Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Calls

I don't think I slept enough last night, functioning & remembering has been increasingly difficult all day.

Scott was in a meeting most of the day, so he wasn't able to make the calls regarding the events of yesterday. First call was to the Salem/Keizer transportation. I let them know that I needed to take Judah off of their bus schedule. She couldn't do that. WESD has to do that (called & taken care of). Before I hung up with the transportation department I let her know that we have not had a good experience with their bus system this year. She apologized & thought I was finished. As I went into detail about what happened yesterday she was completely quiet. I told her it was very upsetting. At that point she took information from me. Those kids didn't deserve that yesterday. Next call was to the teacher. I was convincing myself that she was going to give me a good explanation - a completely believable story about what happened yesterday that would put me at ease. I asked her about the soaked clothes in his backpack. She said, "Didn't you get my message??" I told her that I did, but why were his clothes soaked? She told me that he had taken his coat off, gone down a slide & landed in a puddle (which is partly what her message was). I had assumed that's why the shorts he had on when he came home were wet (who knows what happened there). Apparently the puddle was the size of small lake & he went for a swim. I was quiet for a minute, contemplating whether or not to let it go. I cried so much yesterday, there was no way I could just let it go. "If he fell in a puddle I could understand how his clothes would be a little wet, but his clothes were soaked." I had to reiterate that for her one more time later in the conversation. I couldn't tell from her story, but apparently the kids were either playing in the rain or on a wet playground. Either way, they shouldn't have been out there. I'm guessing it started raining & they had to go in because she told me Judah was very upset (probably didn't get to play long enough). She said they had to do a 2 person carry on him in the rain. It's hard to think about your little kid being carried away by 2 adults kicking & screaming. If that wasn't bad enough she said it in a manner of  "Look, your kid is a pain in the ass. We try." or "Seriously, it took TWO PEOPLE to carry this kid in the rain! Give us a break!" I told her that I assumed they were letting the kids play outside to keep them happy while waiting on the bus. She said, "No, they were playing out there during the day." She didn't seem to think that that was at all significant. So now I'm realizing that they made a conscious choice to let a group of 3 year olds play on a wet playground in really cold weather. After carrying Judah inside they changed his clothes. For the rest of the day he was in summer clothing wearing sopping wet tennis shoes & no socks. They never called to ask me to bring warm clothes & shoes. To make matters worse they had him outside in the cold dressed like that! Judah will do anything to avoid being barefoot on a cold, wet floor. I can't even imagine how distressed he must have been in wet shoes with no socks on for hours! That's really upsetting to think about. Tomorrow I'm spending the day there to see what it's like. Scott wants to call a team meeting right away. There is another early intervention school that would be more catered towards his needs in Aumsville. We've been on the wait list for that one for some time. We will call them tomorrow.

Judah played outside in our water table for a long time today. We have big stones in it covered in water. It looks like a stream. He loves it. I couldn't get him to come inside & eat. Although, when I told him Papa was coming (just one time) he bolted inside like cheetah.

All of the kids came home from Gramma & Papa's tonight buzzing around the house full speed. Sebastian was just streaming conversation. Sebastian decided he was going to do a Spanish project after they left. It was so cool. He drew pictures & told me in Spanish what they were, even pronouncing the first letter of each word in Spanish (practicing the Spanish alphabet). It was very impressive. Willow & Judah fought (without hitting) over who got to be held by Mommy all night long. All of them went to bed quickly.

I had four and a half hours to myself today since Mom & Dave had the kids. I can't remember the last time I've had that much alone time! It was so nice. I had forgotten how nice it was to have alone time.

We are starting Judah's music therapy on Saturday! I can't wait!

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