Thursday, October 3, 2013

Judah's Class

After spending a day in Judah's class today I must say that I am very happily surprised. The ladies there are very focused on the boys (all boy class). Usually they are doing one-on-one as they have about the same number of staff as students. I was making a mental list in my head of things I saw there that we could continue at home. I saw him match colors, put foods on the food page & trucks on the trucks page, do puzzles, paint with watercolor, build track (usually Sebastian runs our train table), request what he wanted for snack, when he wanted to drink, and when he was all done. They use the PECS system to help kids who are non-verbal communicate with them. These are simple drawings of objects, places, etc. about 3 inches by 3 inches & laminated. You can find them online, which is great because we could use the same ones here that he sees at school. One lady carries a bunch on a ring on her belt (genius!). You could also Velcro them so the kid could rip them off something like a poster board & pick out what he wanted to do, eat, etc. We tried these pictures for a while at home about a year ago but we didn't really know what we were doing & Judah wasn't in school yet (just home visits) so he wasn't familiar with it either. The teachers also use these or just laminated shapes to hand to the children so they know what is next. For example, when it is circle time they hand them a circle. The kid takes it to the circle time area, drops it in the box & sits down. If he doesn't sit down the lady with the pictures on her belt will show him the "sit down" picture. Next week they are switching to the "Star Program". I wish they would have started school with this so the kids don't have to deal with such a huge change.

Judah does very well in that class, although I think they need to start challenging him more with the puzzles, matching, etc. He absolutely loved recess time. He ran out into the field by the playground many times. He wasn't supposed to be out there, so the teachers would have to chase him down. Of course he loves being chased so he loved it. At one point he ran into the field & slipped & fell into a big puddle. As he was getting up the teacher running after him slipped and took a big splash in the puddle as well! Judah thought it was so funny! He was smiling, looking at her muddy pants & then looking up at her. Thanks goodness she had a change of clothes in her car! It was really funny though (although Judah & I seemed to be the only ones to think so). I had to hold in my giggles.

Below are some notes I made after class:

  • He loves the slinky.
  • He can match colors, put cars on cars page, food on food page - use file folder, Velcro, laminate pics
  • He likes puppets.
  • Trace train track pieces on poster board & have him put the real track pieces where they go.
  • Tunnels - tape/staple construction paper folded over side by side for easy train tunnels.
  • Sand timer- use as time or cue to wait. He's also just fascinated by them.
  • He really liked the story, "Five Little Pumpkins".
  • If you're happy and you know it song was something he enjoyed too.
  • Hello & goodbye song he might learn to do if I practice it with him at home.
  • Likes painting with water colors.
  • Hands you cue for type of food, you hold pic up and say it (hoping he will repeat), and then give him a bit of the food (so he will need to request more. Also make sure he has a picture for "I want" so he can put a sentence together using that & something else. Drink cue if he wants a drink, "All Done" cue.
  • Likes these puzzles - you have to fit pieces into spaces that are the right size, foam that piece together
  • Make visual strips for bathroom- potty and sink (these are step by step photos in a line that he can follow)
  • New ideas for sensory table - oatmeal, cornmeal. Let him be messy!
  • Squeezing arms to calm him.
  • If he is upset just wait for him to be ready, cue and if still not ready wait again.
  • Bathroom at same time everyday (every 2-3 hours), potty on toilet & put diaper on while standing.
  • Consistent schedule
  • Lots of PECS (picture exchange system)
 Willow spent part of the morning with Greta & part with Gramma. Greta is our 2nd friend to ever watch one of our children. Greta's 3 year old boy was there to play with Willow. Greta sent me pics of some things Willow did - she was only there for an hour and a half & it was really early in the morning!

Sebastian had the first family dinner meal that he has completely enjoyed. That made the meal easier for everyone, haha. Turkey bacon & sausage, omelet (with turkey & a little cheese) & toast. If we can get some fruits & vegetables in there it will be a complete success! Judah kept looking under the table and saying, "Dog, ruff ruff!!".


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