Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Few Notes

Just a few notes as it is really late. Scott was gaming late & I let the kids stay up. We read books, went outside to look at the "night", had a late dinner & watched some SpongeBob.

During dinner I told Judah his nuggets were hot. He said, "hot!" He hasn't eaten those nuggets in forever. Thank goodness we can add them back to his shrinking diet!! He also said, "more" when he wanted more nuggets. He pointed to his plate & then signed more. He did all of this twice! He never signs more! Although he did for the speech therapist who assessed him on Saturday. During dinner he also said, "spongebob squarepants watch!" to let me know he wanted to watch what he usually calls "bob".

When Judah was on the changing table (where he lays to make his tummy pains go away) he was looking at the picture cards, found the picture of the toilet, pointed to it and said softly, "want help" over & over. So we went to the toilet! :)

He's been playing with the dog a lot lately. This is new. He calls her "dog".

Willow is pronouncing words very clearly. She says "applesauce", "help" and "play" perfectly. It must be the "l" sound that she has recently mastered.

Sebastian likes to sing his Spanish songs when he is by himself. The teacher let me know recently that his confidence level in class is just booming. After class he always says bye to the classmates he sees. They will approach him as well. Today he did a little dance before he got into the car & he was in the middle of everyone! This morning when I dropped him at school, he said "hi!" to a friend and then raced him to the door! haha.

Judah had a very bad behavior today. I will write about that later.

Also the real therapists at the place I mentioned yesterday have offered to work with Judah on Saturdays, but only every other week.


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