Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fish Make It Fun!

Another needle poke for sweet Judah bear today. He was so excited to look at all of the fish when we got there, "fishy" as he calls them. He studied the blow fish intently. He would get very excited when he found other kids checking out the fish, always interacting with them. One little girl was begging her Daddy to let her go around the corner where we were so she could play with the "little boy" some more, haha. Judah had watched the fish with her, touched her face & then shook her hand. He had also approached her Daddy, who was covered in tattoos. Judah looked at his arm, studying the tattoos for a minute, then gave him a low 5. The blood draw wasn't bad, just one poke. The kids are scheduled for flu shots next week. All those pokes in a little under 2 weeks could give Judah a phobia of the doctor's office. I hope not. I showed him the doctor picture card before we went today. He looked at it, somewhat puzzled. The next time I hand him that card he will know exactly where we are going.. and he will find the best hiding place ever.

Today was gorgeous. We played outside. Willow loves to get in the stroller, it's often her ride of choice. She likes to be pushed around the yard & down the sidewalk. When it was time for Judah's turn she got very upset, as usual. Judah felt bad for her. He kept trying to hold her hand as he rode. He said, "Oh no!" many times while pointing at Willow. At one point he got very worried that I had run over her hand & had to get out & check. I didn't run over her hand, just so you know. He has been making gentle attempts to physically relocate her lately. She hates it. One day he tried to get her to stand up because it was time to go. Today he tried to pull her inside by grabbing her hand. They were on the balcony & he was ready to go inside. He didn't want to leave her out there. He gets worried if she is far behind when we walk into the house from the garage. He will wait to make sure she gets in. Sometimes he waits by her car door to make sure I get her out. When he hears her cry on the monitor during her nap, he always rushes to her door and tries to get in. If I take too long he comes to find me & pulls me to her room. Once I let him in he tries to get the railing on her crib down for her. Today he was reaching through the railing to touch her & even tried to climb in! It's very apparent that he loves his little sister very, very much.

Scott told me this morning that he woke in the middle of the night last night to find Judah in the living room, playing. Judah had turned on all of the lights. Apparently he had just had a bloody nose. Scott found bloody toilet paper in the bathroom. Judah must have gone in there first to clean up his nose. He's never done anything like this before! He was talking a lot today! Unfortunately he was also in a lot of pain, trying to move his bowels. Once that was done (in the late afternoon), he was completely fine.

I finished all of the PECS cards & visual schedule today. All of the kids like to sit & study the pictures. There is a ring of photo cards waiting for Mom & Dave to pick up. I will also give them the folders when they have him. There are cards velcroed inside these file folders that enable Judah to communicate emotions, wants, needs, etc. to them. He seems to understand the point, but the process is not completely clear to him. He is taking little initiative in picking out his communication. The visual schedule does not make sense to him yet. It will take time, but I doubt it will take long.

I called Sebastian's teacher today after he let me know this morning that I was making him late to class every day. He said he had to catch up on 3 pages of his workbook because of this. This afternoon he let us know that everyone in class got a prize today, except him. He believed it was because we had not sent in his current activity in time. I checked on that - it isn't due for a week. When I talked with the teacher she told me that he has never been late. Kids just start working & playing as soon as they walk in the door, which makes him think that he is late. She said a few kids got prizes today because their family had done fundraising for the school & the principal had drawn their names to receive prizes. After explaining all of this to him he told me that I had not yet sent in his other activity that was supposed to be in by today (again not accurate). This year may be rough!!

We have a new car - insured as of today. The insurance on the truck is gone, saving us much more than I knew we were paying for car insurance.

Tonight Scott visited Life Source to pick up some coconut oil & almond milk. I've been reading about all of the incredible benefits of coconut oil. We must try it! Judah took his fish oil liquid for the first time tonight & drank it down with no problem! Thank goodness. He's also taking vitamin d & probiotic every day.

Willow & Sebastian had lunch with Papa & Grandma at Dairy Queen today while I was at the doctor with Judah. DQ is Sebastian's favorite place to eat.

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