Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Word Explosion!

Judah said more new words in his 45 minute speech therapy session today than I've ever heard him say in a few weeks time!

Sebastian got a cute haircut - school picture retakes are tomorrow.

Judah's class can no longer play on the playground, which was Judah's favorite part of the day. The teacher's supervisor just decided it was too dangerous. Teacher claimed nothing had happened after I asked.

Early to bed tonight - I'm dead on my feet.

Scott sat in on speech therapy today so we could both assess the assistant lady we were so unhappy with last time. She still gives me no room to talk, but other than that she did surprisingly well. That's one less huge worry to take up precious mind space. Lets hope her method continues on in a positive, helpful progression.

Judah got very upset when he could not go with Grandma like his siblings were. Another really scary behavior, similar to the other day I never elaborated on.

I opened the garage door while Grandma was with the kids outside. Sebastian came flying into the garage on his plasma car, barely making it in without slamming into the garage door as it lifted. One of the scariest moments of my life.

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