographed. Through some of it Melinda sat behind him & held onto him - this was when Judah wanted to keep looking at me or come to me. I was starting to get uncomfortable with that. Nearing the end I sat at the table with them. Judah smiled & went right to work. Obviously I should have done that from the get-go, I was just apprehensive about what Melinda would think/do & what Sebastian would do. He refused to leave my side.

Sebastian & I looked at the Starry Night painting in my bedroom tonight. I told him some about Vincent Van Gogh. He mixed in some of those ideas with things in his life. He told me that he always wanted his own world. It would be all kids. But there would be 10 year olds, because they could run the stores. And there would be kids as big as me that could have babies, but he would kill the babies when they were born. Then the babies would take the Mommy's place when the Mommy died. ?!? I wonder if any of that is associated with how he treats Willow sometimes, just picking on her so much & blaming everything on her.

I swear I didn't sit down & relax until Scott got home today. Unfortunately this isn't rare. We have got to find another person to hire "for Judah".. & for Mommy's sanity & a better life for all of us, but of course Judah would get the help he needs as well.

When we got home from speech & errands we stopped at the house. Sebastian ran in, went pee & came back out to get his bike. The rest of us waited in the van. He took off for the mailbox. I drove after him, close enough to be racing, but far enough away for him to win. He checked the mail. Usually he runs home & I race him driving the van. Today he rode to the end of the street. I followed. Then we raced home. Oh my goodness he can ride fast!!!

I taught Judah the difference between an ambulance & a fire truck. An ambulance raced by & he said, "fire truck!" I told him repeatedly, "ambulance". He tried to say ambulance a few times. When we went by the fire station I told him, "Those are fire trucks Judah!" He looked at them & smiled.

Judah meds.
  • Probiotic 1 daily in morning
  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid &Methyl b-12 3 capsules in morning
  • Bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU one daily(morning)
  • Miralax 1-2 times day - 2 times
  • Oxy-Mag Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day
  • his b-12/folinic shot
  • Bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day
  • WP Minerals 1/day
  • Fish Oil 
  • Beta TCP 1-4 daily - 2 times
  • Molasses 1 tsp in almon milk
Meds not complete
  • Levocarnitin 10% 1 Tablespoon 15MLS every morning
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS 2/day - 1 1/2

    Meds didn't take
    • Powder B-6 1/2 tsp (fridge mix) every 3-5 days
    • Iron up 1 tsp/day
    • Organic coconut butter 1-3 tsp/day  - 1 tsp
    Meds we don't have
  • Sleep factor
  • Creon (pancrilipase


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