Saturday, October 12, 2013

Music Therapy in a Group Setting

Couponing just stole away an hour and a half of my Saturday night. I really don't enjoy it much anymore, just because it is so time consuming. I've put it on the back burner for quite a while, but now I have to bring it out again because our stocks are either running low or are completely depleted. On top of that, we will soon have the cost of Pull-Ups (aka the most expensive diapers you can purchase). We're thinking these could help with Judah's potty training. We are also preparing to go gluten & casein free for the benefit of our entire family. This too is another good reason to cut corners. There are tons of reasons to cut corners around here, those are just the 2 most recent. Oh and also the recent vehicle costs & parking ticket. And of course driving to Portland and back once a week too. Man, there are a lot of recent reasons to save money! It's not something I want to think about.

The free music therapy group was 50 minutes long this morning! Angie is so great. She just played until it felt like everyone was done. It was actually scheduled for only half an hour. There were only two kids in this session, Judah and Tymme (pronounced time). Tymme is four years old, strikingly colorful, very interesting & can sing on key without even trying. Judah was very attracted to her shoes & her big, fluffy purple pillow. He would pet the pink plastic on her shoes & steal the pillow away as often as he could. He would shove his face in the pillow & then throw it across the room. So that was great. Tymme is very kinesthetic (as Angie puts it) like Judah, so Angie had them doing a lot of movement. She was twirling, jumping & swinging Judah around for a long time. It was very impressive for someone who doesn't do that every day. He's probably a good 40 pounds by now. She told me that he is just irresistible. Judah approached another lady there & gestured for her to pick him up. He gave her a good workout as well. At one point Judah dimmed the lights & the room suddenly turned so peaceful & calming. Tymme was in her mother's lap, swaying to the sound of Angie strumming her acoustic guitar & gently singing. It was a neat experience. Judah said the word "stomp" very clearly when we were stomping. I don't think he was as verbal as last time, but obviously that's understandable given the new situation & faces. He was definitely as active as last time though!

Judah & I spent some time in Portland. The Swindell Resource Center was closed. It may be open just M-Fri. I saw fliers about free childcare that can be used while you take care of your business at the hospital. I'm curious to know if I could do that with the kids while I take advantage of the resource center.

We also went to McDonald's for lunch & play time. Judah didn't want to stay nearly as long as usual. He made a friend while we were there (the only other kid in the play area). They compared Angry Birds stickers. Judah walked up to the kid's dad to show him his Angry Birds bucket. While we were eating Judah grabbed my hand & started walking in the direction of the playroom door. It seemed as if he wanted to go potty, and that's exactly where he led me! Later at home he did the same thing! That is amazing progress, absolutely amazing. Maybe it's so amazing to me because it was just so surprising, definitely out of the blue. Just days ago he was fighting me, running from me, hiding from me & doing everything he could to avoid going into the bathroom.

Sebastian & Willow had lots of time with Daddy today. Willow's enunciation is really coming along! Today she said "play" just perfectly & was so happy with herself! Sebastian helped me organize some things in his closet. Later I found him in his room with Ziplocs, organizing even more! Recently I gave him a binder filled with notebook paper. He was thrilled to have so much paper. The next day he wrote a book, on each sheet of paper was a drawing. Each drawing was something completely separate of the preceding one & very creative. Each time he reads it the drawings become something different. It's really cool. He is such a motivated little guy. I love it.

Well, I better get to clipping, sigh.

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