Friday, June 6, 2014

The Nose Jar

Every once in a while I get to sleep in a bit later on a school day. Today was one of those days - since Gramma was volunteering in Sebastian's classroom, she picked up Sebastian for school & brought him back.

Not long after that Boone & Pa Rock arrived! They had gotten up at 6am this morning to begin their journey here! They said the drive along the Columbia river this morning was gorgeous. Boone listed off some other awesome things they had seen, like Mt. Rushmore & the Bad Lands. He also told us about their experience at the Bahamas years ago. I'd never heard anyone describe the Bahamas quite like he did. It was a very realistic view. He's such a smart & interesting kid. Well, not really a kid, more like a handsome teenager who towers over me now!!

I ran an errand and came back to find that Boone had run off with Gramma to the beach! They had lunch & then drove to the coast, stopping at a couple of tourist towns along the way.

Judah was mostly in his own world today. Although he jumped up 1000 notches when Boone & Pa Rock arrived, jumping all over the place, slamming himself into everything. He was still talking well, but he didn't get the opportunity to do that a lot today - a lot of commotion. When I talked with him one-on-one he was still at a pretty amazing level. He said, "Good morning to you!" to Pa Rock not long after they had arrived. He said another incredible sentence later in the day (can't remember it) - and some surprising words, along with much repeating of everyone else's words. He walked down the path from the top of the garden to the gate & then back up (mostly backwards) quite a few times. Willow & Sebastian were oddly concerned with him walking down to the gate. They followed him & tried to get him back to the front yard (which was simple). They did this quite a few times. Pa Rock & the kids played in the yard. Willow played ball with him for a long time. Judah sat down with him on the grass. Sebastian zoomed by on his bicycle every 2 seconds.

Judah threw his ball down the street, very intentionally. I ran and almost got close enough to get it.. but it was going much faster than me! And down Glen Creek it went, making a right onto the first street & rolling down the entire length of that downward street, landing at the very bottom in someones yard. Scott hopped in the car & went looking for it. He came home & said he'd had no luck. He went again & found it. He said that he had to walk through someones yard to retrieve it. We've been on that ball journey once before. I had hoped they had forgotten - but Judah had not.

Pa Rock & Boone are across town at their motel now. Apparently a lot of hotels & motels are booked right now - we're guessing graduation is causing that.

Sebastian has been out of control at home pretty much all day. I tried to keep him redirected & focused on other things- which worked for a short while, but was interrupted with spurts of crazy many times throughout. We created a "nose jar". When he got home from school, the word "poop" was coming out of his mouth every 5 seconds. He has been saying that a lot lately, but today was the worst. I told him to come up with another word & each time he felt the need to say "poop" he could say the new word instead. He chose the word 'nose'. I had him write "The Nose Jar" on his jar. He also drew noses. Every time he said, "poop" after that, he had to take a coin from his money jar & put it in The Nose Jar. There are probably 6 coins in there right now. He was successful in clearing the word "poop" out of his vocabulary, not completely, but mostly for sure! And it worked pretty much right away! Although he did call us nosey a few times. Regardless, I highly recommend The Nose Jar.

His mailbox card was "pancake" today. I printed up a bunch of clip art, all items that related somehow to breakfast. I cut out 10 of each one. Then I had him write the numbers 1-5, one number per cardboard square. He did that twice. This entire activity was geared towards practice writing numbers. I wrote down the name of each item, one per cardboard square, & put them in a bowl. His numbers went into a separate bowl. He drew a number & then a word. He would find the picture of the item & pull out the number of them according to the number he had drawn. He did this twice. Then he taped them in a row to a paper. They were set apart by a "plus" sign and ended with an "equals" sign. He added up all of the items and wrote an answer. He also had to write the number of items above those items. Basically, lots of number writing! We ended up working on backwards 4, 5 and 7. He said he tries to get all of the numbers going in the same direction.. I haven't figured that one out yet, but he has a lot of backwards numbers. He was so distracted & hyper today that we only got two problems done. I'm hoping to find a time of calmness with him to work on number writing some more.

Sebastian intentionally slammed Willow's little hand with a Mega-Block. Scott & I watched, not knowing what to think. Hours before that he had intentionally hit her in the face. He said he "punched" her. That one we did not see. He told us what had happened. She was very upset, thankfully no injury though. This evening he tried to push her over when she was in a dangerous spot. Scott was there to intervene on that one. Sebastian's energy is out of this world. It doesn't seem to be controllable. His ability to focus is so scattered right now. I gave him simple instructions for doing The Nose Jar & for doing the math activity & he barely seemed to understand any of it. Maybe he couldn't concentrate long enough to hear everything? Or maybe he was too caught up in the excitement of having company? He's the only 6 year old we've ever had.. maybe this stuff is normal, who knows. But honestly, I'm very concerned.

Willow said "Pa Rock!" more times than anyone could count today. She loved hanging out with him.

Judah pooped twice - big. He has been refusing baby food all day.


  • Probiotic (currently Lichi Super Fruit, Super Probiotic)

       1 caplet every morning

  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU
One daily (every morning)

  •    Levocarnitin 10% (L-Carnitine 1g/10mL)
            1 Tablespoon (15 ML) every morning

  • Methylcobalamin Injection 20 mg/ML (b12)

      .05 ML daily (every night)

Administer B-12 daily for a week (May 30, 2014 is 3rd day.) Then add folinic acid .05ml to each shot.

  •  Sleep Factors                                    

      1-2 pills nightly (took 2)

  • Powder B-6

  • Mix 1 teaspoon powder B-6 with 5 oz. water. Give ½ teaspoon from this mixture every 3-5 days. 

    • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid & Methyl B-12 (Kirkman brand)

           3 capsules every morning
    • Organic coconut butter
      1-3 teaspoons daily - (wouldn't eat the baby food it was in, I think he was full?)

    • Miralax

    1-2 times a day (had once today)

    • 1 teaspoon Black Strap Molasses in almond milk

    Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion  (Generic for Cleocin-T)

    Apply a thin amount to affected area twice daily for two weeks. Then apply twice weekly as needed.  - did just one time


    • WP Minerals

    1 tablet daily

                1 tsp daily
      Didn't complete all doses: 

  • Creon (Pancrilipase)

  •           daily (Beta was in same food)
  •  Oxy-Mag powder
  • ½ teaspoon once a day - gave him 1/2 dose (forgot to do other half!)
  • Bethanechol 25 mg

  •    ½ tablet twice a day - forgot second dose

    • Beta TCP
    1-4 daily (for constipation) - a few bites?

         Meds not completed:

        •  Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Nordic Naturals)      - shipped
                  380 EPA/510 DHA                                                                          
                  8 Fluid Ounces/237 ml                                                                               
         1 teaspoon daily


        As needed:

        Child enema (after more than 24 hours no bowel movement)

        Suppository – We usually go straight to enema.


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