Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Herd

Bash ran off to class this morning with his 40 party hats & 40 Spiderman napkins in hand. Tomorrow will be his very,  merry un-birthday. They are celebrating summer birthdays before the school year ends. Before he left the house he threw a shoe at Daddy. Sebastian is never mad when he does this stuff, he's always playing around, laughing hysterically. He thinks it's funny. The shoe hit the back of Daddy's head really hard. Scott said it really hurt. He said he didn't immediately give Sebastian a consequence because he was so upset from being hit.

Scott is giving Sebastian his massage right now - I can hear Sebastian laughing hard through parts of it. I think it's official, Sebastian is getting massages on a nightly basis now.

Behavior wise, Sebastian still had a hard time this evening. I found myself trying to get Willow & Judah ready to head out with Daddy, while Daddy was stuck in the living room, fighting off pillows & whatever else Sebastian could find to throw at him. Scott was struggling to remain calm & collected. We switched places, which worked for a while. After Daddy & the other 2 kids left, Sebastian & I talked. He explained why he behaves in certain ways & we came up with alternatives to those behaviors. His focus drifted though.. he was listening, but at the same time the need to act out was quickly overcoming him, as if that was the only place he found comfort. He  reverted back to hyper with no hesitation. He was very obviously searching to find the right button to push with me. It didn't matter that he knew how much his behavior was affecting others & that he was aware of the messages his behavior was sending. He's six... I have to remember he's six. It felt like Scott was gone forever. Usually I'm pretty good about remaining at a peaceful, sociable level with him when he is acting out, but tonight he disrespected me literally every 2 seconds. I don't know how to stop that & I don't know how to react to it in a way that will make any kind of positive impact on him. I just wanted to go take a bath.

Tonight I asked Judah if he had brushed his teeth yet. He told me "No" while shaking his head 'no' and headed to the bathroom! This afternoon he was in underwear and went potty on his own. I had been asking him if he needed to go to the bathroom because he was dancing a lot, but he was the one who made the decision to go & followed through in doing so. He pooped twice today, small amounts. One was right as I was pushing the kids out the door to make it to speech therapy on time. Things were just stuck in slow motion after school. Usually on Tuesdays I can get through lunch like lightning & immediately following we drift off to speech therapy with full bellies. Today we were running! And then came the poop, and as I'm cleaning him up he gets a bloody nose! Sebastian got his things together and went out to the van early & waited. Also today, Sebastian went inside on a couple of different occasions when I asked them all to go inside. Usually that's a given that I will be ignored many, many times and will have to redirect them repeatedly until we make it in. Judah is typically the only one that goes in - likely because he just wants to go in. I'm sure it has nothing to do with me, haha.

I recognized & praised Sebastian a lot when he made those positive moves. I hope dearly that Willow was taking notes!!

We got to speech therapy 2 minutes late. There was another kid there doing therapy. That was weird because we always have the place to ourselves during Judah's therapy. There's never anyone else there! We walk in with floor puzzles and a bag of food at this point! Sebastian knew we were late. He walked in to see that there was another kid in therapy and announced, "We're too late! Somebody else is already doing therapy!!" hahaaa.

Judah was rambunctious during therapy. The other kid  there was doing OT therapy in the room next door - that kid was loud at times & sounded very physical. This distracted Judah - who became physical as well, banging on the door & doing his usual stuff. The speech therapist that works with Judah did not get him into the gym before doing their sit-down speech at the table. She gave him a choice today of gym or sit down at the table - which was definitely not clear to him, he just needed to be directed where to go. I could tell he felt like he was supposed to go to the room & sit with her (because that's what they've done 97% of the time! The gym idea is brand new!). He would never choose sitting at a table over a gym! But she said he still did okay - naming items on her iPad without her prompting him. She prompts a lot. She always wants him to repeat her, when there is a lot he could say without her prompting for sure. So this behavior (him naming items on his own) was a shock to her, sigh. I feel like she doesn't let his personality shine through much at all, she blocks it, which is a huge mistake. It needs to be completely the opposite.

Judah walked into the play room this morning & said, "Good morning!" to Sebastian when he saw him. Sebastian mentioned this to Judah's speech therapy lady - that was the first I had heard!

Judah said, "Thomas the train shake shake bridge" all in a row! That's a ton of words! Those are words he says a lot, but not flat in a row like that. He even looked surprised! haha.

Sebastian is going to have a Star Wars birthday party next month. Feel free to send ideas. Oriental Trading Company has a lot of Star Wars crap.. but I'm so into Pinterest & diy now that those things look very impersonal to me now. Silly huh!! I always buy the "happy birthday" banner for birthdays - I've never made one. I only recently realized that I have never bought a "happy birthday" banner that I actually liked. This occurred to me while I was looking at Star Wars party stuff on their site. It would be easy to just blow money and have it mailed right to us and it would definitely save us time, I just don't know that I can do it. I want to make it special for him. We'll see.

Today was "twin day" at school. Sebastian told me about this at 3am when he got up to pee. The kids just needed to wear matching shirts in order to have a twin. The school had only informed us (via email) of the spirit week themed days yesterday. You can't expect a Kindergartner to tell you this stuff! I emailed his friend's dad at 7:30am to see what his friend was wearing, haha. Yes I really did this!! Unfortunately the dad didn't see my email until after school. His son had no twin either - he mentioned that a lot of parents were complaining about not being notified in time. Kindergartners will wear & do anything - they will "own" the rest of the week for sure.

Judah said "okay" a lot today, agreeing to get in the van, to go potty, etc. He said, "How are you!" to someone.

Sebastian was begging to go on a walk. He wanted his siblings to ride in the big wagon, me to pull it & he would be riding on his plasma car, attached to the wagon by a small bungee cord. It worked! And it was smooth for the little ones & crazy for Sebastian, it was just right!

Judah said, "rice chex" today. Actually it was, "I want Rice Chex." Holy crap!! I love how he just looks at me now when I say something to him, he has a very focused demeanor, as if he is genuinely interested in whatever I am spouting out of my mouth. He'll get over that soon I'm sure. ;)

Willow ran out into the road twice? today I think. She did yesterday too. I know that she knows how dangerous it is - but like Sebastian, she can't seem to stop herself from doing these things!! When there is something that she isn't supposed to do.. she does it, every single time. Am I going to have to get one of those kid leashes that I have always said were completely ridiculous & crazy??!!

Willow loves being barefoot outside, or "in her feet", as Sebastian calls it. Today I threw a pair of boots she hadn't worn yet into the van as we were leaving to pick up her brothers from school. I was going to put the boots on her once we got to school. I had bought them off of someone on a yard sale site months ago, when Willow wasn't big enough to wear them. Well, once I started putting them on her I saw that each boot had a zipper on the left side, one had a glittery circle and one did not. I had bought a pair of 2 right boots, that did not match. And this is when I realize it.. in the school parking lot where we must walk across a street to get to Sebastian. Willow screams bloody murder if I just try to hold her hand! There was no way she was letting me carry her. After that we must walk to the playground where we play every single Tuesday & Thursday - I can't deny her that! It's not her fault I bought a pair of shoes without looking at them (apparently!). She got to be in her socks outside for quite a while today! She was not "in her feet", but it was close enough! She was thrilled!

Sebastian forcefully pushed Willow down the slide on the playground today. I talked with him about it immediately following. I got the story that translated into - he had done it on purpose but it was her fault. A million things were her fault today according to him. I don't know what's going on there.

Judah came out of school looking like the most adorable kid ever! His hair was suddenly longer & so wavy/curly! They had him zipped up in his blue hoodie & had changed him into a pair of workout pants that nicely matched his white Lightning McQueen shoes. Turns out he had a bloody nose during class.. he went through 2 of his own shirts and came home in a WESD shirt. (pic below) I politely told them I would wash the shirt & bring it back. I did wonder though, why they had him zipped up in a hoodie on a day that was definitely t-shirt weather. When he took his jacket off at the van I saw that WESD was written in large letters across the back of his shirt. Wow. I can't even explain that feeling. I can't explain how that feels as a parent.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them I have 3 kids. They think it's a lot. In my mind I'm usually thinking, "Three isn't a lot. A lot of people have 3 kids. It's pretty common, I think?" But now I get it. Three is three different people growing up around you, each with a world of different questions, interests, issues, etc. There aren't enough adults in our home to grasp all of this effectively or understand it completely. We would need an army. I get it now. Three isn't a few, it's a herd!!


  • Probiotic (currently Lichi Super Fruit, Super Probiotic)

       1 caplet every morning

  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU

One daily (every morning)

  •    Levocarnitin 10% (L-Carnitine 1g/10mL)
            1 Tablespoon (15 ML) every morning

  • Beta TCP

1-4 daily (for constipation) DID TWICE!!

  •  Organic coconut butter
  • 1-3 teaspoons daily

  • Creon (Pancrilipase)

  • WP Minerals
1 tablet daily

  • Bethanechol 25 mg
   ½ tablet twice a day

  • Powder B-6
Mix 1 teaspoon powder B-6 with 5 oz. water. Give ½ teaspoon from this mixture every 3-5 days. (Scott unaware it was in fridge)

  • Methylcobalamin Injection 20 mg/ML (b12)

      .05 ML daily (every night)

Administer B-12 daily for a week (May 30, 2014 is 3rd day.) Then add folinic acid .05ml to each shot.

  •  Sleep Factors                                    

      1-2 pills nightly (took 2)


  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid & Methyl B-12 (Kirkman brand)

       3 capsules every morning

  • Miralax

1-2 times a day (had once today)

  • Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion  (Generic for Cleocin-T)

Apply a thin amount to affected area twice daily for two weeks. Then apply twice weekly as needed.

  • 1 teaspoon Black Strap Molasses in almond milk


  Didn't complete all doses:  none?
Meds not completed:

  •  Oxy-Mag powder
     ½ teaspoon once a day - he didn't drink all of it, put in his milk

  •  Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Nordic Naturals)                                                    

          380 EPA/510 DHA                                                                          

          8 Fluid Ounces/237 ml                                                                               

          1 teaspoon daily


  • IronUp 
                  1 teaspoon daily  

As needed:

Child enema (after more than 24 hours no bowel movement)

Suppository – We usually go straight to enema.

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