Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Did They Park?

The play date went really well! I didn't lose any children. I was able to take Willow out of the Ergo & let her experience over half of the play date. The kids had fun (although Sebastian was very on edge - had to have me within sight at all times). Judah held my hand through the difficult climbing structure, while Willow rode in the Ergo. When we got to the open playground they were freed. During the play date Willow & Judah were mostly on their own, but always staying close. Sebastian made a video of the train in the train room that Judah loves so much. This may act as some kind of positive tool at home, I hope. Judah decided when it was time to go - and we walked out, just like that. As we walked to the car I was thinking about how well the play date went & how good the day was going, only to find a $50 parking ticket on our car. Ugh!!!!! Apparently the only Discovery Center parking is the small area under the bridge. This area was full today. So I parked in the huge lot adjacent to the one under the bridge, the lot that we often park in, the lot that has always been free to park in.. the lot that appears to be an overflow lot because how could all of the employees and customers fit in that tiny parking area under the bridge? I have no clue where else I could have parked that would have been near the Discovery Center. Anyway, the lot we parked in is now "permit parking only". That was a $50 play date - $50 to the wind!

When we got home Sebastian walked up to me with his money jar in his arms. He looked up at me and said, "It's yours." I asked him why he wanted to give me his money jar & he told me that I needed it because I got a parking ticket. Such a sweet kid. This is the one time he has wanted to use the money jar when the money jar could have actually covered the expense, haha. Usually he wants to use it to buy a mobile home or a new car. Very sweet offer though, very sweet kid.

I found a visual schedule online that I am working on at home. We now have some visual cues on a ring that we carry around at home. Judah had an amazing trip to the potty this afternoon. Usually it's a struggle to get him headed in that direction. I show him the potty card & he runs & hides! This time I showed it to him after I told him that he couldn't have juice. Obviously I wasn't thinking. There was no way he was going to cooperate in that mood. He looked at the card, thought for a few minutes, looked at the card a couple more times & then took my hand & walked to the bathroom! He did ALL of the steps & was happy to get his Cars sticker at the end. I've started to be consistent with those. I think he's figured out that they are a reward, not just a random gesture. That potty trip made me so hopeful. Scott couldn't believe it.

Music therapy group is tomorrow, followed by Judah's session, followed hopefully by a trip to the Swindells Resource Center in Portland.

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