Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Judah's pains are about the same. He is pooping though. We are hopeful that this is his body healing, but of course only time will tell. Recently we saw a doctor that we had been told was a GI specialist. When we got there we learned that she was a pediatrician who used to specialize in that area. There are no GI specialists to be found here. It's likely we stumbled upon the next best thing. She ordered a bunch of labs after she examined Judah. Some of them must be back because they called today to let us know that he has an egg whites allergy, therefore he can no longer eat eggs or anything with egg in it. I have no idea what he eats that has egg in it. His diet consists of such a small amount of food, taking away one more thing feels cruel. We'll learn more about this allergy when we see her on the 28th.

Judah had his speech therapy with the new therapist today. Oh wait, did I say therapist? Make that Speech Language Pathology ASSISTANT. She didn't introduce herself as such, I just happened to catch the tiny writing on her name tag. The people who assessed Judah were therapists & they were great with him. Another thing about them, they never told us that we would not be working with therapists (people who have Master's degrees & have gone before the board). Apparently the OT person is an assistant as well. We haven't met her yet. Assistants can have anywhere from an Associate's to a Bachelor's degree. Discount in price? No, the patient still pays therapist prices. To make that even worse they told us that they were cutting us a "deal" by knocking $10 off each therapy, which still kept it in the range of therapist prices.

The therapy assistant was loud. She talked non-stop the entire 45 minutes (which was supposed to be an hour). She would take toys from Judah & do things for him, never giving him 2 seconds to succeed at something. She lifted him probably 3 times & placed him back in his chair. She continued to redirect him to his seat, giving him no freedom to be comfortable. I sat in a wooden chair for 45 minutes too - it was not comfortable! He said a few new words though, pop, down & something else. When we were done I asked her about her title, experience & success rate (some questions I got out of the Autism Speaks handbook). She acted as if she was threatened by my questions (that any patient should be asking). I asked her one question that she could not even answer - basically what type of teaching/program she is doing with Judah. Just frustration all around. I don't know what we are going to do.

Sebastian spent time with Gramma today running errands, writing & working on Spanish. Willow continues to repeat so much of what we say & do whatever her brothers are doing.

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