Monday, October 7, 2013

You Are What You Eat.

Remember that saying? It turns out there is a LOT of truth to that statement! Or perhaps it's a coincidence that Judah started progressing strongly about a week into his new gluten-free diet? Or perhaps it's a coincidence that my friend's son (who stopped talking for a year) turned into a completely different child after Mom stopped the gluten? We just purchased a cookbook filled with gluten & casein free recipes & a wealth of knowledge surrounding this subject. I've read the first 2 chapters. It's a whirlwind of information! I'm learning a lot. We are planning on starting this diet as a family. If anyone needs a large quantity of food that we can no longer eat just let me know.

I'm feeling much more positive & relaxed today. The kids & I did a fun rainy day project this afternoon. Sebastian couldn't believe it when I told him he could get his scissors out & destroy the side of the playpen. We cut out the mesh on one of the wider sides of the playpen & I pinned baby blankets on the top edge of the playpen to act as curtains. We then put a fitted sheet over the top of the playpen & wa-lah! The kids now have a cozy reading/relaxation area. Pixie thinks it's her new luxury doggie bed. It's very cute & much more usable & beneficial than the playpen as it used to be. Sebastian can now have his "secret hideout" that he has tried to have in the closet, on top of the kitchen cabinets & in a kitchen cabinet. None of these were safe. Willow's finger got smashed in the closet door when they were using the closet hideout. Thankfully now we have a safe hideout where we don't have to worry about them!!

We have been fighting our insurance for a while now. We will likely be appealing to the state soon to hopefully get ABA treatments covered for Judah. Our insurance won't even cover speech therapy - most do. Of course these are therapies that will be helpful to some kids & may not be so helpful to others, so it's a tricky area & could potentially boil down to personal opinions from the people we need to help us. The governor recently passed a bill that will soon force insurance companies to cover these services. Our insurance is somehow exempt from this. I've gotten in touch with a very large organization that has a department that works specifically to advocate for families in this situation. They sound very confident that they could get these services added to our plan. For right now we are maneuvering through the "proper channels" and hoping for a good outcome.


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