Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today was a whirlwind. I was running all day. This morning consisted of dropping off the boys at school, running 2 errands with Willow & picking up the boys at school. It was non-stop.

Today was Sebastian's snack day at school. My mom met us there to help Sebastian in with his snack. He let us know that he did not need help carrying a bag of raisins into school. That had actually never occurred to any of us. I asked him if other kids brought snack inside on their own. He said that most do. Who knew! At his last school snack typically consisted of 2 food items - at least one had to be a fruit or veggie, a gallon of water, napkins & cups -  so we were used to carrying the snack in on snack day. At this school, snack is handed out at the end of class & many kids walk out the door either eating it or they have stashed it in their backpack for later. A lot of the snacks the kids bring in are sugar. In fact, every snack he has told me about has been sugar. Our snack must be a real downer for those kids, we never bring sugar. I really don't understand why parents would send their kids to school with 30 bags of candy for snack day.

Grandma also visited Judah's classroom while she was there. She was lucky enough to witness him doing his work. He was matching colors basically with his eyes closed. It was very apparent that he needed something more challenging. Grandma was extremely impressed. She is going to help me get materials together to make file folder tests for him at home (what he was doing today). Obviously matching colors has been mastered, so we will not be doing that one. If you have any ideas let me know!

The one teacher's aide in Judah's classroom that has been with him from the beginning is transferring to a new classroom tomorrow. What a bummer!! She let me know how much she will miss Judah & said he did extremely well in class today. The speech therapist was very excited about all of the 2 word phrases he was using today. A lot of it was "want.. car, train, etc." She asked me if he did that at home. I told her that yes, he has been doing that for some time. He learned that in his private speech therapy. He also peed in the potty for his 4th day in a row at school!

Meemaw & Granddad watched the kids while I went across town to a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Pixie (the dog) barks at them all the time, but they don't seem to mind much. She also snuggles up to them & tries to lick them. She gets incredibly excited when they come over. They also came over this evening & brought dinner from La Hacienda Real. We are very sad to see them go. It's always so fun to see them. The kids absolutely love having them around. We will miss them very much.

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