Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Therapy

The highlight of today was definitely spending time at Judah's new therapy location with a couple of the therapists there. We didn't get to meet the two he will be working with, which was quite a bummer. But I can say that we were MORE than impressed with the two therapists we did meet who completed his assessment. Judah said more new words in the 30 minutes the speech therapist was working with him than he typically does in 3 months time. He was even signing "more"! He hasn't done that in years! He signed for both therapists. He was also saying words consistently, like more. Often you might get that once or twice, but never as many times in a row as he did today. The occupational therapy will be held in their gym. They can help with toilet training, eating more foods, writing, behaviors (hitting), attention span & more. Talking with the occupational therapist gave us both insight as to how much Judah could benefit from this type of therapy - a lot. He will have speech on Tuesday and OT on Thursday. This starts in 3 days!

These therapists are autism specialists. His current speech therapist is not.

Sebastian & Willow spent a lot of the day with Gramma & Papa. They went to the Farmer's Market, Easy Orchards & out to lunch somewhere I'm sure. All of the kids are at Gramma & Papa's house right now. I gave Gramma the picture cards & showed her different ways to use them. They also have a potty routine chart to keep Judah's potty routine consistent.

Judah has had pains again today. He had none at the new therapy location. The pains also disappear when I lay him on the changing table (and do nothing). He always wants to go to the changing table, but we are still consistently taking him to the potty every 2 hours. I was reading about colitis last night & the different types. I read that some types of colitis cause abdominal pain when the person thinks about going to the bathroom. I wonder if that is what is happening with Judah. The blood test results should give us a good idea of what is going on, we hope.

Scott went to see Gravity, so I am having some alone time right now! Gotta go! :)

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