Sunday, June 1, 2014

Consequences Shmonsequences

I was sitting at the computer when Judah walked out of the playroom. We hadn't seen one another yet today. He saw me & yelled, "Mommy!!" (which he always does now when he sees me) and followed that with, "What are you doing?" To which I replied much too enthusiastically, "I'm on the computer Judah! What are YOU doing!" He smiled & we snuggled. He is always so sweetly happy when others understand his less familiar verbalization.

Sebastian hit Daddy with a wooden tie rack this afternoon. This was very serious as the tie rack is over a foot long with metal hooks on it. Scott covered his face with his hand just in time to stop it from hitting his face. I know Sebastian didn't understand how dangerous his actions were. It doesn't matter how many times we explain to him that hitting is very dangerous & painful, that's not stopping the behavior by any means. He's six, so we can't expect him to completely "get it", but it's just not safe. That's why it's so desperately important for us to find the root of the problem, to make certain he is getting good one-on-one time & praise him no matter how small the feat. As for consequences to his actions, that seems to go nowhere fast. His consequences have been about as effective as time-out. It's not just the consequences that are a huge challenge for us - it's getting him to STOP in the middle of all this!

I had to run an errand this evening. All was calm when I left. I had only been gone for 30 minutes when I received a text from Scott, followed immediately by a phone call from Scott. He needed me home. I could hear the chaos swarming in the background. Stuff like that never used to happen.

When I arrived home I was greeted by Judah, "Mommy!!! Caillou!" and he took my hand and pulled me to the television to see Caillou. It was either Caillou or how are you - they both sound very similar coming from him. Either way, both were appropriate & both are awesome!

I let Sebastian know that I will be talking to his teacher about how he is doing there. I'm curious if anything has changed on her end.

Sebastian was told last night that he would have to clean the playroom today. Today the living room got added to his list of cleaning. Scott & the other 2 kids went to the store while I stayed behind with Sebastian as he started his cleaning. He was terribly distracted the entire time, playing and not cleaning the majority of the time, although he did clean some. His dresser got added to his cleaning list while he was cleaning!! At one point during the "cleaning", after I had just told him that he needed to stop playing & start cleaning, he gave me ideas of consequences I could give him.. all things that he would not enjoy. ??? It just doesn't make any sense!!!

When miss Willow leaves the house, to go ANYWHERE, even just to go play in the yard, she has to be decorated, or at least have something in hand. Always, always something in hand. Gramma came over to take her one day. Willow had nothing in hand as she walked to Gramma's car. When she realized this she grabbed the wagon that was sitting outside the garage & took it with her!

Judah calls his Percy train, "P train". He also calls people "man" sometimes. I think he got that one from the Fillmore character on Cars. He's got some coolness to his personality for sure. ;)

Today in the van I said, "Judah, do you want French fries?" He looked up at me and said, "French fries!" Those are always "chips" to him. That was interesting.

The night time chaos was very loud & swirling like a tornado in our house. Judah was standing in the middle of it. From over 5 feet away I said, "Judah". He turned around and looked right at me.

Sebastian saved the kid's microphone from getting thrown out this evening. Apparently Judah had been paying attention to him from across the room. When Sebastian walked by with the microphone, Judah came up to him and said, "thanks". Then he gave Sebastian a big hug. Judah pulled Sebastian to the couch & jumped on him immediately after that. He wanted to play with his brother, and was likely celebrating the microphone rescue as well. ;)

Judah was in underwear for parts of the day. He had no accidents. He made it to the bathroom after I cued him when I saw him doing the "potty dance". I should have given him a chance to make it there on his own with no cues. It's just so hard to do! As a mom, it's very hard not to intervene when you see your kid at a point where he could be unsuccessful.

Sebastian graduates next week! We've got to get his birthday pre-invites out this week. These are to let parents know I need their emails, so we can send invites when the party rolls around this summer!

Anybody have tips on keeping stainless steel clean when you have 3 kids?? I saw online, on many different websites, that baby oil is supposed to work. But for how long? Any other great tips???

Scott made a big smoothie for Judah today. We were able to get molasses, beta, his multivitamin and coconut butter into him through this! He drank it all!

Sebastian was very sad over getting into trouble tonight. He had been throwing things at Daddy once again, taunting him. Sebastian asked me for a massage. I gave him the massage, he was better after that, went right to bed & never got up. This is so hard! He's begging me for ideas on things to do inside, since he won't be allowed to play outside tomorrow (i think that consequence needs to be omitted from the list & replaced with something that's more of a learning experience). I love creating fun indoor activities for kids, no problem there!


  • Probiotic (currently Lichi Super Fruit, Super Probiotic)

       1 caplet every morning

  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU

One daily (every morning)

  •    Levocarnitin 10% (L-Carnitine 1g/10mL)
            1 Tablespoon (15 MLS) every morning

  • Beta TCP

1-4 daily (for constipation)

  • 1 teaspoon Black Strap Molasses in almond milk


  •  Organic coconut butter

1-3 teaspoons daily

Creon (Pancrilipase)

  • WP Minerals

       1 tablet daily


Bethanechol 25 mg
   ½ tablet twice a day

DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech (generic for Docusate Sod 100MG/10ML)

     2 MLS by mouth twice a day



  • Sleep Factors                                    

      1-2 pills nightly (took 2)


  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid & Methyl B-12 (Kirkman brand)

       3 capsules every morning

  • Miralax

1-2 times a day (had once today)


  • Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion  (Generic for Cleocin-T)

Apply a thin amount to affected area twice daily for two weeks. Then apply twice weekly as needed.

  Didn't complete all doses: (none)


Meds not completed:

  •  Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Nordic Naturals)                                                    

          380 EPA/510 DHA                                                                          

          8 Fluid Ounces/237 mL                                                                               

          1 teaspoon daily
  • Powder B-6

Mix 1 teaspoon powder B-6 with 5 oz. water. Give ½ teaspoon from this mixture every 3-5 days. (Scott unaware it was in fridge)

  • IronUp 
                  1 teaspoon daily  

Oxy-Mag powder

     ½ teaspoon once a day
Methylcobalamin Injection 20 mg/ML (b12)
      .05 ML daily (every night)

Administer B-12 daily for a week (May 30, 2014 is 3rd day.) Then add folinic acid .05ml to each shot.

Done with eardrops - Neo/Poly/Hc Otic  (Generic for Cortisporin Otic)

Instill 4 drops into affected ear 3 times daily for 7 days


As needed:

Child enema (after more than 24 hours no bowel movement)

Suppository – We usually go straight to enema.

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