Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farm Behavior

Today Judah, Willow, Gramma & I went to Robin's farm. Robin is a co-worker of Gramma's. Her farm is spacious, with horses, donkeys, chickens & rabbits circulating peacefully in their designated abodes. As soon as we arrived, Robin walked out of her house, greeted us & then immediately took Judah by the hand and introduced him to her jumbo-sized dogs. The smaller of the 2 dogs was twice the size of Willow. Surprisingly Willow was not panic-stricken when the massive dogs came joggling towards her. She petted them softly, instantly befriending them. To give you an idea of the size of these dogs.. The smaller of the two had an ordinary sized pumpkin that she was using as a toy ball.

Robin walked Judah into the small room that led to the goats roaming area. She asked him to step up & then pick up a carrot from the ground. He did both. She turned to us and said, "He just followed a two step command." At that point I realized she was doing an assessment on Judah as we were journeying through her animal terrain. It turns out this was a highly appropriate place to do an assessment. He was comfortable, intrigued & learning every minute of the way. As we walked along it became evident that this was actually a parade of Judah's budding abilities. His happiness & immense interest in the animals seemed to harvest this behavior.

Seeing Robin work with Judah was inspiring. I was prompted to recall his abilities & was astonished to see how far he has come. Robin is a professor who teaches Special Ed law. The youngest of her 3 children is autistic. She has bundles of knowledge in this field that seemed to unfold in different ways as she worked with Judah. She has an open mind & a passion for animals. She is a testament to the fact that special needs children have potential. Their potential is as strong as anyone else's, and is able to go in very unique directions. She spent a couple hours with my son & we witnessed his behavior blossom. I want her to live with us.

"Joooo duh!!" This was my favorite sound that came out of Willow's mouth today. She is hilarious. She calls Sebastian by a few different names : Buh Bash, The Bash & Sebash. She is constantly repeating words we say. Her words are definitely taking flight.

Halloween crept up on us. I opened our Halloween boxes today & found the assortment of costumes I had purchased on clearance last year. Thankfully there was a costume in there that everyone loved. Sebastian will be a zombie, Willow a storybook witch, Judah will be Woody from Toy Story matched with Scott as Buzz Lightyear, and I will be a pirate. Yes, Scott is dressing in costume for Halloween. I let him know this by telling him to pick up a white t-shirt on his way home for his costume. Little does he know that he is going to be trick-or-treating with large inflatable wings on his back!! :) He will likely be the star of the show! I will take lots of pictures. :)

Judah has stopped drinking his smoothies. These drinks functioned as a very easy way to get him to take his supplements. How on Earth do you give a 3 year old coconut oil??! I am Googling this tonight! He has also decided that he no longer wants to drink his strawberry-flavored fish oil straight & is now able to see the tiny white dots of Vitamin D or Probiotic in his applesauce. If we spoon feed him the applesauce he will eat it, for now. He was diagnosed with Ringworm yesterday but it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

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