Saturday, October 26, 2013


On the way to Judah's therapy I asked him if he wanted to go see Angie. He replied with, "want".

We got to Judah's music therapy a bit late this morning. We walked into the waiting area & then into the studio, as usual. I had no idea how soundproof that place is! As soon as we opened the door we could hear Angie playing guitar & singing a quiet, soothing tune with Thymee at her side. Thymee is Judah's age & also has music therapy with Angie. This session was quite different though. There was a photographer & someone making a video! I snatched Judah & pulled him out of the room with all of my might as he fought back & began to scream. Thankfully we had the dvd player in the car and were able to sit in the waiting area & watch Thomas until it was time for his session to start.

During his session Angie showed him a bee. It was a furry little toy that moved across the room when you pulled the string. He was focused on that bee for a long time. Holding the string in the air and watching the bee fly up, putting the bee on the piano and listening to it play, putting the bee INSIDE the piano and watching the shiny metal hammers go up & down, putting the bee on the drums, putting the bee IN the drums. She was able to get him re-focused on other instruments & trying hard to get him to talk. She was able to pull him out of what could have been a pretty bad tantrum by playing with him, turning him upside down, squeezing him & singing to him. He had a fun time and said a couple new words. He let us know when he was ready to go. He handed me his dvd player and said, "take", a new word.

After therapy we went over to Whole Foods. While there Judah kept handing me the fruit in our cart, trying to get me to eat it. He took a small bite out of a pear. Judah saw chips on display that peaked his interest. They were rice & bean with a hint of nacho. He grabbed a bag & was very determined to open them while we were shopping. Thankfully he couldn't get them open. I didn't think he would like the chips he grabbed, so I grabbed some veggie chips & threw them in the cart. He didn't like that. We bought organic pears, apples, lots of strawberries and chips that were gluten, casein & egg-free. We actually had quite a few kinds of chips to choose from!  We ate there at the store. Judah ate one of his chips, had a look of contemplation on his face, ate a couple veggie chips and then went on to eat his chips for quite a long time.. I had to stop him so we could go! By the time we were home he had eaten over half the bag! It's something he's never eaten before, which is really good, I'll take it.

Willow & Bash spent time at home with Daddy. Scott made gluten-free oatmeal for the kids dinner. That didn't go over well. Sebastian ate a bite & decided he didn't like it (even with brown sugar & butter!). Willow had a few bites & got bored with it. Judah wouldn't even touch it. Sebastian ended up with Quaker oatmeal for dinner. The other two had their usual foods of choice.. baby food for Judah, apples and pieces of meat for Willow. Sebastian and I made up stories before bedtime. They all went to bed super late.

After bedtime, Scott & I watched a movie about John Cusack as a prostitute killer in Alaska. Nicolas Cage was the cop hunting him down. It was like a TV show but 2 stars better & based on a true story. I wouldn't recommend.


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