Monday, June 23, 2014

Chasing Bees At The Park

"The problem is that soggy cereal. I think some of it landed on my heart."
Sebastian has had tummy aches off & on all day today. He started the day with a bowl full of Rice Chex crumbles. He happily accepted the bottom of the cereal bag as his breakfast. A few bites in & he wasn't feeling so hot. He's convinced it was the soggy cereal that landed on his heart.

Scott laid a towel on Sebastian's bed for him to sleep on top of. He handed him a bowl to keep beside him as well. Then he told him, "Try and make it to the bucket. Goodnight." and left the room.

Sebastian had his Nicolas play date today. They had a lot in common. They both like to pick up random nature (leaves, flowers, etc.) and take them home to keep. They are both fast runners & born just a couple weeks apart (Nic is the older). They made a really pretty pretend fire (pic below) & picked some gorgeous flowers in the park (totally not supposed to do that, haha).

Gramma brought food for all to the play date. Willow stole my Diet 7-up, half full, and finished it off. She enjoyed rolling around in the bark dust & swinging while Gramma pushed her.
Judah followed the other 2 boys a lot, racing after them with no chance at all of catching up. He repeated probably half of what they said as well as talking on his own. They all played well together. Judah interacted with them very calmly. He would involve himself whenever possible if he was with them. And they were totally just kids having fun. I was basically hanging out with them just to make sure Judah didn't follow them off a cliff or something - Nic & Bash were like rockets flying through the park!

Every time Judah saw a chipmunk at the park he would say, "Bee!" and usually chase after it. He spotted them quick too! He pointed out trees & said "tree". The trees really intrigued him because they were so big & tall. He stood, looking straight up to see how big the tree was, with his mouth wide open & his balance coming & going. 
Judah told Gramma, "Wait!!" as she was walking away from him. He was also not feeling so great (holding in what needed to come out!), but he pressed on, playing as hard as he could. He did poop the minute we got home - racing to get through the door to his pooping grounds, the play room.
Judah, Willow & I walked down one of the paved roads that runs through the park, searching for Gramma. Willow & Judah got pretty far ahead of me. When I told Judah two different times to change direction because Gramma was not the way he was going, he went the direction I asked him to & understood that we were heading towards Gramma. An older man walking his dog was headed in our direction while I  was yelling for them to wait up. He snapped at them as he was walking by, "Listen to your mom! You need to stop!" Judah just kept strolling along - he didn't even seem to notice. When the guy walked passed me he said, "They just don't pay attention! They don't listen!" I told him, "They like to run!" and laughed.
We saw lots of people with dogs while we walked that path. Willow approached two of the dogs. She didn't pet either when the owners offered to let her. She just got really close to them. She acted like she was going to kiss one of the dogs on the mouth, but she didn't follow through. Judah watched as baby sister put her face closer & closer to the dog's mouth. He was getting nervous. Finally he pulled her arm towards him and said, "Baby!!" That's what he calls her. He wanted to get her away from the dog!
I played one-on-one with Judah at the park a lot. When we were climbing a hill he suddenly stopped. Then he started to walk backwards, smiling and saying, "Wooaaah!" That was pretty fun. He did some other creative things like that while we were there. While we were eating, he was sucking down a juice box. The juice ran out, so he flipped his straw over, stuck the opposite side in (which was an "L" shape) and was instantly able to get more juice. Smart. He requested juice later - and helped me dig through all of Gramma's coolers. He rolled his piece of chicken into a ball and said, "Ball! Catch!" Gramma held out a bag for him to throw it away in, right as he was about to take a bite of his ball, haha. He decided to throw it away instead. He's just started doing the, "Catch!" followed by throwing something at me, always at me. I was just waiting for the chicken ball to fly across the table, aimed directly at me. He did spit water out of his mouth directly at me later though. Of course he waited to do this until I was right in front of him.
Judah said "Park!" very clearly when Daddy asked him about the park tonight. He came up to me and told me "shoes", wanting me to help him take his shoes off. I did a very minimal amount and he did the rest. I was getting his dinner ready, trying to sneak some vitamins into his food. He came up & stood next to me, so I had to move on to doing something else. (He's becoming increasingly suspicious about his foods & smoothies, studying them a bit before he eats/drinks them.) He patiently waited for his food & then he finally just grabbed his bowl off of the counter. He looked up at me very sweetly and said, "Thank you." He seemed unsure if he should be doing this.. so he hesitated a minute and then said, "Bye." and walked away, haha.
I went to the eye doctor today. The doctor is going to dilute the eye drops I tried months ago. Those eye drops were a disaster! He was pretty clear that I wasn't going to try them again - especially after the crying. I had called their office numerous times over the past 6 months, sharing with them the terrifying experience I had gone through due to using their eye drops. I had been hoping for an answer to this problem - there had to be something else I could try, something else that would help! I was told every time I called that I just needed to try the eye drops again & that there was no other option. I finally just decided to make an appointment & talk to the doctor who did my Lasik, face to face, which was today. And miraculously some headway was made, I hope! Suddenly another option appeared - when supposedly he was the one who had been informing staff to tell me there was "no other option"! I need to be able to drive in the dark! The lights glare out at me like spotlights. Supposedly after you use these drops for a while your night vision can become good on it's own, but there's no guarantee of course.
I think I may have captured a fun picture of the kids playing on the couch tonight - with all of them smiling & looking at the camera.  ?!?! Sebastian always jumps off the arm of the couch, diving straight into the couch. Tonight Willow followed his lead. She had never done this before! Judah has done it before - he fell backwards off the couch doing it one time tonight! Then got right back up to jump off again!


Judah went to the dentist. Scott had to basically restrain him (that's why he went in, not me). The dentist says Judah's chipped tooth is fine. He says there is no need to mess with it unless it becomes painful or anything along those lines. It's a baby tooth.. it will fall out eventually anyway. He did offer us the option of a crown to make Judah's tooth appear less chipped. Which was basically offering us an opportunity to throw a good chunk of money to the wind. No thanks. Besides, with our luck Judah would lose that lovely crowned tooth in under a week.

I asked Judah what he wanted to watch on television and surprisingly he said "Nemo!!" He's never requested that. We recently recorded it on DVR. He really enjoyed watching it today! We had been talking about that movie at the picnic table while eating lunch today. Judah was there - not conversing - but perhaps taking it in?
I told Judah he could use my phone but had forgotten I had promised Sebastian a turn. Judah waited patiently for his turn while I put away dishes. Sebastian came in & asked for the phone - I gave it to him. Judah had clearly understood all of this. He approached Sebastian & tried to get the phone & looked at me like, "What is going on?" I gave Judah my laptop to use, which seemed to fix the situation. But it was just a solid reminder that he is completely aware & listening at all times (just like Bash & Willow). The Nemo thing was another event that pushed that reminder into my brain as well!

Bash was up at 630 this morning. I know this because I was sleeping on the couch with Willow. I opened my eyes to see this tall kid climbing into our broken lazy-boy with our TV remote in hand. My first thought was honestly, "Who is this guy??" My kids are growing up overnight! Look at these photos!!
Sebastian was very good this evening. Obviously this was because he didn't feel good, but perhaps he will remember that tonight was much more enjoyable than the crazy nights? We can hope. Daddy brushed his teeth for him tonight. Apparently Daddy only gave his teeth one round of brushing. Sebastian told him, "Mommy says you have to do it 3 times." hahaa. Then Sebastian came to see me & said, "Daddy only brushed my teeth one time, not three. I feel like my teeth aren't very clean." He was very calm & just basically informing me. Then he was off to bed. We typically don't brush his teeth but he was really feeling bad tonight.

Judah was singing the theme to Thomas the Train as it played on my laptop. He hit quite a few words right on & definitely kept up with the song. I've heard him say many lines from television right on the mark as they say it (shows he has seen before). He says these words & phrases pretty clearly too!

b-12 shot NOT given
 b-6 given
Creon (pancrilipase)

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